Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 1819 - Are You Afraid of Me?  

Chapter 1819: Are You Afraid of Me?

The air froze and Xu Qingzhi’s wrist felt like it was about to break.

“So, you weren’t worried about me when you asked me those questions just now?”

Xu Qingzhi looked at him and said, “You said you’re fine.”

“What about the beginning?”

Xu Qingzhi pursed her lips and said, “It’s obvious that Chu Yi’s injuries are much more serious than yours.”

Li Mo looked at her coldly. The coldness in her eyes made her nerves tighten even more. It was as if they would break if she pulled any further.

In just a few days, the way she looked at him had changed too much.

In the past, he could tell how worried she was about him.

And now, the worry on her face was for someone else… He wouldn’t allow it.

He stared at her, his dark eyes like a pot of ink, as if he was determined to see through her pretense.

“Xu Qingzhi, did you do it on purpose?”

Xu Qingzhi frowned.

“You’re deliberately angering me like this. Are you trying to get me to agree to divorce you? What do you mean by helping Mo Xiaona and me? This is just a reason for you to free yourself…”

Xu Qingzhi frowned and said, “You can think whatever you want… As long as you can get a divorce, it doesn’t matter what you think…”

She was used to it anyway.

Wasn’t she never a good person in his heart?

“You’re in such a hurry to divorce me because you want to be with Chu Yi?”

Xu Qingzhi closed her eyes forcefully and said, “What happened after the divorce has nothing to do with you. It’s my business who I’m with. I can’t die alone.”

Li Mo’s tightly wound heart was completely broken.

He pulled Xu Qingzhi into his embrace mercilessly. Xu Qingzhi’s face paled and the next moment, she was pressed into the soft blanket beside her.

Her vision blurred and when she reacted, the man’s strong aura pressed down on her.

Her eyes widened and she wanted to struggle, but her hands were pressed against the top of her head. She couldn’t use any strength.

“Xu Qingzhi, I’ve warned you countless times tonight not to provoke me! You’re good. You’re indeed capable. My patience has been successfully exhausted by you tonight!”

His voice was cold and fierce, and Xu Qingzhi’s eyes trembled in fear. She could clearly feel that Li Mo’s every word was as heavy as ice. She had a bad feeling about what would happen next.

Li Mo’s chest swelled. The anger that he had suppressed for the entire night had long been aimed at Xu Qingzhi. At this moment, he had found an outlet to vent.

He grabbed Xu Qingzhi’s arms with one hand and pinned them above her head. With his free hand, he destroyed her dazzling pajamas.

Thinking of how she used to run to the corridor in her pajamas so naturally, he already had the intention to tear it apart.

The two of them got along so naturally. He was wearing a bathrobe and she was in her pajamas. Just thinking about it made his head hurt.

Xu Qingzhi’s face turned pale. “Limo!”

She screamed, but Li Mo remained unmoved.

When Li Mo’s body brushed against her exposed stomach, she was stunned. She didn’t know where she got the strength from, but she suddenly broke free and pushed Li Mo, giving him a tight slap.

Her voice was exceptionally crisp.

Li Mo stopped what he was doing, but he still restrained her legs and looked down at her panicked face.

His cold gaze flickered slightly.

He raised his hand and gently caressed her messy hair.

“Xu Qingzhi, don’t you love me? Since you love me, why do you have to get a divorce? Isn’t it good to continue being with me? It wasn’t easy for you to marry me, right?”

Xu Qingzhi bit her lips and said, “No… They’re right. I’m indeed a third party with dark thoughts. Back then, I couldn’t control myself and wanted to have you. I don’t think I’m worse than any other woman, and I don’t think I’m a good-for-nothing vicious woman. I think I can always land a foot in your heart if I work hard, but I’m too naive…”

Li Mo lowered his head and pressed his forehead against hers. His voice was low as he said, “But I don’t want to divorce you now…”

His intimacy stunned Xu Qingzhi.

Li Mo pecked her lips lightly. “So stop fooling around. We still have a long way to go…”

Xu Qingzhi shook her head and said, “I can’t… Things aren’t as easy as I thought. I thought I could, but I couldn’t… I was too greedy. I couldn’t stand my husband loving another woman…”

Therefore, things were fundamentally wrong. She had thought that it was just a misunderstanding.

Li Mo frowned slightly. “You mean Mo Xiaona?”

Xu Qingzhi didn’t want to mention this name.

She turned her head away.

However, Li Mo pressed his forehead against hers and forced her to look into his eyes.

“Since I’ve decided to marry you, I’ve never thought of continuing with her. She’s already in the past…”

Xu Qingzhi’s heart skipped a beat and she lifted her eyes, her long lashes brushing against his skin.

“I can’t,” she said calmly. “As long as she’s in your heart, we can’t live together.”

Li Mo narrowed his eyes and stared at Xu Qingzhi. His brows furrowed slightly.

Xu Qingzhi looked at him and said, “You don’t have to say anything. I admit that I knew about Mo Xiaona’s existence back then, but I didn’t want to be in your heart with her. I wanted to gradually remove her from your heart. But now, I realize that this is impossible.”

I’ll only give up after I’ve tried some things. That’s why I’ve tried now. I’ve tried my best. I’ve understood and given up…

Li Mo’s eyes turned cold. “You didn’t understand in the past, but you suddenly understand now? If Chu Yi hadn’t appeared, would you have never understood?”

Xu Qingzhi bit her lip and said, “Think whatever you want. As long as you feel better.”

The veins on Li Mo’s forehead throbbed. The bottom line of his temper that he had not touched for many years had been trampled on by this woman again and again.

His gaze on her gradually turned cold, but when he saw the nervousness and fear in her eyes, he suppressed those emotions.

“You’re afraid of me?”

Xu Qingzhi bit her lips lightly and lowered her eyes to avoid looking at him. However, her eyelashes fluttered slightly, revealing her true state.

Li Mo bent down and gently touched her lips.

His gentleness stunned Xu Qingzhi for a long time.

“You’re my Mrs Li. I won’t do anything to you. Be good, okay? I’ll only dote on you and love you in the future…”

His low and gentle voice was filled with enchantment. It was seductive and gentle, causing Xu Qingzhi to be dazed for a long time.

Her mind went blank, but her eyes turned red.

He said he loved her…

This was something he didn’t even dare to dream of…

The relaxed body beneath him made Li Mo even more satisfied.

His hand slowly covered her slightly swollen stomach.

“This is our child, our son. Do you think he will look like me when he grows up? Hmm?”

Xu Qingzhi murmured subconsciously, “…Yes.”

Li Mo chuckled lightly. “Yes, whatever you say. But he’s so ugly…”

Xu Qingzhi blinked and the next second, his lips landed on her slightly swollen stomach.

Her body suddenly trembled.

“But no matter how ugly he is, he’s still our son. I’ll give him the best I can. Anything…”

Xu Qingzhi’s eyes slowly clouded over.

His words tonight had undoubtedly stabbed her heart.

He said he doted on her and loved her. He said the best for their son…

Her family of three was warm and happy. She used to think of the most beautiful scene in the future.

He asked her softly, “Do you like it?” Xu Qingzhi bit her lips and closed her eyes, embarrassed to answer.


He pressed her again.

With some force.

Xu Qingzhi suddenly opened her eyes and met Limo’s smiling eyes.

She opened her mouth and seemed to be struggling to say something when a phone rang.

Xu Qingzhi quickly pursed her lips and swallowed her words.

She turned to look at the side. It was Li Mo’s phone, which had been thrown onto the bed during the chaos.

She could vaguely see that the caller ID was a text note and not an unfamiliar number.

Xu Qingzhi couldn’t see what was written.

She turned to look at Li Mo, her expression clear.

Li Mo smirked. “Don’t bother…”

Xu Qingzhi didn’t care.

However, the phone rang again and again. After hanging up, she called again without sleep.

Li Mo was annoyed by the noise and couldn’t help but feel powerless. He picked up the call with a cold face.


“President Li.”

It was his assistant, Feng Geng.

Li Mo was in a bad mood. “It’s best if someone’s life is at stake…”

“CEO Li, Miss Mo almost jumped off a building just now. She’s in a bad mood…”

Li Mo frowned. “Jump?”

In the room with only the two of them, it was so quiet that it was as if there was only air.

Xu Qingzhi heard the voice clearly.

In an instant, all the enthusiasm seemed to have been splashed with a bucket of ice water.

From head to toe.

Looking at their current posture, she pursed her lips.

She smiled against her heart.

Xu Qingzhi was charmed to such an extent by a man with just a few words. She was really… stupid.

“I asked you to look after her, but you almost killed her?”

His voice was cold and it was obvious that he was unhappy and even angry about this matter.

Anyone could tell that Mo Xiaona’s death was no small matter to him.

“I’m sorry, CEO Li. It’s my negligence. Miss Mo suddenly said that she wanted to eat fruits. After I bought them, I realized that she almost jumped out of the window…”

“How is she now?”

“If you keep fooling around, President Li, you should come over… Miss Mo won’t listen to anyone now. If she finds another opportunity…”

Li Mo lowered his head to look at Xu Qingzhi, only to see her looking at him calmly.

“Keep an eye on him. I’ll be right there.”

Xu Qingzhi’s lips curled into a faint smile.

Li Mo hung up and planted a kiss on her lips.

“Something happened to Mo Xiaona. I have to go and take a look. Wait for me at home.”

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