Stellar Transformations

Chapter 3

B3C3: A bolt from the blue (1)

The human body is a treasury. Many people have failed to completely unravel its mysteries in their lifetimes.

In the depths of Qin Yu’s body, his most basic cells are already different from those of ordinary people. He has been doing limit training for so many years, added to that his body has been absorbing internal energy and those fantastic clear streams from the Meteoric Tear, therefore his body’s cells have undergone some miraculous transformations.

However, as Qin Yu continuously performs those movements, his cells unexpectedly absorb the world’s holy energy nonstop and start to transform again.

Every single cell is like a bottomless pit because the holy energy streams which swarm into his body are swallowed up instantly. Even though holy energy is engulfing Qin Yu and has even turned into mist around him, so much holy energy is still very far from enough for his body to absorb.

There are so many cells in Qin Yu’s body and each of them has been absorbing so much. This goes to show that a human has limitless potential.

“These 36 mysterious pictures of this Trans-Heaven diagram are really miraculous.” Qin Yu restrains the excitement in his heart and concentrates his entire mind and energy on learning the 36 movements. He tries to perform every single movement to perfection, including the subtle movements of his fingers. He wants his movements and the pictures to be exactly alike.

Qin Yu discovers that, the more precise his movements are, the greater his holy energy absorption speed is.

He felt very awkward when he started to learn these 36 movements. However, as he continuously performs these movements, they become more and more perfect and eventually he finds doing these 36 movements so much comfortable, even to the point where all of the muscles and bones in his body feel comfortable inside out.

The Moon slowly goes down from above the trees and it gradually gets light but Qin Yu is still immersing himself in this set of movements. His movements are also becoming increasingly natural. Even though the movements are strange, Qin Yu no longer feels awkward or strange performing them.

Flowing and natural,

Qin Yu finally has this wonderful feeling. He has reached the most basic level in performing the 36 movements, where everything is flowing and natural. At this moment, the thing which shocks Qin Yu the most is that the holy energy engulfing him has transformed.

It is no longer a mist as in the past. Rather, it has formed 36 streams which are as thick as a human arm and are permeating into his body at a speed much faster than before. However, by the time he reaches the level where the holy energy around him turns into 36 arm-sized streams, it has been …

3 nights and 3 days!

3 whole nights and days, Qin Yu has not eaten for such a long time, totally immersing himself in this set of movements. Moreover, only when he stops now can he feel clearly his body’s changes.

“I’m fresh and cool and not hungry at all. This kind of feeling is pretty good.” Qin Yu’s eyes glitter. At this moment his heart is extremely excited. “It doesn’t matter what the secret of this Trans-Heaven diagram is, those pictures on its surface alone have already made me undergo such a great transformation. I’m already very satisfied.”

Now, even without the 1st Trans-Heaven diagram, Qin Yu will not care about it, because he has already learned by heart those 36 pictures.

Of course, Qin Yu does not believe that the secret of the Trans-Heaven diagram is those 36 simple pictures. If simply learning the pictures could lead to success, someone would definitely have found out the secret early. Moreover, Qin Yu does not believe that training his body alone will help him reach the level of that legendary man in the past.

“Xiao Hei!” Qin Yu looks at the black eagle, which is dozing in the courtyard, and calls laughingly.

Xiao Hei suddenly opens its eyes. Seeing that Qin Yu has finally stopped training, it flaps its wings in excitement. For the last 3 days it has been bored to death because of Qin Yu’s nonstop training.

“It’s been such a long time. I should go finalize the mission. If I keep delaying, perhaps the Heavenly Net will think that I’ve failed the mission,” thinks Qin Yu to himself. He immediately gets the iron case containing Zhen Xu’s head then sits on the black eagle’s back and leaves this small town.

The black eagle is flying at an extremely fast speed, like lightning.


“Now I’m also a gold card assassin.” Qin Yu, disguised thanks to the Appearance and Bone Changing art and wearing a golden mask, puts a large bunch of bank notes into his bosom and leaves a Heavenly Net branch. “Ha-ha, when that Heavenly Net executive knew that I was assassin Liu Xing, he unexpectedly got so enthusiastic. This has never happened before.”

Qin Yu thinks emotionally.

Just now when he submitted the mission, that executive treated him with real ardor. But after Qin Yu finalized the mission, the executive’s face turned ice-cold and served monotonously as usual. No wonder Qin Yu is so emotional.

Qin Yu, however, does not know that a gold card assassin has an extremely high status. Moreover, even gold card assassins are divided into high-class, middle-class and low-class.

An assassin who has killed an early phase Xiantian expert, an assassin who has killed a middle phase Xiantian expert, and an assassin who has killed a late phase Xiantian expert are all gold card assassins. However, these 3 gold card assassin, of course, cannot be valued the same.

By killing Zhen Xu, a late phase Xiantian expert, Qin Yu has become a first-class figure even among gold card assassins. And a lowly branch executive naturally wanted to serve one of the best assassins like him with extreme exuberance.

When Qin Yu has just left the Heavenly Net branch, the branch executive says coldly at once: “Assassin Liu Xing has just left. Quickly investigate his identity.”

Even though it is a rule of the Heavenly Net that it shall not investigate the identities of any Outer Net members, a gold card assassin is a Xiantian expert and, moreover, the Heavenly Net leader has personally given an order to find out assassin Liu Xing’s identity, therefore the Heavenly Net naturally has to investigate. However, when they just want to follow him, they discover that …

“Sir, assassin Liu Xing isn’t in East Street.”

“Sir, assassin Liu Xing isn’t in West Street.”


That executive immediately becomes doubtful: “That’s strange. That Liu Xing can’t fly into the sky or go underground. How can’t we find him?”

Indeed, Qin Yu can fly into the sky. At the moment he is sitting on the back of the black eagle, flying on the 9th level of the sky, and people on the ground simply cannot even see his silhouette. The black eagle is flying extremely high and extremely fast so investigating his identity is as hard as climbing the sky.

Qin Yu is enjoying the strong winds on the 9th level of the sky.

“Father has always been refusing to let me take part in his plan. Now I’m already a Xiantian expert …” Qin Yu’s heart is endlessly excited at the moment. As soon as he thinks about his father knowing he is a Xiantian expert, he becomes extremely excited. Moreover, Qin Yu is even the 1st, the unprecedented Xiantian external expert in the history of the Qian Long continent.

When Qin Yu was little, still lacking good judgment, he thought his father did not love him and, as a result, he trained very hard. When he grew up, he knew the truth, that is, his father had devoted his entire mind and energy to the plan to destroy the Xiang clan. His big brother and 2nd brother were also taking part in the plan. Qin Yu extremely wanted to help his father but was turned down for the reason that he had not reached the Xiantian level.

Finally … Qin Yu became a Xiantian expert.

“Xiao Hei, fly directly to Yan City.” Qin Yu pinches the golden mask to pieces, drops all of the objects which can expose his assassin identity and starts using the Appearance and Bone Changing art. This time he switches back to his original appearance. His heart has already become a bit too impatient to wait.

Xiao Hei seems to understand Qin Yu’s feelings. With a sharp cry and a shake of the wings, it accelerates again and flies toward Yan City like a black beam of light.

End of b3c3.

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