Stellar Transformations

Chapter 2

B3C2: The 1st Trans-Heaven diagram (2)

In a town of the 3 Eastern region counties there is a small private house bought by Qin Yu. When he became a silver card assassin he had earned a lot of money so he bought more than 10 dwellings in the 3 Eastern region counties in order that ordinarily they would provide housing for him.

“Auntie Zhang, there’s no need to bring it into the hall. Just put it directly on this stone table. Today I’ll have dinner in the courtyard,” says Qin Yu with a smile. By now Qin Yu has already changed back to his real appearance. The black eagle, however, has gone somewhere to find food.

An auntie dressed in a large white cotton-padded jacket puts the meal on the stone table beside Qin Yu while smiling broadly: “Xiao Yu, then enjoy your meal here. I’m going back now.”

This Auntie Zhang is from a nearby hotel. When Qin Yu stays here for his body to recover, he usually tells the people of the hotel to bring the meals to his house directly. He is also very free. After all, his father Qin De, his big brother and his 2nd brother are making preparations for the army together whereas Qin Yu simply cannot take part in it.

“Luckily I have the Meteoric Tear’s mysterious clear streams. Otherwise Heaven only knows when my left arm will be able to recover.” Qin Yu cannot help groaning in his mind as he takes a look at his own left arm.

Qin Yu’s left arm was pierced 2 holes by the light Zhen Xu shot out from his fingers before his death. These injuries were very serious, but thanks to various clear streams from the Meteoric Tear permeating through the arm, these shocking injuries unexpectedly recovered very fast. In only 3 days, there are only shallow scars left on Qin Yu’s left arm and not 2 shocking holes as in the past.

Not long after he finishes dinner, the black eagle returns.

“Xiao Hei, you still remember to return, brat? You went out yesterday but only now do you get back. Really, you found a pretty female eagle, didn’t you? Seeing a female eagle, you forgot me instantly. You’re really a perverted eagle.” Qin Yu strikes the black eagle’s head with a chopstick and says laughingly.

As soon as the black eagle hears that, it cannot help raising its head, looking very disdainful.

It is obvious that the black eagle simply looks down upon ordinary female eagles.

“Hah, you’re still so arrogant. Ah, I’ve been recovering for the last 3 days so I haven’t examined that Trans-Heaven diagram.” Qin Yu’s eyes brighten. He immediately goes inside the house. The black eagle blinks curiously a couple of times and also follows him inside the house.

“Hah!” Qin Yu extends his hand and forms a claw. He makes a grab at a huge brick-like stone on the floor of the house. With an easy wave of the hand, the stone block is thrown on one side. Under the original place of the stone block, there are 2 iron cases. Qin Yu takes out one of them.

“Trans-Heaven diagrams, I’ve heard of them but I’ve never seen any.” Qin Yu gives a ha-ha laugh. His hand continuously pokes the iron case several times. Following a clack, a keyhole appears on the iron case.

Qin Yu raises his eyebrows and smilingly takes out from his bosom a key, which was taken from Nalan Feng’s body. When Nalan Feng was hiding this key at that time, he saw very clearly. After inserting the key in the keyhole, Qin Yu gently turns it.


Hearing the expected sound, Qin Yu gives a smile. After opening the iron case, he sees 2 things inside. One is a confidential letter and the other is a square jade block. That jade block radiates a gentle multicolored light and is obviously different from ordinary jade blocks. It is very extraordinary.

“A secret letter? To Xiang Guang?” Qin Yu rips the envelope open and takes out the letter.

As he reads the letter, his face slightly changes color. The contents of this confidential letter are mostly about 2 things. First is the Trans-Heaven diagram. And second is Qin De’s rebellion. It describes in great detail some rebellious acts by Qin De and even has information about some special armies of the 3 Eastern region counties.

Qin Yu thinks with a sigh: “Phew, really dangerous. This Zhen Xu’s investigation is very clear and detailed. There are many things that even I don’t know about. If Xiang Guang knew about them, it’d be terrible. Luckily I stopped this letter.”

Qin Yu, however, does not know that generally Zhen Xu could only review his information and write a confidential letter about his investigation’s most recent results after quite some time. The account of some special armies of the 3 Eastern region counties in this letter intercepted by Qin Yu is Zhen Xu’s greatest achievement during his stay in the 3 Eastern region counties.

Some special armies will produce special effects in war. A surprise army must catch the enemy unawares. However, if the enemy knows about the existence of these armies and makes preparations first, then the element of surprise will no longer exist.

Too bad, Xiang Guang will never know these pieces of information.

After all, Zhen Xu is already dead and this letter was also intercepted. Even if he sends someone else to the 3 Eastern region counties to be the intelligence head here, it will be difficult for them to find out something. The fellow who is Zhen Xu’s predecessor was the intelligence head of the region for over 10 years but he could not gather any important information. It is very hard to find an espionage genius like Zhen Xu.

Wham ~~

His right hand makes a grasp. A powerful blast of air encircles his palm and turns the letter into powder.

“The letter has been destroyed. That dirty dog Xiang Guang will never know jack about it,” thinks Qin Yu. His eyes cannot help radiating coldness. He knows his mother was murdered by that dirty dog Xiang Guang and he must avenge his mother’s death, how can he not detest Xiang Guang?

Bang! Bang!

2 loud and clear noises rising arouse Qin Yu’s attention. As soon as he takes a look, he becomes very worried: “Xiao Hei, don’t mess around. Your beak is very sharp. Do you want to smash this Trans-Heaven diagram?” As Qin Yu is saying he makes Xiao Hei move away with a push.

“Good, it’s not broken.” Qin Yu looks at the Trans-Heaven diagram. Only when he sees that the square jade block of this Trans-Heaven diagram still remains intact does he secretly let out a sigh of relief. He turns around and looks angrily at Xiao Hei. However, Xiao Hei flaps its wings a couple of times and shakes its head, looking very self-satisfied.

The 3 Trans-Heaven square jade blocks have been around for Heaven knows how many years. These treasures are not ordinary jade so they will not be destroyed that easily.

“I won’t waste time on you. Now I’m going to research this Trans-Heaven diagram once.” Holding the Trans-Heaven diagram, Qin Yu comes out of the room and enters the courtyard. At night, he likes to be bathed in starlight the most. Staying under the starry sky late at night gives him a distinct feeling.

It got dark not long ago but Qin Yu has no problem seeing the Trans-Heaven diagram.

“This is the Trans-Heaven diagram. What’s the big deal? There’s nothing else except for some pictures.” Qin Yu looks at the diagram carefully for a long time and even performs a minute examination of it with his holy sense but he finds nothing other than those pictures on its surface.

The surface of the square jade block has the words — First Trans-Heaven Diagram –, which are even written in the common language of the Qian Long continent.

There are various small pictures on the square jade block below those words, 36 unusually small pictures altogether. Each picture is a man performing a movement. All of the movements are very strange. At least Qin Yu thinks so.

Except for these 36 pictures, there is nothing else.

“What is this Trans-Heaven diagram actually? The 1st Trans-Heaven diagram has only 36 pictures. The man in these 36 pictures doesn’t even have any paths for internal energy circulation. There are only 36 strange movements. Could it be I only need to learn these movements?” says Qin Yu doubtfully.

He knows that for so many years the 3 Trans-Heaven diagrams have come into the possession of countless people but no one has ever found out their secret. If the secret was merely to learn the movements in the pictures, perhaps it would have been mastered in less than a year.

Qin Yu racks his brains and tries every means to research the diagram but by the time the Moon rises above the trees he still has not come up with any solution after wasting half an entire night.

“Forget it. Let’s try learning these movements first to see if they have any benefits.” Qin Yu suddenly stands up.

Thanks to his formidable holy sense he remembers every single movement of the 36 pictures completely. He starts to learn those movements in proper order at once. His body’s flexibility and toughness are absolutely very good.

But even so, he still feels very strange as he learns these strange movements.

However, he controls his temper and learns one movement after another. Because his body’s flexibility and toughness are extremely good, even though these movements are strange, he learns them very fast. One after another, the movements are executed …

“What’s going on? What’s happened to the world’s holy energy?” Qin Yu is shocked to discover that, as he performs the movements with his body, various streams of holy energy enter his body from all directions then permeate through his flesh and bone directly.

The absorbtion speed is extremely fast, much faster than the speed of absorbing internal energy.

When his internal energy disperses from the dantian, his flesh can only absorb some of it. By contrast, the world’s holy energy is permeating through his body directly and basically does not disperse.

What is actually happening? Is the secret of the Trans-Heaven diagram so simple?

Qin Yu does not know the answers to those questions. But he knows one thing — at least, he likes these movements.

End of b3c2.

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