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Chapter 991 - new world  

Chapter 991: Chapter 991-new world

Facing the nervous Jonina and the gray-haired man, Zhou Hao tried his best to calm himself down. He then said word by word,””We still don’t unknown much about this place. We still need to explore.”

“But don’t worry, I believe that we can find a way to leave this place.”

As Zhou Hao spoke, he turned around and prepared to go into the cabin of the spaceship to operate it and leave this place.

However, as soon as he reached the control room of the spaceship, he felt an endless pressure in the next second. It whistled and filled the air, making Zhou Hao unable to breathe!

Zhou Hao’s expression turned ugly when he realized that something was wrong.

He glanced around and saw countless people in combat suits in the distance. They were quickly heading toward the spaceship and surrounding it.

Zhou Hao was shocked. He subconsciously said to Jonina and the gray-haired man,””Run, someone’s coming!”

After hearing this, the gray-haired man and Jonina immediately opened the cabin door and ran out.

Because they had now transformed into animals, their speed was much faster than before, and their movements had become more sensitive. Not only that, but their running speed had also reached an extremely fast realm!

Jonina, who saw this, could not help but feel surprised and delighted. This could be considered a blessing in disguise.

Soon, the three of them escaped from the spaceship and quickly rushed to a mountain in the distance.

Even so, the situation they were facing now was not very optimistic.

After all, they had arrived on this planet after they had arrived. Therefore, they were still not familiar with everything here.

As soon as they arrived at the foot of the mountain, Zhou Hao discovered that there were more than a dozen mutated beasts on the mountain. Each of them was well-built and looked very fierce, as if they could not wait to destroy everything around them!

Zhou Hao’s face was filled with doubt, and his eyes were filled with surprise as he looked at the mutated beasts. He couldn’t help but ask hesitantly,”Why are these mutated beasts gathered here?”

Jonina, who was beside him, could not help but shake her head and say,””This place seems to be very attractive to them!”

“I know the reason.”

The gray-haired man who had turned into a Wolf glanced around vigilantly. Then, he said with a serious look,””Because these mutated beasts knew that there was a treasure on this mountain!”

After hearing this, both Jonina and Zhou Hao had a confused look on their faces.

They looked at Jonina in confusion and could not help but ask hesitantly,””What treasure?”

The gray-haired man raised his nose and sniffed the sky. Then, he chuckled and said,””I didn’t expect that my nose would one day be of such use.”

“My sense of smell is especially sharp now. I can smell a strange smell permeating the entire mountain. This smell is very attractive to mutated beasts, as if it can make them even more powerful!”

“In other words, as long as we can get this Treasure on the Mountain top, we can level up and become more powerful than them!”

The gray-haired man’s words were said with great confidence and certainty.

Zhou Hao, who was standing at the side, suddenly realized that something was wrong after hearing the gray-haired man’s words.

That was, his current level was no longer at the fifth stage martial Saint realm.

After coming to this planet and becoming a Tiger, his cultivation and realm had also begun to change.

It seemed like it was going to start all over again.

However, even if Zhou Hao had to start all over again, he was still much stronger than Jonina and the gray-haired man.

“Boss, I just found an electronic communication device on the spaceship. It might be of use to us!”

The gray-haired man, Jonina, and Zhou Hao hid in a safe corner. Then, they looked at Zhou Hao anxiously and waved the communication device in their hands.

Zhou Hao immediately caught it with his claws and searched it. He soon found the information about the planet.

“This planet is called planet kaplephintis. It’s a replica of the planet we used to live on.”

Zhou Hao looked at the information and said in a serious tone,””This place started mutating as early as half a year ago. Now, the mutated beasts are crazily wreaking havoc in the cities of planet kapple finitiz, devouring the people of kapple, as well as mutated beasts of lower levels, and then increasing their own realm and strength.”

“This planet’s evaluation of strength levels range from SSS to F. SSS-rank mutated beasts are the strongest on this planet, and F-rank is the lowest-ranked mutated beast in the world.”

When Zhou Hao saw the information recorded on the communication device, he couldn’t help but frown as he looked into the distance. He said in a serious tone,””I can clearly sense that the group of mutated beasts at the foot of the mountain are of the lowest F-grade.”

After hearing Zhou Hao’s words, Jonina and the gray-haired man could not help but nod.

The two of them had already turned into exotic beasts, so it was impossible to tell if their expressions were happy or sad. One could only see their current situation through their eyes.

“So, boss, you mean we … Have to eat these exotic beasts?”

At this moment, the wolf-shaped man with gray hair could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. Then, his eyes were filled with anxiety and uneasiness as he looked at Zhou Hao in front of him and said nervously,””I’ve never thought of eating a mutated beast before …”

Zhou Hao could not help but smile helplessly. He shook his head and said,””Don’t even mention you, I’ve never thought about it either. ”

“Wait a minute, the devouring you guys were talking about … Is … Is eating the mutated beast?”

Jonina, who was in her white fox form, also had an anxious expression on her face. She could not help but anxiously say,””I won’t eat mutated beasts. Even if I’m eaten by them, I won’t do that!”

Jonina, who was in her white fox form, made a solemn vow. Her eyes were filled with anxiety as she spoke.

Zhou Hao didn’t explain anything. He just smiled and said,””It’s okay. You don’t need to increase your strength. I can protect you. ”

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