Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 990 - -alternate world  

Chapter 990: Chapter 990-alternate world

After he said this, the gray-haired man and Jonina’s expressions changed.

They looked at each other and felt that Zhou Hao’s words were right. They nodded in agreement and said,””I think Mr. Zhou is right!”

Jonina’s expression was extremely serious. She glanced indifferently at the Flying Ship that was rising and said,””But with such powerful energy, where will it take us if it’s activated …”

After hearing Jonina’s words, the three of them instantly fell silent.

They looked at each other and couldn’t help but shake their heads. With a serious look in their eyes, they said,””Where to … That’s still an unknown.”

“Is there no way for us to leave this spaceship?”

The gray-haired man’s face was filled with panic and helplessness. He immediately took out a Gatling gun from his storage dimension and fired at the hatch, but it was still useless.

This flying ship was as sturdy as iron to them. There was no way they could break it and leave.

When they realized this, their faces were filled with anxiety and despair.

It was still unknown where this flying ship was taking them.

If they were to go to a dangerous place, wouldn’t they all be finished?

After an unknown period of time, the three of them, who were highly nervous, finally couldn’t hold on any longer. They laid on the ground in a daze and fell asleep from exhaustion.

When he opened his eyes again, he realized that the Flying Ship was already parked outside.

Zhou Hao stretched his back and yawned. He was about to wake Jonina and the gray-haired man up, but when he opened his eyes, he saw that Jonina and the gray-haired man had disappeared. In their place was a white, furry little fox, lying beside him.

There was also a Grey Wolf that was lying by his feet, fast asleep.

When he saw this scene, Zhou Hao was shocked. He quickly got up to look for the two, but when he stood up and saw his own figure reflected through the cabin door, his face suddenly became stunned!

He saw his own appearance reflected in the cabin door. It was actually an extremely large Tiger!

When he saw this, Zhou Hao’s face froze. He looked at himself in shock and said,””How … How did this happen?”

He had turned into a huge Tiger!

Zhou Hao was stunned and did not come back to his senses for a long time. He did not expect that he would encounter such a thing. It was simply unbelievable!

Zhou Hao even suspected that he was still in a dream and had not woken up yet.

It couldn’t help but lower its head and look at itself. When it saw its furry legs and the lines on its fur, it was so shocked that it couldn’t come back to its senses for a long time.

He had just taken a nap on the spaceship. Why did it become like he was fighting a Tiger? what was going on?

While Zhou Hao was still in shock, the little white fox and the wolf who were sleeping opposite him opened their eyes in a daze.

Their faces were still drowsy at first, but when they saw Zhou Hao standing in front of them, they were so frightened that they opened their eyes abruptly, and their faces changed!

“What the f * ck is this thing!”

The Jackal looked at Zhou Hao in shock. It drooped its ears in fear. Its eyes were filled with panic and fear. It subconsciously wanted to run away in panic.

However, when Zhou Hao heard the familiar voice of the gray-haired man coming from the Jackal’s mouth, he quickly tried to stop him,””Little grey, it’s me!”

When the Jackal heard Zhou Hao’s voice, it couldn’t help but be stunned. Then, it turned its head around in shock and looked at Zhou Hao in front of it. It couldn’t help but carefully size him up and said in disbelief,””You … You’re … Boss?”

“It’s me. ”

Zhou Hao’s huge tiger head nodded and then said gloomily,””I don’t know why I became like this either. I just fell asleep, and when I woke up, I was already like this.”

When the little white fox heard what the two of them said, she could not help but say in shock,””You two … Are Zhou Hao and Xiao Hui?”

Zhou Hao and the Jackal looked in the direction of the sound, and when they saw the white fox, their faces immediately showed some hesitation. They couldn’t help but ask in surprise,””Are you miss Jonina?”

“Mm …”

Jonina nodded her furry head and raised her claws. She took a look and could not help but say in shock,””Why did I become like this? I seem to have become a Fox …”

“That’s right. ”

Zhou Hao nodded and said helplessly,””It seems that there must be a magnetic field on this spaceship that can cause people to mutate, which is why we are like this.”

After Zhou Hao finished speaking, he looked outside the cabin. When he saw the scenery outside, he couldn’t help but say in shock,””We seem to have landed on a planet.”

“Really? let me see.”

When the white fox Jonina and the wolf-like gray-haired man heard this voice, a hint of doubt flashed across their faces. Then, they said with confusion,””This place … Why does it look so similar to Earth Star?”

“Yeah, I think so too …”

After Zhou Hao heard what Jonina said, he couldn’t help but nod. Then, with a look of hesitation in his eyes, he said,””I suspect that this spaceship brought us here on purpose.”

“Wait a minute … Something’s not right here!”

The gray-haired man glanced around and said with shock,””This doesn’t seem to be earth. It’s the planet with more advanced technology than us by 10000 years!”

When he realized this, Zhou Hao’s face suddenly turned blank. He looked around and nodded,””You’re right, this might really be the final destination of this spaceship!”

“Now that we’ve become animals, what should we do …”

The gray-haired man couldn’t help but anxiously say,””That’s not right. We probably didn’t turn into animals. We’ve mutated. This is still the world of beasts.”

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