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Chapter 953 - -exposed  

Chapter 953: Chapter 953-exposed

They closed their eyes tightly, thinking to themselves that they would definitely be annihilated and eaten by these mutated beasts this time.

“This is bad. Aren’t we just waiting for death now?”

Jonina’s face instantly turned deathly pale. Her eyes were filled with despair, and her breathing began to Quicken.

Beside him, Thunder’s expression was also extremely serious.

He stared sternly into the distance at the mutated beast that was gradually recovering, and said coldly,””Since we can’t escape, we’ll attack the mutated beasts head-on.”

“Since the mutated beasts haven’t awakened yet, we still have a chance to succeed.”

“If we continue to wallow in self-pity like this, we’ll be schemed to death by the exotic beasts sooner or later.”

After he said this, everyone’s faces turned serious. They understood that what Leiting said was true.

Could it be that he had to wait for death here forever? if that was the case, even if he died, he would die without dignity.

After he said this, the expressions of the people present changed.

They could clearly sense one thing-the aura of the mutated beast was gradually growing stronger!

The boundless power whizzed over, causing them to hesitate and ask,””Oh no, the aura of the mutated beast is gradually growing stronger. Can we resist it?”

“Even if I can’t resist it, I must resist it. Now!”

Zhou Hao’s face darkened. He immediately strode forward and began to attack the mutated beast that had yet to wake up.

The skin of a mutated beast was extremely hard. It was not something they could compare to.

Zhou Hao’s punch instantly sent one of the mutated beasts flying. In the next second, he quickly charged at the other mutated beast, violently bombarding it.

The rest of Jonina and Thunder, as well as the gray-haired man, saw the situation and immediately went forward, quickly chasing after the mutated beast.

However, what happened next caused everyone’s expressions to change.

The four strange beasts were waking up quickly. Their attacks on the strange beasts had no effect at all!

Seeing this, Zhou Hao’s face darkened. He immediately said,””Use the weapons in your hands and attack immediately. It might work!”

After hearing Zhou Hao’s words, the group’s faces suddenly changed. They quickly took out the weapons they had just taken out from the barrier and began to attack the mutated beast in front of them.

With a flash of lightning and sparks, a deep and long gash was immediately cut open on the mutated beast’s skin.

When they saw this scene, the group of people immediately said excitedly,””There’s a chance, Mr. Zhou. Quickly take the treasure!”

Especially Jonina. Seeing that there was a chance to knock down the mutated beast, it was as if she had been injected with chicken blood. She immediately launched a series of violent attacks on the mutated beast.

She slashed down at the mutated beast’s head. In a flash, the long sword in her hand directly cut off the beast’s head.

With a crisp ‘Puchi’ sound, the mutated beast’s blood spurted out in the next second, splattering all over the ground. It looked extremely miserable.

The mutated beast’s blood was dark green in color, and it looked extremely terrifying. Countless drops of blood gushed out, instantly filling the entire room!

When they saw this scene, the expressions of the few people present instantly changed.

They suppressed the disgust in their hearts and immediately said to Zhou Hao,””Mr. Zhou, we just need to cut off their heads before they wake up!”

It was only at this moment that they understood one thing. To deal with these mutated exotic beasts, they needed to use the powerful weapons stored inside. Otherwise, there was no other way.

At the thought of this, they immediately informed Zhou Hao of the news, so that he could pick up the treasure.

After Zhou Hao heard that, he immediately nodded. Then, he quickly walked over and took out the other Super Gatling gun.

Just as Zhou Hao took out the Super Gatling gun, he felt the boundless aura around him. Suddenly, there was an explosion. A sound that shook people’s hearts was heard. It whistled and exploded in an instant.

Jonina and Thunder, who were at the very front, were instantly shocked!

They walked forward step by step. As they walked forward, the speed of their steps began to become difficult.

They could only feel that as the exotic beasts ‘breathing gradually grew louder, the speed of the weapons in their hands also increased significantly.

One had to know that once the treasures in their hands were broken, what awaited them would be a deadly attack!

Now, the only thing that could deal with these mutated beasts was the treasure in their hands.

Zhou Hao held the Super Gatling gun in his hand and quickly fired at the three mutated beasts.

A series of ‘pfft pfft pfft pfft’ sounds instantly exploded. In the next second, the exotic beast’s blood instantly splattered all over the house!

The room was instantly filled with a strong stench and a nauseating sour smell.

The gray-haired man and Jonina covered their noses and mouths as they vomited. They almost vomited their bile.

Fortunately, these mutated beasts were all killed by the Super technology that was 10000 years more advanced than them.

Otherwise, what awaited them would be being devoured by the exotic beasts.

Jonina’s entire body seemed to have lost all its strength, and she staggered as if she was about to fall.

Fortunately, Zhou Hao, who was beside him, caught him and prevented him from falling to the ground.

The ground was littered with dead mutated beasts, and the green blood that flowed out was like snot, looking disgusting.

Moreover, when they were on the ground, as long as they came into contact with the green liquid, they would find it difficult to move.

“Boss, since the mutated beast is already dead, quickly take out the other treasures.”

The gray-haired man immediately urged.

The three of them had just taken three treasures. Zhou Hao had taken one and Liang Wenyuan had taken two, so there were three treasures left. The mutated beasts were all dead, and they were all theirs now.

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