Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 952 - -betrayal  

Chapter 952: Chapter 952-betrayal

After sensing the changes in the mutated beast, Zhou Hao’s heart tightened.

However, he didn’t think too much about it. After all, there was still a certain amount of time before the mutated beast would awaken.

Zhou Hao carefully stepped forward and took a deep breath. He slowly raised his left hand and reached for the huge sky-supporting pillar. He was ready to take out the defensive and offensive scrolls.

However, just as Zhou Hao’s hand was about to reach in, the gray-haired man behind him suddenly shouted in horror. Then, his eyes were filled with anxiety as he said,””Boss, it’s bad. The mutated beast is about to wake up. Let’s go!”

Zhou Hao’s expression changed after he said that.

His face was immediately filled with anxiety, and he quickly said to Zhou Hao,””Boss, let’s go!”

At this moment, Liang Wenyuan was the fastest to run.

He didn’t care about anything else. He turned around and rushed out of the house. He closed the door and looked at the situation inside the house with a vigilant look.

“You guys go out first. I’ll come after I get the treasure.”

Zhou Hao turned around and looked at the gray-haired man, who was still looking at him with a worried expression, as well as Jonina and Thunder. He then said, word for word.

“But, boss …”

As the gray-haired man spoke, he could not help but stammer. He had no idea what he should say to persuade Zhou Hao.

“Boss, we don’t have much time left. We have to leave quickly.”

After saying this, the gray-haired man’s face suddenly became anxious.

When Jonina and Thunder looked at Zhou Hao, their expressions suddenly tensed up. They anxiously tried to persuade him,””Zhou Hao, hurry up and come with us. It’ll be too late if you’re late.”

“That’s right. It’s not worth it to lose our lives for these treasures. Mr. Zhou, let’s go.”

At this critical moment, even Lei ting could not help but start to persuade Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao’s expression was extremely serious. After hesitating for a moment, he nodded and said to the few of them,””Alright, let’s go then.”

Just as Zhou Hao’s words fell, an extremely valiant aura gradually began to recover behind him.

The aura was gradually growing stronger, and the breathing of the mutated beast behind him was also gradually growing louder, as if it could wake up at any moment.

“Hurry, let’s go, or it’ll be too late!”

With that short sentence, Zhou Hao immediately led the group towards the door.

However, when the gray-haired man reached out to pull at the door, he suddenly realized that the door could not be opened at all!

The grey-haired man’s face darkened at the sight.

He quickly knocked on the door and then anxiously shouted to Liang Wenyuan, who was outside,””Mr. Liang, Mr. Liang, open the door, we can’t get out!”

However, no matter how hard the gray-haired man knocked on the door, Liang Wenyuan did not respond!

At that moment, Liang Wenyuan, who was outside the door, had already seen the situation inside the house through the LED screen.

He just sat at the door and deliberately didn’t say anything. He just looked at the people in the room coldly, his face full of displeasure.

“Now, you still dare to say such words. You really don’t know what’s good for you!”

Liang Wenyuan’s face was full of sarcasm. He suppressed the anger in his heart and then said coldly,””Tsk, you guys still want to come out?”

“I called you out just now, but you didn’t come out. Now, you’re only thinking of coming out after the exotic beasts have awakened?”

“Hmph, Hmph, no way. You guys just stay inside and wait to be eaten by the mutated beasts.”

Liang Wenyuan crossed his arms and looked at the four people in the room coldly. His mouth was full of a smug smile.

He knew that as long as the door was closed, the exotic beasts would definitely not be able to come out.

After all, the gray-haired man had already said that there was a barrier inside the door that prevented exotic beasts from escaping, so the mutated exotic beasts inside couldn’t come out.

As long as the door was closed, everything could be isolated.

In fact, Liang Wenyuan had planned all of this long ago. So, he sneaked out when the few of them weren’t paying attention. He closed the door directly and didn’t let them out. He was simply being petty.

The gray-haired man, who couldn’t open the door no matter how hard he knocked on it, suddenly became nervous.

He couldn’t help but ask,””Boss, why didn’t Mr. Liang answer us? has he been captured?”

Zhou Hao’s expression turned serious after he said that.

He hesitated for a moment and saw that Qiao Nina was still anxiously knocking on the door, calling out to Liang Wenyuan. However, she did not get a reply from Liang Wenyuan.

Zhou Hao had already seen through everything. He had a serious expression on his face as he said to Jonina,”Big miss Qiao, you don’t need to knock. No one will open the door for us.”

He had been knocking for a long time. If Liang Wenyuan wanted to open the door, he would have already done so.

Liang Wenyuan clearly didn’t want to let them out this time.

However, Zhou Hao didn’t say anything. He only told them to stop.

Jonina’s expression immediately became nervous. Her face was filled with anxiety as she looked around hesitantly. She said anxiously,””Do … Do we still have a chance to leave?”

“There’s no other way,”

Lei ting’s face was extremely serious. He suppressed the anxiety in his heart and said nervously,””We can only fight these mutated beasts.”

After saying this short sentence, the faces of the people around him immediately became extremely serious.

The gray-haired man’s breathing became rapid, and his face became anxious. His eyes were full of seriousness as he said in a trembling voice,””How can we possibly defeat these mutated beasts now?”

“The ones who came to fight for the territory earlier were all ninth-grade martial Saints, but they were all swallowed by these mutated beasts. It’s impossible for us to defeat them.”

That short sentence instantly made Jonina and Thunder feel uneasy.

In that instant, the two of them felt as if they were enveloped by death.

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