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Chapter 281 - Bold

Chapter 281: Bold

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Zhou Hao did not say anything. He had already grabbed a rare-level Energy Bar and began to recover.

His strength was very powerful, and the consumption of essence energy was naturally very large.

He was also looking forward to the following battle.

This was also the first time he was going to the spatial rift. He had to be prepared!

Thinking of the upcoming battle in the spatial rift, many martial artists gradually calmed down and began to feel somewhat nervous.

This was the first time they were going into the spatial rift. There were definitely many unknown dangers inside. No one knew what the final outcome would be.

“Are you afraid?”

At some point in time, Ling Shuying had already appeared beside Zhou Hao.

Although Heavenly King Zhu was holding down the fort here, according to the agreement between the human experts and the foreign race experts, Zhu Zao was not allowed to attack.

If the human Heaven Realm experts were to kill the foreign race experts in the foreign race’s training grounds, then the many foreign race Heaven Realm experts would also rush out of the spatial rift to begin killing the humans.

At that time, the situation would become even more serious.


Zhou Hao told the truth. It was not as if he was unaware of the situation in the spatial rift.

In addition, although he had not stepped into the Heaven Realm yet, he was still a quasi Heaven Realm martial artist above the peak of the supernatural level.

It was even to the extent that among the many quasi Heaven Realm martial artists, he was a powerful existence ranked at the top.

Without a doubt, the spatial rift was definitely very dangerous, but that was only the depths of the spatial rift.

Under normal circumstances, supernatural experts could already move freely at the edge of the spatial rift and the outer area.

“You sure are bold.” Ling Shuying curled her lips and said.

In fact, she had never entered the spatial rift before.

Many martial artists would enter the spatial rift to continue cultivating when they cultivated to the eighth-grade or ninth-grade supernatural level. However, she was not such a martial artist.

Because she was born in the Ling family, she relied on the cultivation resources of the Ling family all the way to cultivate to the quasi Heaven Realm outside the spatial rift.

Thinking of this, Ling Shuying could not help but look at Zhou Hao in admiration.

She was the direct daughter of the Ling family and was doted on and protected. Since she started cultivating, she did not lack cultivation resources at all.

But according to her knowledge, Zhou Hao was only an itinerant cultivator. It was already very heaven-defying for an itinerant cultivator to cultivate to the quasi Heaven Realm.

Moreover, Zhou Hao was an expert among many quasi Heaven Realm martial artists.

Hearing Ling Shuying’s words, Zhou Hao stopped what he was doing.

“Does that mean you’re afraid?” Zhou Hao smiled and asked Ling Shuying.

He had already known Ling Shuying for a while, but their meetings were always sudden and short.

After all, on the battlefield, no one had the mood to chat when their lives were at stake.

“Me?” Ling Shuying rolled her eyes at Zhou Hao and continued, “Do you think someone like me would be afraid?”

Although she said that, Ling Shuying was still a little afraid.

Outside the spatial rift, the quasi Heaven Realm was already the ceiling of combat strength. Generally speaking, it was impossible for foreign race Heaven Realm experts to appear outside the spatial rift.

However, it was hard to say after they entered the spatial rift.

The spatial rift was the territory of the foreign races. Anything could happen there.

Once they encountered a foreign race Heaven Realm expert, they wouldn’t even have the chance to escape before being directly killed.

“You don’t have to be afraid. Just stay close to me.”

Zhou Hao had actually already seen through Ling Shuying’s bluff, but he did not expose her.

Even quasi-Heaven Realm experts were still humans and humans would naturally feel fear. This was all very normal.

The situation in the spatial rift was constantly changing. No one knew what they would encounter after entering.

However, if they could set up an energy barrier at the entrance of the spatial rift, then the subsequent defense would be very easy.

After all, the entrance to the spatial rift was only so big. If an energy barrier was set up at the entrance of the spatial rift, it would undoubtedly completely cut off the foreign races’ throats.

It could have the effect of holding back ten thousand enemies alone.

Zhou Hao and Ling Shuying did not chat much before the time for everyone to enter the spatial rift quietly arrived.

Some supernatural martial artists had very calm expressions. To them, entering the spatial rift had long been fate’s arrangement.

Of course, there were also some supernatural martial artists who had worried expressions.

After all, they were only supernatural experts, and some of them were even supernatural martial artists at the fifth-grade.

With their strength, they were definitely an expert outside the spatial rift. However, after entering the spatial rift, their strength might prove to be insufficient.

There were also some martial artists like Zhou Hao who were somewhat expectant and wanted to explore the differences in the spatial rifts.

Zhu Zao naturally saw everyone’s expressions.

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