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Chapter 280 - One Against Ten Thousand

Chapter 280: One Against Ten Thousand

In the distance, the students from the various elite bases looked at Zhou Hao with worshipful gazes.

This time, many powerful martial artists were transferred from all over Huaxia. Especially after Zhou Hao killed many powerful foreign races, the speed at which everyone cleaned up the remaining foreign races also became faster and faster.

Seeing the scene in front of them, many martial artists in the distance were very excited.

Since the war between Planet Earth and the foreign races, humans had always been at a disadvantage.

A situation like this had never happened before in the various regions of Planet Earth.

Gradually, the surrounding foreign race beings became fewer and fewer. Because of the previous battle, many supernatural experts had almost exhausted all their blood essence energy. They gradually stopped and looked in the same direction.

This was naturally the area where Zhou Hao and the other foreign races were fighting.

The current scene could be said to be very magnificent.

Because there were too many casualties, many foreign races had already approached the spatial rift crazily and retreated into it.

However, at this moment, Zhou Hao was chasing after the foreign races with the Silver Lightning Spear alone.

As he moved, many foreign race beings were already being killed by him.

Wherever Zhou Hao went, these foreign race beings were already frightened by his incomparably ferociousness. They did not want to fight him at all and instead fled at an even faster speed.

In the eyes of the elite students in the fortress forbidden area behind, this scene was even more shocking.

In their opinion, Zhou Hao was simply chasing after the foreign races alone!

Zhou Hao was still somewhat unsatisfied after chasing all these foreign races into the spatial rift.

In order to completely suppress the thirteenth spatial rift, many experts had been transferred from all over Huaxia.

Although Zhou Hao had killed the most foreign races, the other supernatural experts had also done a lot of the work.

After chasing the foreign races back to the spatial rift, Zhou Hao did not continue to kill his way into the spatial rift.

Now, he had consumed a lot of essence energy and needed to regulate his breathing to recover.

When Zhou Hao returned to the city tower, he discovered that the other martial artists were all paying attention to him. Their burning gazes seemed to want to bore a hole in him.

After all, in their opinion, Zhou Hao was simply as powerful as an anomaly. It had really exceeded their understanding.

“President Zhou, you’re strong!”

“As expected of President Zhou!”

“How impressive, President Zhou!”

Seeing Zhou Hao come over, many martial artists even spoke from the bottom of their hearts.

They were only speaking the truth, after all. Zhou Hao’s strength and the contributions he had made on the battlefield were definitely obvious.

“Well done!”

It was not only the ordinary martial artists who were in awe of Zhou Hao. Even Zhu Zao appeared beside Zhou Hao.

Zhu Zao’s face was also red. The surprise Zhou Hao gave him was really too big.

In order to quickly take down the battle outside the spatial rift, Zhu Zao felt that as long as no more than twenty supernatural experts died, it was all worth it.

However, because Zhou Hao was here this time, most of the powerful foreign race beings had been killed by him alone.

Without the danger of these powerful foreign races, the injuries of the other supernatural experts naturally decreased drastically.

“This is everyone’s joint effort.” Zhou Hao replied calmly.

His contribution in this battle was indeed not small, but it was definitely thanks to all the martial artists present that he was able to kill all the foreign races and retreat into the spatial rift.

“Well, this is no time for modesty.”

“Compared to the other spatial rifts, the number of foreign race beings in this spatial rift is relatively stable. There are also no very powerful foreign race lairs around.”

“Now that you’ve killed many foreign races outside the spatial rift, the strength of the foreign races in the spatial rift should also be unprecedentedly weak.”

“Therefore, everyone, make the best use of your time to regulate your breathing and recover. After you recover, we’ll take down the thirteenth spatial rift in one go!”

As he spoke, even Zhu Zao was somewhat excited.

If they could really push the battlefield into the spatial rift this time, this would undoubtedly be a very important step in the history of the battle between humans and the foreign races!


After Zhu Zao finished speaking, the surrounding martial artists also nodded.

Their small step today was definitely a huge step for the entire human race..

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