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Chapter 244 - Invincible Sweeping

Chapter 244: Invincible Sweeping

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“Not good!”

At this moment, many martial artists revealed despairing expressions.

Originally, everyone thought that President Zhou’s battle was the most difficult. After all, he was fighting alone.

Unexpectedly, things were going very smoothly on President Zhou’s side. On the other hand, the situation on Commander Tie’s side was very urgent and very troublesome.

More and more foreign races rushed out from the first spatial rift. No one knew what was going on in the depths of the spatial rift.

The entire battlefield was filled with difficulties.

The first spatial rift that had recently improved seemed to have really reached a desperate situation this time!

In the beginning, Zhou Hao planned to hold back and slowly grind these foreign races to death, destroying the siege machines.

However, the current situation was quite troublesome and he had to get serious.

In the previous battle, he had always used the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art. Although this Heaven Realm cultivation technique was powerful, it was simply far inferior to his Five Elements Grand Yan Record.

Without any delay, Zhou Hao directly formed a sword with his fingers. A long sword condensed from green essence energy instantly stretched out from his fingers.

This secret technique was one of the accompanying secret techniques of the Five Elements Grand Yan Record. It was called the Green Profound Sword.

After Zhou Hao used the Green Mysterious Sword, a powerful Insect Race expert that was fighting him just now was directly blasted flying.

However, there were too many foreign races. After this powerful insect was sent flying, more and more foreign races surrounded Zhou Hao like a tide.

However, these foreign races clearly did not know the difference between the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art and the Five Elements Grand Yan Record.

Now, with the Green Blade Profound Sword condensed from essence energy, his combat strength simply surged and became powerful to the limit.

The essence energy in his body kept circulating.

The Demonic Wood Tree Sea that he had used just now had also exploded. The siege machines trapped by the Demonic Wood Tree Sea were instantly shattered into pieces.


Zhou Hao’s sudden outburst directly stunned the many anxious soldiers and martial artists on the distant city tower.

At this moment, the shock in their hearts was already indescribable.

Unexpectedly, at this desperate moment, Zhou Hao was still doing well despite being deep in enemy territory.

“President Zhou is awesome!”

“As expected of President Zhou!”

“We have to persevere!”

In the thick smoke in the distance, the powerful siege machinery that everyone was looking at directly turned into pieces on the ground.

The morale of the martial artists and soldiers in the city gate tower also received a huge cheer!

The battle situation today could really be said to have ups and downs, making everyone’s jaws drop.

Their mood today was like riding a roller coaster.

On the other side, Zhou Hao rushed towards another siege machine after destroying one.

As long as the energy barrier was not destroyed, the frontline defense line could be maintained.

Currently, the most fatal attack on the energy barrier was the high-level energy cannon released by this siege machine.


As Zhou Hao approached, a blue light pierced through the world and shot towards him.

Clearly, this Machine Race siege machine had sensed danger and was attacking randomly.

However, the siege machine had become quite helpless as Zhou Hao was simply too fast. Unless its attacks could form a flawless fire coverage, it was simply no match for Zhou Hao.

‘Stop him!’

Many noises sounded at this moment.

The foreign races could not help but be furious and turned to Zhou Hao.

It seemed that they could have broken through the frontline defense line of the first spatial rift long ago if not for Zhou Hao. After all, Zhou Hao had obstructed and disrupted their movements time after time.

Now, more and more powerful foreign races wanted to kill Zhou Hao so that they could completely destroy the frontline defense line.


As Zhou Hao waved the Green Blade Profound Sword in his hand, a powerful and terrifying tearing force suddenly flew past him.

Glancing sideways, he saw that it was a humanoid Machine Race.

This humanoid high-level Machine Race warrior was like a human martial artist wearing armor.

The difference was that the human martial artist armor was actually an exoskeleton and was a part of the body.

At this moment, the silver-white high-level Machine Race member rushed towards Zhou Hao.

Not only was it carrying many powerful firearms, but its combat techniques were also very terrifying.

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