Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 243 - A Moment Of Life and Death

Chapter 243: A Moment Of Life and Death

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“We can also destroy one, but with our strength, we have to arrange for at least 20 supernatural experts to work together. Otherwise, we might be killed before we can even approach the siege machines.”

Tie Ruyun knew that it was a matter of life and death again.

There were only 35 supernatural martial artists here who could still fight.

Among these 35 people, many were low-level supernatural experts. Among them, there were at most 15 people who could infiltrate the enemy’s rear. They were simply not enough people.

“Ling Shuying will bring the other 3 supernatural experts from the Green Cloud Division and the 6 supernatural experts from the first spatial rift to destroy the first siege machine.”

“Commander Tie and the remaining 23 supernatural experts, go and destroy the second siege machine.”

“Leave the last siege machine to me.”

With that said, Zhou Hao took the lead and killed his way out before anyone could react.

“Let’s go!”

Although Ling Shuying was uncertain about Zhou Hao’s arrangements, she still quickly moved after seeing him kill his way out.

If they did not attack at this moment, Zhou Hao would have to face all the pressure and die!

“Let’s go too!”

Commander Tie looked at Zhou Hao with admiration.

No wonder Zhou Hao was able to cultivate to this level at such a young age. He was definitely a real man!

At this moment, Zhou Hao was extremely anxious as he charged towards the third siege machine.

There were many powerful foreign races here. Although it would be a difficult battle, Zhou Hao would definitely obtain a lot of luck points.

Now that he had a big client like Heavenly King Zhu, he did not lack Heaven Dao coins at all. What he lacked the most was luck points.

Seeing Zhou Hao attack the third siege machine single-handedly, the martial artists on the city gate tower felt deep veneration!

This was President Zhou of the Supernatural Council!

Facing the endless foreign races, only President Zhou dared to accept the order and bear the responsibility at this moment. He rushed towards the distant siege machines!

Zhou Hao’s figure was quickly drowned by the endless foreign races.

Although everyone could not see Zhou Hao’s figure, all the martial artists knew that President Zhou was fighting!

At this moment, Ling Shuying and Commander Tie were also fighting the foreign races.

If the foreign races’ siege machines got closer, the defensive barrier would be in danger.

“Let’s go too. We need to reduce the pressure for the experts who have infiltrated the enemy!”

An injured supernatural expert roared and led many injured martial artists and soldiers to start fighting the foreign races nearby.

Before long, an even more tragic battle erupted again.

The only gratifying thing was that the remaining spatial rifts were still under control despite the continuous fighting.

In the distance, Zhou Hao did not think that this siege machine was that heaven-defying.

After approaching, he realized that this was simply a huge ship-like behemoth. Its might was naturally incomparably terrifying and huge.

“Demonic Wood Tree Sea!”

After arriving beside the siege machine, Zhou Hao did not hesitate and directly used the Demonic Wood Tree Sea.

Under the envelopment of the Demonic Wood Tree Sea, countless plants and vines kept growing crazily. Soon, this huge monster was covered in countless plants.

As Zhou Hao killed the foreign races that had come to stop him, he crazily absorbed the essence energy from the rare-level Energy Bars to recover.

After consuming another 40 rare-level Energy Bars, an incomparably terrifying sea of trees had already completely surrounded the siege machines and was constantly destroying them from all directions.

However, the armor of this huge monster was very thick and Zhou Hao could not completely take it down in a moment.

However, this siege machine was already unable to continue forward, so it had naturally become useless.

Now, Zhou Hao realized that the Green Wood Spring Autumn Art also had huge potential.

For example, now, he could control the sea of trees and vines to fight the surrounding foreign races.

Of course, using this sea of trees naturally consumed a lot of energy. He only had 50 rare-level Energy Bars left. He only hoped that nothing unexpected would happen again.

However, what Zhou Hao was worried about still happened.

Just as they were trying their best to stop these three siege machines, two more appeared.

Moreover, the situation on Commander Tie’s side was very bad.

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