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Chapter 1224 - : Killing the demon ruler    

Chapter 1224: Killing the demon ruler


The punch finally landed on Zhou Hao’s chest.

“Go to hell!”

Just as The Fiend Dominator thought that his punch would send Zhou Hao flying, he was stunned.

What did it see? Zhou Hao didn’t move at all. In fact, his punch didn’t even cause any damage.

At most, it left a fist mark on Zhou Hao’s chest, which was quite obvious.

How was that possible?

The little demons who hadn’t died were in disbelief, and they all cried out in alarm.

Their ruler-level demon was at the ruler-level, and was even stronger than those calamity-level mutant beasts.

Even if an expert who had stepped into the starry sky appeared here, he would not be able to withstand a single move.

Even a harmonization realm expert wouldn’t be a match for him. It was impossible for him to remain unscathed.

However, this kind of thing that was impossible to happen with basic injuries had happened in front of them.

“This must be fake, this must be my illusion!” He thought.

The demon ruler couldn’t believe it. It had killed many human experts here, but this was the first time it had encountered such a monster in a long time.

At that moment, the current fiend Dominator was completely unable to remain calm. He looked at Zhou Hao as if he had seen his nemesis.

On the other hand, Zhou Hao had probed out the strength of the demonic Overlord. It was still alright, just barely.

In other words, he could only be considered a King here. If he were to be placed in the other star fields of the universe, he would only be able to rise to the middle class at most.

This was not enough.

“It’s not easy for you to improve your strength. I can give you three chances to kill me. I won’t fight back!”

Zhou Hao’s eyes were filled with contempt. He didn’t care about this at all. Everything was under his control.

After getting a clear understanding, he didn’t take it seriously anymore.

“Human, what did you say? how dare you look down on me? do you believe I’ll break your bones?”

The demonic ruler was trembling with anger. This time, it had never been so angry before. If it wasn’t for the special situation, it really wanted to rush forward and fight Zhou Hao to the death.

However, the demon Lord knew that he couldn’t do that. If he did that, it would be the same as seeking death.

Zhou Hao curled his finger and repeated the same thing as before,””Come, I’ll give you three chances. If you don’t want it, I’ll kill you. This is your only chance to kill me!”

Hearing this, the demon ruler’s face sank. If it was before, it would have attacked without hesitation.

But now, the demon Lord didn’t do so because he knew that it was useless.

That was because Zhou Hao was too powerful. He was so powerful that Zhou Hao did not even take him seriously. Zhou Hao could completely crush him.

The demonic Lord forced himself to calm down and told himself that he couldn’t be fooled anymore. He needed to take a different approach to kill Zhou Hao.

If it had been someone else who had underestimated the enemy, they would probably be in danger and might even die.

However, Zhou Hao was different. The outcome was destined to be different.

“You’re the one who gave me the chance. Since you’re looking for death, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

The demon ruler immediately created another doppelganger with only one-third of its strength. This was one of the demon’s skills.

Only when a demon reached the level of a ruler could it do so.

“Kill it from behind!”

The Fiend Dominator had his clone go around to the back to launch a sneak attack, but he didn’t know that this method was useless.

Zhou Hao had experienced a lot before this. Even without using some methods, it could roughly guess and judge.

Zhou Hao wasn’t in the harmonization realm, he was in the God Realm. After the transformation, his facial features had long since surpassed that of an ordinary person.

In his current state, it would be easy for Zhou Hao to know if there was any movement around him. Now, Zhou Hao had everything in his hands.

At this moment, the demon ruler didn’t know how powerful his opponent was. He was still as arrogant as before, thinking that he was the strongest.

At this time, The Fiend ruler felt that Zhou Hao had at most reached the peak of harmony realm, and it was impossible for him to avoid the attack from this place.

As long as it took advantage of its blind spot, then even a peak harmony realm cultivator would die.

“Kid, when you’re about to die, I’ll take out your soul. At that time, I’ll let you know how idiotic it is to find trouble with me!”

The demonic ruler sneered in his heart. He was already imagining the scene where he had captured Zhou Hao and tortured him.

The demonic Overlord used to love torturing its prey, and Zhou Hao was one such prey.

It had a very special prey this week. As long as it could catch Zhou Hao, it could continue to enjoy the pleasure it had before.

“Are you sure you think you can kill me?”

Zhou Hao laughed. He felt that this Demon Lord was different from the ones he had encountered before. It was really interesting.

This demon ruler seemed to think that he was very smart, and very unique.

The demon Paragon’s narcissism was unparalleled, but his energy was lacking.

Although this demon ruler was indeed the strongest, it only had one advantage. It was not very good in other aspects.

The Fiend Dominator was powerful and could be considered a peak existence, but unfortunately, this time, the disadvantage of The Fiend Dominator was also very obvious.

Now, this would also become a fatal flaw. This would be enough for Zhou Hao to do a lot of things and make a lot of preparations.

Even if the demonic Overlord did not do so, Zhou Hao would still be able to control everything with ease.

Of course, these demon sovereigns didn’t know.

The demonic ruler was still immersed in his plan and felt that everything was in his hands. He thought that he knew everything like the back of his hand when he had slaughtered the human army.

The current Demon Lord didn’t even know that he had changed from a Hunter to a prey.

It was fine if the demonic Lord didn’t know, but he was still full of confidence. He didn’t know how ridiculous he was in front of Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao was just waiting. He could kill the demonic Lord now, but he didn ‘t.

This was because Zhou Hao felt that this was not the most appropriate time. He felt that he might have to wait a little longer.

It was a premonition that had appeared before, but it hadn ‘t. What happened later made him regret it for a long time.

Now, he thought that maybe it would be the same this time. Now, he had to do what he had to do more than ever before.

Now that he understood all of this, he would be much more skilled in doing the rest of the things.

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