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Chapter 1223 - strategizing

Chapter 1223: Chapter 1223-strategizing

The demon ruler knew how dangerous this was, and he understood that he had to kill his way out as soon as possible.

Zhou Hao would beat him to death.

Just as the evil demon was thinking of a way to get out, a Divine Dragon flew down from above and smashed into his body.

“Owwuuu …”

“Arghh!” The demonic ruler screamed. He didn’t expect Zhou Hao’s last punch to be used together with the previous move. More importantly, it was even more powerful.

Zhou Hao chuckled. He had not expected that the move he had thought of earlier would have such a remarkable effect.

Before this, he had thought that he would never be able to use it and had already planned to keep it for himself. He had never thought that he would be able to use it one day.

Blood Rage!

The body of the demonic Lord suddenly began to swell, and the qi and blood in his body began to rise. One could also see the qi and blood drilling out of his body and beginning to move like dragons and snakes. Finally, it stopped at a position and formed two horns.

Compared to before, this evil demon was much stronger. Its vitality had far surpassed that of a harmonization realm expert. Even if it wasn’t now, it was close to it.

Zhou Hao was shocked. He had actually made a breakthrough so quickly. It seemed that this demon still had secrets that he did not know about.

Zhou Hao rushed forward and used his fist to punch again.

“You’re overestimating yourself!”

The demonic ruler threw a punch. It thought that it could easily kill Zhou Hao now that it had improved.

When their fists met, there was a cracking sound. One of the bones in the demon’s arm was broken.

How was that possible?

The demon ruler was stunned. He couldn’t believe it. He felt that even if he was weak, he shouldn’t be in this state.

Once again, Zhou Hao went around to the back and kicked him.

Bang! Bang!

The demon ruler didn’t even have time to react before he was sent flying.

He fell into the group of little evil demons ‘corpses far away. He was in a sorry state and looked embarrassed.

When the other little evil demons saw this scene, they were so scared that they fled in panic. One ran faster than the other, fighting to be the first.

“You want to run? hehe, it’s not that easy!”

This time, Zhou Hao did not make a move.

Jonina immediately went back up and caught up with the mutant beasts, using her newly learned skill,[tornado slash].

Before, Jonina had only been able to use this technique to release one tornado. This time, she had understood the core of the technique, and could use it two times in succession.

As the two [tornado slash] passed through hundreds and thousands of Imps, their heads were sent flying high into the air.

When the tornado cut’s power disappeared, the small evil demons ‘heads fell to the ground again, their eyes filled with fear.

The demon ruler didn’t care, and he used his other arm to punch again.

“Kid, you shouldn’t have appeared in this place. Now, you will regret your stupidity!”

Zhou Hao shook his head. Even at this point, the demonic Overlord still did not understand his current situation. This was not only pitiful, it was also very lamentable.

“I’ve seen many people like you. If they all died, you would be the same!”

When Zhou Hao’s fist collided with The Fiend Dominator ‘s, it was as if two yellow bells had collided together.


A terrifying and overbearing force swept out in all directions.

A shrill cry rang out, with a strange and ear-piercing tone.


Jonina and Yang Yuanyuan were both stunned. They knew that their boss had improved a lot, but they didn’t expect him to have improved so much.

At first, they thought that they had understood their boss, but now they realized that they had only seen the tip of the iceberg.

He had thought that they were familiar, but now, he suddenly felt like he was facing a stranger.

“Boss, you’re really amazing. I’m impressed, I’m really impressed!”

Yang Yuanyuan was very excited now. She remembered the time when she and Zhou Hao had fought against tens of millions of mutated beasts.

This old man was a man who could hold off ten thousand people by himself.

As long as the boss was here, the mutant beasts could only run away with their tails between their legs.

Although he was facing a mutated beast, it was all the same to him.

The devil would be tortured to death by this boss sooner or later.

“Boss, well done!”

Jonina quickly dealt with one-third of the Imps, and now she was very excited to cheer Zhou Hao on. If this continued, things would be much smoother.

“Human, I’ll definitely keep you here today. I’ll make you wish you were dead!”

The demon Lord roared in anger. He was stepping on the corpses of humans. To him, these humans were like ants and prey.

But now, Zhou Hao had suddenly appeared as a Hunter. How could the demonic Lord accept this? he was extremely furious.

Zhou Hao curled his finger and started to provoke her,””If you’re not convinced, then get over here and continue to fight. I’ll beat you until you’re convinced!”

The demon ruler was furious. If he didn’t get a result today, he wouldn’t have the face to continue staying here.

In this place, even the Shura didn’t dare to provoke them easily. This human in front of them was simply seeking his own death.

After a short while, the injury on the demon Lord’s arm recovered, and a thick layer of muscle tissue grew out to protect his hands.

“If you think you’ll be fine like this, then I think you’re simply dreaming!”

Zhou Hao said indifferently. Then, he placed one of his hands on the demonic Overlord’s arm and gently exerted force.

Then, the demon ruler felt a continuous force coming from the seemingly weak hands and pressed down.


The demon ruler was in pain. He instantly felt waves of pain coming from his arm and then to his brain.

At this moment, the demonic ruler’s desire to kill Zhou Hao grew even stronger, and his eyes turned red.

Zhou Hao’s thoughts were different, but the result was the same. This was only the beginning of the torture.

“Many humans have died at your hands here. Now, for every one that dies here, you will be tortured by me to the point where you would rather die than live. You better be mentally prepared!”

Zhou Hao’s eyes were cold as he grinned.

The demon ruler only felt that he was being targeted by a demon who had forced himself to become more like a demon.

In an instant, the demon ruler knew that he was in danger, but he didn’t expect the situation to turn out like this.

“Human, don’t think that you can defeat me just because you were lucky enough to defeat me with a few moves. If you keep thinking like this, it’s simply ridiculous. Die!”

The demonic Lord roared and raised his fist to punch upwards. This punch not only contained his anger, but also his anger.

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