Star Odyssey

Chapter 1606: Lu Yin’s Surprise

Chapter 1606: Lu Yin’s Surprise

No matter how hard he tried, Ku Wei was unable to come up with anything. The only possible explanation was when he had fallen into the guardian giants’ blood pool.

Qing Kong was taken aback, as the revelation Ku Wei had given had been just too shocking. It was something that only a giant would understand.

“Actually, why do you people keep your height to only a hundred meters? Doesn’t it feel awful?” Ku Wei asked in genuine curiosity.

Qing Kong’s face went blank as he stared at the youth. “This is our height.”

Ku Wei blinked. “Then why can I transform into a thousand-meter-tall giant? Also, it seems like I’m still growing?”

Qing Kong’s eyes narrowed. “That’s because you are a colossal.”

His eyes suddenly flashed. “Brother Ku Wei, let me take you to the colossal giant’s clan leader. Maybe he can answer your questions.”

“Colossal giant?”

“Like you.”

“You’re not like me?”

“There are many different giants. My kind are the smart ones.”

“I’m not stupid!”

Ku Wei finally understood what Qing Kong meant by his own kind after meeting the colossal giants that Qing Kong had mentioned.

Ku Wei was stunned by what he saw; the giant in front of him had to be at least 10,000 meters tall, which was more than ten times Ku Wei’s greatest size! Qing Kong looked like an ant next to this giant.

Ku Wei had heard of the different kinds of giants, but he had never thought that he would meet one so massive.

The colossal giant also had a pleasant and majestic name — Chen Huang.

Chen Huang stared at Ku Wei with huge eyes and sniffed at the youth. Ku Wei quickly transformed into a thousand-meter tall giant from fear, and instantly his fear disappeared, as he no longer could be swallowed whole given his larger size.

“The aura of our ancient bloodline; you’re one of us,” Chen Huang stated. His voice was so loud that the vibrations were visible.

Qing Kong’s eyes gleamed. “Does he really possess the aura of the ancient colossal giants?”

“I’m certain. Where did you gain your bloodline?” Chen Huang asked.

Ku Wei gulped. “Progenitor Chen’s Mausoleum.”

In a star-filled region of space, a piece of white paper carried Liu Ye, Fei Hua, and Lu Yin en route to the Innerverse.

Lu Yin had received a message from Ku Wei after leaving seclusion, and Lu Yin had been unable to believe what he had been told. A massive creature had appeared on his screen, and it had actually been Ku Wei. On top of that, an even larger figure had stood behind Ku Wei.

“Our items are still superior; your vessel is far too slow.” Sister Fei Hua sighed.

The paper had been made from the Mother Tree’s bark and was able to be folded into any shape. The speed at which the paper could travel was dependent on the pilot, which, at the moment, was Liu Ye, so the speed was much, much faster than a spacecraft.

They would only need two days to arrive at Giant Consortium’s territory.

Lu Yin replied plainly at hearing Sister Fei Hua’s words, “Spaceships can also be used by regular people, and they aren’t exhausted when using them.”

Sister Fei Hua replied in evident disdain, “Normal people shouldn’t require such high speeds.”

Lu Yin looked over at her. “Cultivation isn’t everything. Senior, don’t forget you were once also once a regular person. One can only become stronger if their horizons and perspective is expanded. You wouldn’t have been able to get out of even a small region back then without a spacecraft, and by the same token, I wouldn’t have been able to do so either.”

Liu Ye then chimed in, “He’s right. It’s already exceptional to get even a single elite cultivator from billions of people. These vessels really are quite useful.”

“They’re still just too slow,” Sister Fei Hua spat.

Lu Yin suddenly remembered a particular question. “Seniors, what do you think now after touring around the Fifth Mainland with me?”

“Too weak.” Fei Hua held back nothing.

Lu Yin had no intention of engaging with the woman. She had the temper of a bull.

Liu Ye thought for a bit. “Although it’s far from comparing to our Perennial World, it has its own merits. Also, there are many inheritances here with the same origins as the Perennial World.”

“It’s not the Forsaken Land anymore, right?” Lu Yin laughed.

Sister Fei Hua sneered, “It will always be the Forsaken Land without a Progenitor.”

Lu Yin choked, but was unable to disagree with such a statement.

Lu Yin’s sudden departure had left Wen family’s representatives a frazzled mess. The seven-fold Literary Prison was more important to the family than anything else, which was why they had been keeping a close eye on Lu Yin after he entered seclusion. His arbitrary trip to the Innerverse caused them to think that Lu Yin had further plans hidden.

“Brother Lu, just name your price! We will comply as long as it’s possible,” Wen Sansi spoke anxiously, though Lu Yin hardly saw the Arbiter’s restlessness.

Instead, he replied, “Brother Wen, I simply haven’t come up with anything, but maybe you can help me with something else?”

“Of course!” Wen Sansi replied.

Lu Yin continued, “The Lost Radiance Academy has a Mountain Seas Painting. Back during the Astral Combat Tournament, Han Chong only managed to defeat Xia Ye because of using that painting in a technique. I would like to see the painting.”

Wen Sansi felt confused. “A painting of mountains and seas? Brother Lu has an interest in such things?”

“Just a little. Mostly because it couldn’t have been easy for Han Chong to defeat his peers back then with his level of strength. The painting was the key to his victory. If Brother Wen isn’t sure exactly which painting of mountains of seas I’m looking for, you could go check at the Lost Radiance Academy.” Lu Yin ended the call as soon as he finished speaking.

The Neohuman Alliance wanted that painting and was willing to do anything for it, which meant that Lu Yin would come out on top if he could get the painting first. Also, he was confident that the Neohuman Alliance would not hurt him no matter what he did at this point in time. Their master plan took precedence over everything else at this point in time because it was a turning point in the war between humanity and the Aeternals. Lu Yin intended to use this to his advantage.

Wen Sansi told Wen Yao about Lu Yin’s request, and the older man was equally confused. Still, they quickly reached out to the Han family at the Lost Radiance Academy.

Their request was eventually delivered to the academy’s dean, who also happened to be an elder from the Han Family. He was an Envoy and was the oldest living member of the Han family.

It was significantly harder for cultivators from the Fifth Mainland to become Envoys than it was for their peers in the Sixth Mainland. Not only did the Fifth Mainland’s powerhouses not have as many opportunities as the Perennial World’s cultivators, they also lacked the Sixth Mainland’s imprints, which led to the Fifth Mainland having a much lower percentage of Envoys.

Put bluntly, it was difficult for a person to even become an Envoy.

Dean Han and another of the Han family’s elders were quiet in their seats.

“Tell Lu Yin that there’s no such painting in the Lost Radiance Academy. Han Chong’s painting was something that belonged to him alone and it perished with him,” Dean Han solemnly declared.

“Yes, Dean.”

Dean Han fell into confusion after the other elder left, and it seemed as though the dean was trying to remember something. “As expected, they came for the painting. I wouldn’t have allowed Han Chong to do that if I had known it would cost him his life. However, how did Lu Yin find out about this?”

Lu Yin quickly received the answer from Wen Yao. “I’m sorry senior. That painting is central to my price, so we simply cannot proceed without that.”

Lu Yin was not surprised by the answer he had been given by the Lost Radiance Academy. Truthfully, he was not even certain the painting even existed. Regardless, for the Neohuman Alliance to go so far as to send powerhouses to monitor the academy for ten years, Lu Yin was confident that that painting was something vitally important, which therefore meant that the Lost Radiance Academy’s reply denying their possession of painting only made sense. Lu Yin would react the exact same way.

“Alliance Leader Lu, it’s just a painting. If you want one, my Wen family would be more than willing to provide you with one, no matter which mountain or sea. All things aside, we excel in this field, and I can promise you that our paintings are comparable even to those done by ancient sages,” Wen Yao offered.

“I’m sorry, Senior, but it has to be the painting that Han Chong drew. I believe the Lost Radiance Academy has it.”

“They really don’t. The Lost Radiance Academy would not refuse any request from my Wen family, especially concerning something so important.” Wen Yao started to become anxious. He firmly believed that the Han family would not refuse the Wen family, as the Han family had been reliant upon the Wen family for many years.

Regardless, no matter how Wen Yao tried to sway Lu Yin, the youth would not be moved. Lu Yin was unwilling to give the Wen family anything if the painting of mountains and seas was not included.

Wen Yao felt forced to ask, “Does Alliance Leader Lu have no trust in us, or do you have something else planned?”

Lu Yin furrowed his brow. “I have Wen Diyi, which means I am in the position to name any price that I will. All I can tell you is that I don’t have any other plans at the moment, but that might change if you take too long.”

“Alliance Lu Leader, Wen Diyi is part of the Wen family; you have captured someone from my family,” Wen Yao spat.

Lu Yin’s eyes instantly turned icy. “Senior, I see you’re threatening me with the Wen family. In that case, just forget it. If the Wen family has the strength, then you can just come after me and take Wen Diyi away on your own.”

“Brother Lu, that’s not what I meant! Don’t misunderstand. All I’m saying is that Wen Diyi is part of the Wen family, and thus we’re merely seeking your understanding in this matter,” Wen Sansi quickly spoke up.

Lu Yin scoffed. “Bring me that painting, or else the deal’s off.”

He ended the call after delivering his ultimatum.

Back on Zenyu Star, Wen Yao seethed with anger. He had never been forced to lower himself so much to a junior. He had been consistently strung along by Lu Yin and had constantly buttered the youth up, and had only momentarily lost his composure.

“Lu Yin created the Great Eastern Alliance and has already negotiated with the leaders of the eight great flowzones. He has never been afraid of anyone, and besides, his connections within the Hall of Honor are only growing deeper. Virtually no one can touch him, so just bear with it for a while longer,” Wen Sansi soothed.

Wen Yan sighed. “Forget it. Continue reaching out to the Han family. If Lu Yin is so certain about this, then it’s possible that the Han Family is indeed hiding something.”

Wen Sansi nodded, as his thoughts were along the same lines. There was no reason for Lu Yin to deliberately place them in a difficult position, as doing so was simply not the intelligent choice. Even if Lu Yin was unafraid of the Wen family, there was no reason for him to make additional enemies.

Lu Yin arrived in Giant Consortium’s territory two days later.

Leng Yan, Qing Kong, and a crowd of hundred-meter tall giants had all been waiting for Lu Yin for some time.

Qing Kong quickly approached Lu Yin as soon as he stepped onto the planet. The giant wore a smile so passionate that it outclassed Ku Wei’s. “Alliance Leader Lu, welcome to Giant Consortium.”

Lu Yin returned the giant’s smile. “Mr. Qing, it’s been a while.”

Liu Ye and Fei Hua observed the surrounding giants with curiosity. The Perennial World was home to all sorts of people, even giants. However, this was their first time seeing such odd giants. Weren’t all giants savages? Didn’t they all live bizarre lifestyles? These giants acted no different from normal humans.

Qing Kong and the other giants were unable to determine Liu Ye and Fei Hua’s strength, and thus treated the couple as simple bodyguards.

Lu Yin and Qing Kong chatted with each other as they made their way towards the planet of colossal giants. It was a forbidden region that only Qing Kong had permission to enter.

Leng Yan and the rest were only able to wait where they were.

Liu Ye and Fei Hua did not follow along, as such a short distance meant nothing to powerhouses at their level.

The ten-thousand-meter-tall giant and Ku Wei both entered Lu Yin’s sight at the same time.

They were truly gigantic, but Lu Yin was unsurprised. He had seen ancient colossal giants that had been far larger than when he had witnessed Progenitor Chen’s memories in the mausoleum. Furthermore, Progenitor Chen’s clone had been able to easily grab planets as though they were marbles. That had been a true colossal giant.

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