Star Odyssey

Chapter 1605: The Colossal Giants

Chapter 1605: The Colossal Giants

He rolled the die again, but he ended up with five pips, which was pretty much useless. He continued to roll: two pips. Again, useless. He continued on.

Lu Yin managed to roll four pips on his fourth attempt, which sent him back into the Timestop Space where he continued to cultivate the Cosmic Art.

Another half year passed.

Lu Yin rested ten more days before rolling his die yet again.

As far as others were concerned, Lu Yin had been in seclusion for nearly two months by this time. Still, two months was nothing for cultivators.

However, two months felt like an eternity for Wen Yao and Wen Sansi.

Lu Yin watched as his die slowed down; it was six pips again! He had actually rolled six pips three times during this period of time, which was an impressive streak of luck.

Lu Yin did not Possess a human body this time, but instead Possessed a monster: a hundred meter tall corpse king.

He saw masses of other corpse kings beneath his feet, as well as a reverse waterfall that shot upwards off in the distance. He was in the Starfall Sea beyond the blackhole barrier protecting the Fifth Mainland.

Lu Yin had Possessed a hundred meter tall monster that seemed specialized in destroying sourcebox arrays. This particular corpse king had a battle power that exceeded 500,000, and it was walking steadily making its way towards the reverse waterfall. It was clear the corpse king’s goal was the Sixth Mainland.

A corpse king. Again. Lu Yin sighed at his predicament. Aeternus simply had too many powerhouses. Possessing a corpse king was truly the most likely outcome if he wanted to Possess an Envoy-level powerhouse within the range of the Fifth Mainland, the Sixth Mainland, and the Perennial World.

Oh right, this is the Starfall Sea, Lu Yin thought as he looked to the south. If he could manage to Possess a corpse king that was on Grayweed Continent, would that mean he could visit the Mt. Stacks Dojo through the body of a corpse king to study the palm print?

However, that did not mean that he would actually be able to comprehend or pick up the technique that was believed to be the successor to Vacuum Palm. Lu Yin had not managed to do it with his own body when he had visited the place in the past, but he still held out hope, which was enough to rouse his excitement as he ended the Possession.

The massive corpse king had been too far away from Grayweed Continent, so even if Lu Yin had attempted to exhaust all his star essence, it would still likely not be enough to reach the continent, not to mention Mt. Stacks Dojo and the palm print itself. Everything had to be left to luck.

He had three more rolls remaining after he ended his Possession. He did not want to waste this opportunity, so he quickly continued rolling.

Once, twice, and finally the third roll gave him four pips. He returned to the Timestop Space to resume cultivating the Cosmic Art.

Half a year in the Timestop Space was a mere second to the outside world.

With the use of his die, Lu Yin had spent more than two years cultivating the Cosmic Art, and during this time, he had increased the number of stars he could simulate to 5,700. This was five times more than he had been capable of when he had first returned to the Fifth Mainland. His Cosmic Palm had experienced an incredible increase in the power, and he had also gained the Celestial Sword Technique as a bonus.

The Celestial Sword allowed the user to form a sword from their simulated stars, and Lu Yin was interested to see if the technique could work in tandem with the Thirteen Swords.

During Lu Yin’s two months of seclusion, Ku Wei accompanied Leng Yan to Giant Consortium’s headquarters within the Innerverse.

“Ma’am, where are the giants? You’ve been showing me the ins and outs of this company for two days, but this isn’t what I’m here for; I just want to meet giants!” Ku Wei said. After all, he was on a self-ordained mission to this place.

Leng Yan shot him a peculiar glance. “Giants have bad tempers, so I must ask for your understanding.”

Ku Wei remained completely unfazed. “That’s fine. We’ll see them when we see them.”

Leng Yan nodded and led Ku Wei to their vessel. They then continued on towards a planet that was controlled by Giant Consortium.

There were about ten planets that orbited around Giant Consortium, and one of them was home to giants. These giants were highly intelligent and focused on developing technology.

The planet’s environment differed drastically from the others nearby, and the equipment was simply enormous.

Leng Yan led Ku Wei onto the planet. The latter was stupefied as he lifted his head to stare at the gigantic stairs before him, as well as the colossal dining tables and chairs that stood off in the distance.

There were giants walking about, but none of them showed any particular interest in the two humans as there were more humans present within the space station than giants.

“I’ll take you to see Mr. Qing,” Leng Yan informed Ku Wei.

He nodded and agreed, “Please.”

Moving around in the giants’ territory felt bizarre. Ku Wei had felt the same way when he had been in Progenitor Chen’s Mausoleum, but the guardian giants he had seen there possessed low intelligence and lived in simple stone houses. At present, Ku Wei was in a place that exhibited cutting-edge science and technology.

Everything seemed massive. It was like viewing a human nation where everything had been enlarged a hundred times over.

“The outside world isn’t aware of a giants’ settlement here?” Ku Wei asked out of curiosity.

“Mr. Qing has set down rules that state that giants are not allowed to leave this place or even Giant Consortium without sufficient cause,” Leng Yan explained.

“Smart. People out there are definitely not friendly to giants,” said Ku Wei.

Leng Yan glanced side-ways at Ku Wei. “And you are friendly to them?”

“Of course! Why else would Master send me here? I know some tricks when it comes to communicating with giants.”

“Right.” Leng Yan made no effort to hide her doubts.

Before long, Leng Yan led Ku Wei to the head of Giant Consortium: Qing Kong. He was a hundred-meter tall giant who was extremely intelligent.

Qing Kong welcomed Ku Wei in a pretty ostentatious manner. The hall Ku Wei was greeted in was glamorous and filled with a full spread of food and drinks. All of the giants present wore suits and dresses in the same style as humans, and they were all chatting amongst themselves. As for Ku Wei, the entire atmosphere was odd. He sat opposite Qing Kong at a humongous dining table, though it was properly proportioned to average giants. Still, Ku Wei felt it was large enough to hold an entire racetrack.

The cutlery and food were proportionate to the table as well, and of particular note was the plate of unknown meat that completely blocked Ku Wei from view.

Leng Yan suppressed her laughter after witnessing the scene from a distance.

Ku Wei looked over at Qing Kong from above the platter of meat, and the giant stared straight back at the human in amusement. The nearby giants shot glances of their towards the pair every now and again.

“Um, Senior-” Ku Wei spoke up first.

“Call me Mr. Qing, or Boss Qing if you like. I prefer people calling me that,” Qing Kong interrupted. There was a great smile on his face, and his voice was clear and loud. If not for the fact that he was a giant, the smile would give off the impression of a seasoned businessman.

Ku Wei cleared his throat and was about to reply when a female giant shoved a glass of wine towards him. The glass trembled slightly, and Ku Wei was almost inundated by a bit of the wine that sloshed out.

Qing Kong nodded. “Humans are suspicious, and they’re afraid that we giants will develop too quickly. I already know that much. The reason I decided to work with the Great Eastern Alliance was because of the protection I hope such cooperation might provide. Alliance Leader Lu sending you here means that he is skeptical of our collaboration, but is also willing to help. For that, I am indeed grateful.”

Ku Wei smiled. “That’s good, that’s good.”

“Here, let us welcome our guest from afar! The direct disciple of the leader of the Great Eastern Alliance, Mr. Ku Wei!” Qing Kong stood up and shouted, causing all the giants in the hall to cheer. The noise hurt Ku Wei’s ears, and it left Leng Yan uncomfortable as well, as she was not used to interacting with giants.

The meal was concluded with a warm welcome from the giants, and Ku Wei found a chance to have a private meeting with Qing Kong.

Qing Kong lounged on a huge chair that faced the ocean. As for Ku Wei’s chair, it was clearly not sized for him, as it was even bigger than a house.

“Our survival was not easily accomplished, and things were made even worse by those giants that have no intelligence and slaughtered humans like brutes. Many years ago, the Hall of Honor had come to a decision to eliminate our technology, but thankfully, they left us alone after destroying our technology. We have since worked hard to achieve our current technological standards.

“All that Giant Consortium wishes is to create a safe place for homeless giants. That’s all there is to us. For this goal, we endured and remained quiet even with the endless exploitations we have suffered from the Innerverse’s major powers.” Qing Kong looked at Ku Wei. “If Alliance Leader Lu is willing to truly accept us, I can promise that Giant Consortium will definitely support the Alliance to the best of our ability and we will never cause him any troubles. Please pass my sentiments on to Alliance Leader Lu.”

Ku Wei silently listened to the giant and thought for a bit before replying, “Mr. Qing, Master holds no prejudices towards giants. He sent me here to express his sentiments as well.”

“That would be great,” Qing Kong replied.

“Mr. Qing, do you actually understand what I just said? I’m trying to say that my coming here shows Master’s position,” Ku Wei reinforced his point.

Qing Kong felt confused. “Are you not saying that Alliance Leader Lu is expressing his sentiments through you?”

Ku Wei took a deep breath; it was time. He would not be able to hide his giant transformation forever, and while humans might hate him for it, these giants would not. In fact, they felt more familiar to him at the moment than humans.

“This chair is too big; I’m not comfortable sitting in it.” Ku Wei sighed.

Qing Kong quickly ordered, “Someone, bring Brother Ku Wei a chair; a human chair.”

“It’s fine,” Ku Wei said before transforming into a hundred-meter giant that was roughly comparable to Qing Kong’s size as the giant watched.

When Ku Wei had first transformed, he had taken on the size of a giant that was similar to the guardian giants in the mausoleum which were each about a thousand meters tall. However, over time, Ku Wei had started to gain finer control of his transformation—secretly, of course—and he had become able to control the size of his giant form at will. His largest size even exceeded what he had managed at his first transformation.

Bang! A female giant behind him was completely stunned, and she stared at Ku Wei.

Even Qing Kong was rendered speechless, and he shot to his feet. “Bro- Brother Ku Wei, you are…?”

Ku Wei smirked. “That’s more like it.”

Qing Kong took a while to recover from his shock, and he then motioned for the female giant to leave. He stared intently at Ku Wei, and his voice sounded strangled when he spoke, “How did you do that? Are you not human?”

“You aren’t human.” Ku Wei rolled his eyes and stood up to stretch in a comfortable manner before looking back at Qing Kong. “It’s so weird that I only feel like I belong when looking at you guys.”

Qing Kong suddenly seized Ku Wei’s arm and squeezed it hard. Ku Wei felt nothing, as Qing Kong’s battle power was only about 200,000. The giants who specialized in technology did not possess impressive combat strength, and Ku Wei was able to defeat ten—no, a hundred of them—by himself.

“You’re different from us. You’re a colossal giant!” Qing Kong uttered as he stared at Ku Wei in awe before quickly continuing, “Did you obtain the blood of a colossal giant from somewhere?”

Ku Wei was visibly confused. “A colossal giant? I don’t know about that, but I’ve been to Progenitor Chen’s Mausoleum and I fell into the guardian giants’ blood pool there.”

“That’s not it. Those guardian giants are savages; they don’t have the power to make you a giant. Think further; did you ever receive any particularly strange blood?” Qing Kong pressed.

Ku Wei shook his head.

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