Star Odyssey

Chapter 1603: Gaia’s Swamp

Chapter 1603: Gaia’s Swamp

A ten-meter-tall giant stood before Lu Yin, staring at him with massive eyes. The giant carried a bow and arrows. Though the giant wore shabby clothes and looked like a barbarian, it was a barbarian that made Lu Yin feel great danger. That was because the giant had a power level of more than 600,000. No, it was more than 700,000.

“You’re that Lu Yin guy from the Fifth Mainland? I heard that the Neo-Vestige Sect answers to you. Tell you what, let the Neo-Vestige Sect join my Arrow Sect, and I can let you by,” the giant spoke loud and clear.

Lu Yin tilted his head. “I’m in the process of inheriting the Nine Caudrons’ battle technique;, are you really sure you’re willing to let me by?”

The giant grinned as raised a hand that smacked against the side of the cauldron with a tremendous bang. “What can this thing do? Can it be more powerful than my arrows? I wouldn’t have even bothered coming here if not for you. Answer now: your life or the Neo-Vestige sect.”

“I want your life!” Lu Yin bellowed as he attacked with a Vacuum Palm.

The invisible palm print shot through the air and slammed into the giant’s body. However, the giant only slightly trembled as he looked down. “Not bad, but unfortunately, it’s useless.”

He hefted his bow and knocked an arrow that he aimed straight at Lu Yin as he finished speaking.

At that moment, Lu Yin was frozen. He felt as though his entire surroundings had been petrified. An astral chessboard quickly appeared beneath his feet, and he tried to move, but, alas, it was useless.

Swish! The massive arrow struck true. All of the color left Lu Yin’s face, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. The micro-armor had managed to block the arrow’s damage, but not its power and momentum, especially since the arrow was five meters long.

The overwhelming power behind the arrow shot Lu Yin back to the entrance of the Nine Cauldrons space. The giant emerged from the true universe behind Lu Yin, and slapped at Lu Yin. “Rascal, you’re digging your grave.”

Lu Yin’s eyes went wide, and he roared and struggled to shove the arrow away with the help of his golden battle force. Behind him, the giant’s hand was already close, so Lu Yin quickly pulled out Chief Justice’s emblem and shook it.

Ring ring ring!

The crisp sound cut through the air, instantly leaving the giant’s body stunned. His body trembled for a few brief seconds before he collapsed to the ground with a loud thud.

Lu Yin breathed heavily and looked at the giant. This giant was absolutely as strong as one of the corpse kings Lu Yin had faced on the battlefield behind the Mother Tree. Both were opponents beyond Lu Yin’s abilities, but thankfully, he had made ample preparations. Otherwise, Lu Yin would have been killed by that first arrow.

Lu Yin let out a small cough and wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. He walked over next to the giant’s head, and then shoved it down and released multiple attacks with the Overlaying Stacks Path.

He did not expect the Chief Justice’s emblem to last very long, so Lu Yin could only take matters into his own hands. It would be best to simply eliminate the giant, but if that were not possible, then Lu Yin could at least extend the time the giant remained unconscious.

Even with repeated, continuous attacks that utilized the Overlaying Stacks Path, Lu Yin struggled to overcome the giant’s defenses. Still, it was possible for Lu Yin to at least knock the thing unconscious.

The asshole was from the Arrow Sect, and Lu Yin was able to tell from the way the giant had spoken that the Arrow Sect would likely be willing to do anything to obtain the Neo-Vestige Sect.

With the giant dealt with, Lu Yin felt that there would be no visitors entering the Nine Cauldrons space, so Lu Yin jumped into one of the cauldrons and began to absorb the cauldron energy.

He had entered the third cauldron, as he hoped to finish absorbing its energy.

With the Nine Cauldrons being protected by multiple experts from the Sixth Mainland, practically no one from the Sixth Mainland dared go near the Nine Cauldrons. As such, Lu Yin was able to peacefully absorb the cauldron energy until the third cauldron cracked and shattered.

After looking at the debris on the ground from the third cauldron, Lu Yin raised a hand and sensed the flow of the cauldron energy. It felt ancient and seasoned, as though Lu Yin was travelling through time to arrive at the first moment of humanity.

The memory he had witnessed the first time he had comprehended the Ninesuns Cauldron Transformation Technique resurfaced, but Lu Yin shook his head to stop the memories. He then quickly jumped into the fourth cauldron and started absorbing yet more of the cauldron energy. At this point, he was able to manifest four suns.

Outside the Nine Cauldrons space, two of the new-generation Realmlings appeared.

Lu Yin’s ability to comprehend the Nine Cauldrons’ battle technique had created quite a commotion within the upper levels of the Sixth Mainland. His achievement had given hope to the Sixth Mainland’s elites, no matter if they were Realmlings or heirs to various superpowers. All such talents were qualified to enter the Nine Cauldrons space to attempt to comprehend the technique.

The first thing the two Realmlings saw upon entering was the cracked ground and the giant laying there.

The two were shocked beyond words, and one of them instantly fled from the space at top speed. However, the other reacted too slow, and they fell to the ground as a powerful domain swept through the area.

Lu Yin sighed regretfully within the fourth cauldron. He could not believe that someone had managed to escape; what impressive reaction speed! Lu Yin had already struck out the moment the two had entered, so he had not expected one of them to respond so instantaneously. It was truly impressive.

Still, it did not matter since his time was almost up!

Half a day later, the quick-acting Realmling returned, but accompanied by an Imprinter. As for Lu Yin, he had already left since his time had expired.

The Imprinter was infuriated beyond words as he stared at the debris that had once been the third cauldron. Still, he was also thankful. Since Lu Yin had managed to defeat that powerhouse from the Arrow Sect, the Imprinter was unable to even image what his fate would have been if he had faced Lu Yin. As far as the Imprinter was concerned, it was a good thing that Lu Yin had already left.

“Report this incident immediately. This place cannot suffer any further accidents,” the Imprinter quietly ordered. Lu Yin still haunted the man’s thoughts.

The truth was that the fact that Lu Yin had been obtaining the inheritance of the Nine Cauldrons had not been made public. Only a select few had been kept in the loop. Of particular note was that the Fifth Mainland had apparently thrown their support behind Lu Yin and sent some powerhouses to assist him. There was no other way for a youth like Lu Yin to have defeated a powerhouse from the Arrow Sect.

The giants of the Arrow Sect possessed greater advantages compared to normal humans. Despite this fact, the giant had still not reached the level of a World Imprinter, though its power was very close to it. The giant’s arrow should have been able to instantly deal with Lu Yin, and the fact that Lu Yin had survived was seen as proof that he was being supported by powerhouses from the Fifth Mainland.

Lu Yin opened his eyes after returning to King Zishan’s Palace. He waved a hand, and four suns appeared.

The appearance of the fourth sun caused a strange aura to completely engulfed Zenyu Star. The blood flow of everyone on the planet suddenly sped up without their conscious input. It was as though people’s blood was reacting to the appearance of the four suns.

Not even top-tier experts like Liu Ye and Fei Hua noticed a thing.

The Ninesuns Cauldron Transformation needed one to have sufficient cultivation to continue to train in it, just the same as the Cosmic Art.

At the moment, people were focused on the war in Blazing Mist Flowzone, which made things convenient for Lu Yin’s training. As for the Wen Family, he had still not decided upon the best conditions to offer them.

He raised his hand and brought out his die. It took time to train the Cosmic Art, so the only thing that Lu Yin could do was rely on his die. Once again, he would need to measure his time training in years.

The stopped spinning at six pips. Lu Yin’s eyes flickered before he appeared in a surreal space. He fused with a bright orb of light that was nearby, and his body soon trembled as myriad memories gushed into his head.

Oink, oink

“Lu Yin” looked up and saw a pig in front of him, and a massive one at that.

The pig saw “Lu Yin” opening his eyes, and the beast was absolutely shocked. It instantly grew exceptionally alert and started making even louder noises.

However, “Lu Yin” simply continued to stare straight at the pig. The pig was looking at eyes that it had seen for many, many years, and yet they seemed to not even recognize the pig at this moment.

Lu Yin was in Gaia’s Swamp, which was the Human Domain’s greatest prison.

“Are you going to speak or not? Your eyes changed; weird,” the pig said as it shook its huge ass and stared straight into “Lu Yin’s” eyes.

“Lu Yin” simply continued to calmly stare at the pig.

After a while, the pig left. It was the deputy warden of Gaia’s Swamp, and everyone knew the beast as Lord Piggy.

After Lord Piggy left, “Lu Yin” lowered his head, his eyes filled with shock. He had actually managed to Possess a prisoner, and an impressive one at that.

He was in Gaia’s Swamp. The prison held three thousand prisoners who were chained by three thousand chains; one for each prisoner.

The prisoners were kept locked up in an underground space that made was Gaia’s Swamp. The entire area was filled with toxic fumes that corroded the prisoners. The fumes were able to drive the prisoners to delirium or insanity, and only a selected few were ever able to receive special treatment that prevented them from coming into contact with the fumes. As for the unlucky individuals, most of them would eventually go crazy from the fumes and die, and then their bodies would then be thrown into Gaia’s Swamp to feed the swamp.

The gas that filled this place was actually death energy.

Lu Yin had Possessed someone who had all of his limbs pierced by chains. He had been a prisoner for many years, and he possessed countless memories. Lu Yin could not process them all in a short amount of time, but even the fragments he was able to glimpse were shocking.

He had Possessed someone known as Liu Huang, who had been an exceptional elder from the Sword Sect long ago. He was a genius who could have become the sect master, but he had been cut down by his own arrogance when he had tried to create the Fourteenth Sword. This was the story of a tragic genius that was recorded in the Sword Sect’s history.

Liu Huang, much like Liu Shao Qiu, had held a sword from the moment he had been born. He had easily comprehended the Twelfth Sword at a young age and then traveled through the universe. He had finally mastered the Thirteenth Swords at the age of twenty, and had been an exceptional genius who had managed to master the Thirteenth Sword before reaching the required level of cultivation. Liu Huang had been unmatched in the history of the Sword Sect, and he had been seen as a genius who could surpass even the First Nightking.

The First Nightking had founded the Nightking bloodline and had carried the Daynight clan to the peak of the Innerverse. In the same manner, Liu Huang had been seen as the one who would take the Sword Sect into the Neoverse. He had been a person to dictate the future of the Sword Sect.

Furthermore, Liu Huang had never let the Sword Sect down either. He had become an Envoy within just several decades, and his stellular tribulation had been unprecedented. His had been like a sword that came slashing from ancient times that had shocked all of the Envoys who had been watching. His progression after that had become exponential, as he had become the Sword Sect’s the invincible powerhouse in the shortest time imaginable.

However, Liu Huang had ended up being too arrogant for his own good. He had been absolutely certain that the Thirteenth Sword was not the limit, and thus he had decided to enter seclusion in order to create the Fourteenth Swords himself.

Many years later, Liu Huang had been recommended to become the next sect master of the Sword Sect after the previous one had passed. However, Liu Huang had been found dead in the place he had entered seclusion. His death had shocked the entire Fifth Mainland so badly that even the Hall of Honor had sent representatives to mourn the death of the genius.

Who would have thought that not only had that genius now died, but had actually been imprisoned within Gaia’s Swamp? Even the Sword Sect had been unaware of this.

This was an earth shattering secret, as the people who had captured Liu Huang had been from the Hall of Honor.

When Lu Yin saw this particular one of Liu Huang’s memories, he was able to feel the man’s pain, anger, and deep hatred for the Hall of Honor.

He had done nothing to offend the Hall of Honor, and it had all really just boiled down to Liu Huang’s outstanding brilliance. He had been so remarkable that he would have been able to single handedly lead the Sword Sect into the Neoverse, but that had been something that the Hall of Honor could not sit and watch happen.

It was a known fact that the Hall of Honor never interfered with power struggles and that they always remained impartial. However, who could have imagined just how many dirty deeds the Hall of Honor had accomplished in the dark.

In order to protect the Neoverse and peace, as well as to maintain the balance that existed between the various major powers, they had preferred to capture and incarcerate Liu Huang to keep him forever in the dark. Over the course of many years, the Hall of Honor had captured numerous people whom they had believed capable of tipping the delicate balance of the Human Domain. The Hall of Honor simply wanted to maintain the balance that existed in the Innerverse, Outerverse, Cosmic Sea, and Neoverse. They did not want to allow the existence of anyone who could disturb that balance.

The Hall of Honor had simply been carrying out their self-appointed duties.

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