Star Odyssey

Chapter 1602: A Forceful Break-In

Chapter 1602: A Forceful Break-In

“You’re not willing?” Lu Yin asked, his voice quickly turning displeased.

Ku Wei could not figure anything out about Lu Yin. His first thought was that Lu Yin had discovered that he was able to transform into a giant, as why else would Lu Yin give him such an assignment? However, when could Lu Yin have found out? Should Ku Wei come clean? He felt completely trapped.

“Um, Master, why me?” Ku Wei tried probing.

Lu Yin raised a brow. “Don’t you already know why?”

Ku Wei’s eyes went wide. Lu Yin knew! He really knew! But when had Ku Wei been exposed? He had not once transformed after leaving Progenitor Chen’s Mausoleum, so could Lu Yin have found out inside the tomb? That was right, the person in front of Ku Wei was a ruthless man who had unified the Outerverse. Such a person was more than they appeared from the surface. Lu Yin had definitely discovered that Ku Wei could transform into a giant all the way back then, but in that case, had Lu Yin kept silent about it for so long just because of Giant Consortium?

A whirlwind swept through Ku Wei’s head in an instant.

“Yes, Master. I will definitely keep a close eye on those giants for you. I’ll make sure they are obedient,” Ku Wei promised.

Lu Yin grew puzzled; obedient? Did this person have a screw loose in his head? How could the giants be obedient to him? Lu Yin was only sending Ku Wei to Giant Consortium because it seemed like Ku Wei had too much free time, and Lu Yin did not want Ku Wei’s constant presence wearing on him. As far as Lu Yin was concerned, who was sent to Giant Consortium was of no consequence.

“Just do your best. You can go now.” Lu Yin waved a dismissive hand.

Ku Wei again vowed to do all he could to force the giants into submission, and he left as though he had been bestowed a sacred mission.

With that, Lu Yin managed to get rid of Ku Wei.

Things remained quiet for two days, and though during that time he had received a single call from Madam Nalan. She was in the Outerverse’s central weaves settling matters for the Nalan family, and so she had not yet returned to Zenyu Star.

Lu Yin felt an inexplicable anger at seeing Madam Nalan, and he was still trying to find a way to vent his emotions when Lan Si arrived.

Lu Yin had gone to do a bit of lockbreaking on a barren planet not far from Zenyu Star.

When Lan Si stood before Lu Yin he mentioned, “Your rate of improvement is pretty insane given that I haven’t seen you for just two years.”

Lu Yin waved a hand. “I’ve done alright.”

“Take my Vacuum Palm!” Lan Si said as he struck a hand forward and threw out a Vacuum Palm. The invisible attack shot through the air towards Lu Yin.

The first time that Lu Yin had faced Lan Si’s Vacuum Palm, it had been an overwhelming attack that had forced Lu Yin to use everything had had possessed at the time just to counter the attack. It had been that attack that had made Lu Yin fall in love with the Vacuum Palm. He had realized that it was a skill simply made for him. Fast forward to the present, after two years apart, Lan Si again attacked Lu Yin with another Vacuum Palm. The difference was that Lu Yin had become able to evade the attack.

Lan Si had prepared himself for such an outcome, as he had already known there was a vast gap between the two of them. Still, Lan Si Had not expected the gap to grow so vast! Lu Yin had casually evaded Lan Si’s full strength Vacuum Palm.

Lan Si’s improvement had been quite impressive over the past two years, and he had focused on his physical training. His Overlaying Stacks Path had almost reached 200 Stacks, which demonstrated his talent for physical cultivation, as well as his status as one of the Ten Arbiters. Unfortunately, Lu Yin had improved a far greater amount.

Lu Yin praised, “That attack was really powerful. If you had used that during ZENITH, you would definitely have entered the top ten.”

Lan Si felt bitter. “Am I only able to reach that level after these two years? Everyone else from that competition has kept improving as well.”

“Lan Si, is Vacuum Palm your only technique?” Lu Yin asked out of curiosity. He had always found it rather strange that Lan Si relied on such a monotonous attack method. While it had been enough to work against Lu Yin when they had first fought, as time had passed, the Ten Arbiters were no longer part of the younger generation, and they would increasingly have to face seniors in battle in the future. Methods that had worked in the past would lose their efficacy.

Lan Si answered in a glum tone, “Do you know where I learned Vacuum Palm?”

Lu Yin shook his head.

“Mt. Stacks Dojo,” Lan Si solemnly stated.

Lu Yin was surprised. “Mt. Stacks Dojo? From Dojo Master Lan?”

Lan Si shook his head. “No, not from Father. He actually doesn’t know how to use Vacuum Palm. I’m sure you remember the twenty levels of the stacked mountain in my dojo, and how gravity increases another hundred times normal gravity on each level. Every ten levels, there’s a handprint that can be found. 10 Stacks can be found on the first level. 100 Stacks on the tenth level, and 1000 Stacks on the twentieth level. Vacuum Palm came from the 10 Stacks palm print on the first level.”

Lu Yin was shocked. “That handprint holds the Vacuum Palm technique?”

Lan Si nodded.

Lu Yin felt regretful. He had not seen the 10 Stacks handprint on the first level since he had made his way straight for the tenth level when he had visited the dojo. He felt it was a true pity that he had missed Vacuum Palm back then.

“Similarly, the 100 Stacks handprint at the tenth level also holds a battle technique, and if I’m not wrong, it should be the successor of Vacuum Palm. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get it,” Lan Si said.

Lu Yin was genuinely surprised. “A battle technique contained within the 100 Stacks handprint? Why didn’t I find anything back then?”

Lan Si glanced at Lu Yin. “Mt. Stacks Dojo had had countless disciples who’ve come into contact with the 100 Stacks handprint, and yet not one of them has ever managed to fully comprehend Vacuum Palm. I’m the only one to ever succeed.”

Lu Yin was left speechless, as Lan Si’s words were insinuating that Lu Yin’s failure to comprehend Vacuum Palm during his visit had had nothing to do with luck.

“So is Vacuum Palm the only thing you can use if you aren’t able to return to Mt. Stacks Dojo?” Lu Yin asked.

Lan Si shook his head. “I’ve tried training with other battle techniques, but none can compare to the strength of my Vacuum Palm.”

“That much I believe,” Lu Yin replied. Even at the present moment, Vacuum Palm was Lu Yin’s most powerful attack. It was a technique that was just too convenient.

Lan Si shot Lu Yin a strange look. The latter’s understanding of Vacuum Palm practically matched Lan Si’s own. It was hard to believe that Lu Yin had learned the technique from Lan Si.

“What’s your cultivation realm now?” Lan Si asked, as he was unable to determine Lu Yin’s cultivation level.

Lu Yin did not want to hurt the Arbiter. “I’m an Enlighter. My cultivation is about the same as you guys.”

Lan Si sincerely doubted Lu Yin’s words, but still decided to simply move on. The gap between him and Lu Yin was just too big.

Lu Yin looked towards the Starfall Sea. If he could get a hold of the technique that succeeded Vacuum Palm, his battle power would definitely undergo a massive spike. Just how strong would a technique be for it to surpass Vacuum Palm? It really was such a pity.

About half a month after Lu Yin returned to Zenyu Star, war erupted in Blazing Mist Flowzone between the Ross Empire and the sylvan dragon clan. The turmoil enveloped the entire flowzone, as well as the nearby small flowzones.

Blazing Mist Flowzone was one of the Innerverse’s eight great flowzones, and so the war would directly impact many regions throughout the Innerverse, and not Blazing Mist Flowzone alone.

Both the Ross Empire and the sylvan dragons had influence that extended beyond Blazing Mist Flowzone throughout other parts of the Innerverse.

Lu Yin received news regarding the eruption of war one day before it actually occurred in Blazing Mist Flowzone. Wei Rong had already predicted this war, which made sense seeing as he had instigated it.

Lu Yin watched a display that showed the massacre between the Ross Empire’s military and the sylvan dragons. He turned off the screen and addressed Wang Wen, “Keep an eye on it, but don’t do anything.”

“This war will last for a long time, and it won’t end up as a war concerning Blazing Mist Flowzone alone, but will form a blackhole that will engulf the entire Innerverse,” Wang Wen said.

Lu Yin looked at the other man. “You want to drag the eight great flowzones into this?”

Wang Wen laughed. “How can we stay out of sight without doing this much? Even with the war in Blazing Mist Flowzone, we still have many more eyes focused on us. They simply don’t care about the Ross Empire or the sylvan dragons. We’re actually the ones they’re focused on.”

Lu Yin understood Wang Wen’s perspective, as the Great Eastern Alliance’s war potential was much higher than what was available in Blazing Mist Flowzone.

“Do whatever you guys want. I’m going to be focusing on the Hall of Honor.” Lu Yin said.

Several days later, Lu Yin went into seclusion. He then took out his futon and returned to the Daosource Sect’s ruins.

As the scenery changed before his eyes, Lu Yin arrived in the futon plaza and made his way straight for the Nine Cauldrons region.

He was already aware that the region would have powerhouses from the Sixth Mainland guarding it after the commotion he had stirred up last time. This time, he had prepared himself in advance; he had his micro-armor on, the Cosmic Token from the Cosmic Sect in his hand, the Chief Justice’s emblem hidden close to his chest, and he even had poison and a flash bomb hidden. Just who would be able to stop him?

Lu Yin arrived at the region that held the Nine Cauldrons, and he had every intention of forcing his way in. He was not disappointed after arriving, as he saw an Envoy blocking his path.

“Leave. This place has been sealed,” the Envoy shouted aggressively. It was clear from his impressive aura that he was someone from the Progenitor of Bloodlines’ Territory. He wore a strange scale armor, and his eyes were cold as ice, giving off a creepy sensation.

Lu Yin held back nothing as he released a Vacuum Palm that instantly sent the Envoy flying.

The guardian of the region had only recently become an Envoy, and so he was left half dead by Lu Yin’s Vacuum Palm that had been reinforced by his golden battle force. The powerhouse violently slammed into the ground.

The commotion at the entrance roused the attention of people inside the region, and a man and a woman simultaneously attacked. They just happened to be Senior Chao and the old lady who Lu Yin encountered during his last visit to the Nine Cauldrons. They were the two who had forced him to leave.

“Rascal, how dare you come back here! You’re seeking death!” the old lady bellowed as she balanced herself on one foot. Something that resembled a door appeared around Lu Yin, and it locked him within. Right as that happened, Senior Chao manifested his imprint and moved close to Lu Yin to attack with a finger.

Both of Lu Yin’s attackers were Imprinters with power levels surpassing 500,000. They presented a force to be reckoned with.

Regardless, Lu Yin had already defeated people with this level of strength before many times, and he would not fear the two even without his new micro-armor.

Senior Chao’s finger easily struck Lu Yin, but the old man grew nervous; why was it so easy to land a hit on Lu Yin this time?

Right when Senior Chao wanted to take a step back, he felt an excruciating pain from his abdomen. Lu Yin had released multiple, repeated Vacuum Palms that had shot through Senior Chao’s stomach, and they sent him flying. At the same time, Lu Yin pulled out a long spear and thrust it at the old lady.

The woman was startled, and she clasped her hands together. The movement caused the door-looking things surrounding Lu Yin to completely seal him, and then she vanished. However, the old lady had not truly disappeared, but had merely entered the true universe. She could no longer be seen, but she was still present.

The star energy within Lu Yin’s body grew chaotic; the old lady was trying to suppress his star energy.

However, she became confused to see that Lu Yin could still use star energy even when facing Envoys.

The spear shot forward, and a loud bang was heard that had a metallic sound to it. The old lady retreated a few steps, and goosebumps appeared across her body. She had not expected Lu Yin’s spear thrust to be such an aggressive attack. It had carried an absurd amount of physical strength, as well as the youth’s battle force.

The old lady’s eyes went wide when she saw the golden battle force, and she was suddenly overcome with dizziness. Damn it, he’s using a spiritual force battle technique.

Lu Yin had attacked with Daynight Praises, which had caught the old lady by surprise, and nearly caused her to faint. He then took the opportunity and released his domain right as he struck the woman in her back, which sent her flying.

Lu Yin had just defeated three Envoys in a row: the first had been an ambush, but the second had been a direct battle during which he had relied heavily on the perfect defense of his micro-armor. Only during the third fight with the old lady had Lu Yin used any battle technique.

Lu Yin planted his spear upon the ground and looked forward. There was someone else still present. This person was the strongest expert present, and they also presented the largest obstacle between him and the Nine Cauldrons.

A loud crash sounded and a large shadow leaped out of a cauldron and slammed down upon ground so hard that the earth trembled from the impact.

Lu Yin’s expression grew dark as he stared ahead at… a giant.

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