Spirit Vessel

Chapter 1160: Ruthless Demons

Chapter 1160: Ruthless Demons

Night-ink released a dark miasma with a frightening corrosive force. It took the form of a demon eagle, ready to soar forward.

Feiyun’s Buddhist energy dispelled the miasma before shooting a beam with the dragon's eye.

Night-ink was horrified and summoned the skin of a pseudo-saint. The surface had runes from the Destruction Tablet written by blood. They exuded a strange light with cataclysmic images - a broken world overwhelmed by water…

The ancestors of the various races used their blood and their bodies to copy runes from the tablet, intending to pass this knowledge down to their descendants.

This skin belonged to an ancestor of the ink demon.

“Boom!” Alas, it couldn’t stop the power of the eye and was torn to several pieces. When it fell to the ground, the runes imprinted on the earth - each character spanned dozens of meters.

Night-ink immediately ran after seeing this. Unfortunately, Feiyun smashed him with the eye and suppressed him.

“I… know… I know… the evil dragon Night-ink recognized the aura and despair took over. He stopped resisting and the cauldron refined him into a blood pill.

Feiyun picked up the skin. The runes flashed brightly, attempting to escape his grasp.

Meanwhile, his allies took care of the weaker demons in the surroundings. They looked around and saw nothing but devastation where palaces and alchemy farms used to be.

Floating palaces were destroyed, leaving only debris behind. A pagoda had fallen - the tip had the crucified corpse of a beautiful cultivator.

Fields were now littered with corpses instead of alchemy ingredients. The springs where they used to take baths have turned red with their blood.

This was the current situation in one of the human’s sacred grounds - Aquamoon Paradise.

Meanwhile, the battle raged on in the distance. The roars and cries of demons and humans - all culminated into a lamentable melody.

“Too many demons so everyone should have retreated back to the capital where there is a statue of the deity for protection. They will not be able to get through without a saint.” Shangguan Mingqian said: “We just need to protect it for half a day and victory shall be ours.”

Aquamoon was an independent world with billions of mortals and cultivators.

Cultivators were able to retreat back to their capital. Alas, more than ten million mortals became food for the ruthless demons. Wailing specters could be seen everywhere.

“Wretched scums. If I ever find the mastermind behind this, I will crucify them on Soulbreak Cliff for forty-nine days.” Ximen Chuixiao entered Aquamoon and saw the bloodbath.


Demons gathered outside the immortal city of Aquamoon, its capital. This city floated in the air with walls made of white jade.

Beautiful swordswomen in white robes stood on the walls, looking rather nervous.

Another two thousand cultivators returned to the city, and more than half were grievously injured. The formations activated again, creating a four-layer barrier.

At the center of the city stood a towering statue - sacred and dignified. It issued waves of light capable of purifying the mind, chasing away despair and fear. It was lifelike and far more majestic than the statue seen back in Jin.

Sixteen grand paragons from Aquamoon stood on the wall, gazing at the demonic horde.

If they had made it this far, it meant that the other territories had been scorched. How many mortals were eaten and cultivators enslaved?

“You shall pay for what you have done to our sacred ground.” Xuanyuan Yiyi finally showed emotion - rage. Her sword hummed angrily as well.

An old man with hair resembling red tentacles descended from the clouds. His eyes had a nefarious glow as he smiled: “Aquamoon shall be erased from history soon enough, no need for this futile attempt. Open the gate and become our slaves, that is your only path toward survival.”

He was a pseudo-saint with a mighty demon soul, wanting to use his power to suppress the enemies.

If it wasn’t for an avatar embedded in the statue, the demons would have broken through the city already.n-).).//(-./-1--n

“Nonsense, this will be your last day when the deity returns.” A grand paragon said.

“Haha, I don’t think she’ll be returning. Outer space will be her grave.” The pseudo-saint laughed.

“The deity is invincible, no one can kill her.” A grand paragon from Aquamoon said: “She has the four guardians with her as well.”

“Frogs under the well. There are at least three demon saints going there right now. Not to mention that she is occupied with a tribulation, she would be dead even without it.” The pseudo-saint said.

This news horrified the defenders.

“Mass-scale invasion shall start with her death. Of course, become our slaves and you will be spared.” A different pseudo-saint said.

“This is just a return to the past, Emperor Xuanyuan cannot give you independence since insects will be insects. Only another Emperor Xuanyuan can change this.”

There was a total of thirteen pseudo-saints on the demon side. Alas, Aquamoon didn’t have a single one right now.

A grand paragon from their side tried to break out of the siege. Unfortunately, a pseudo-saint on the demon side caught her by the neck and absorbed her vitality, leaving a dried corpse behind.

The killer sneered and said: “Do you know why we despise you? It’s because of your wretched bloodline and even worse, your offsprings with us can’t even reach Heaven’s Emergence. As long as you are around, more low-level creatures such as the half-demons will be born. Unfortunately, there are so many of them, these malignant tumors that just won’t go away. Kill one and two more will pop up. The true root of this problem is your human race. No humans, no half-demons either. Thus, we shall deal with you first.”

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