Spirit Vessel

Chapter 1159: Into Aquamoon

Chapter 1159: Into Aquamoon

Feiyun used Swift Samsara to instantly appear behind the old man, attempting to pierce him with his weapon essence.

Unfortunately, he only got air and the old man appeared behind him instead to deliver a palm strike.

This was his first time being beaten in terms of speed. One part was due to the old man’s cultivation. However, he was a primal kun - the fastest demon race.

Although he didn’t take the form of a peng, he was still immensely fast. Only a phoenix could compete and they would lose most of the time.

“Trigram Seal!” He summoned a trigram fast enough to block the strike barely.

“Boom!” His vitality churned chaotically and his spine nearly broke. That strike still sent him dozens of miles away.

He stabilized and felt a strong gale incoming - the grand demon didn’t let him have a chance to breathe.

“We are destroying a human sacred ground today, it’s no problem adding you to the casualty list!” Wavebreaker said with disdain, intending to crush the opponent’s head.

“You first!” Feiyun took out an eye the size of a fist. It instantly illuminated the peak with a violet radiance.

A dragon roar came from the eye and froze everyone in place. Wavebreaker felt an instinctive fear, that he was inferior compared to whatever this thing was.

“Whoosh!” The eye shot a beam through Wavebreaker’s chest, leaving a bloody hole.

Even a grand demon couldn’t stop its power. Of course, this was how it should be.

The evil dragon dared to fight against Ancestral Dragon Monarch. Its aura alone was horrifying.

Violet lighting bolts gathered in his palm, making him look like a devil.

“He has a monster behind him Wavebreaker couldn’t gather power due to the chaotic energy rampaging through the wound.

He wanted to run and report this to the pseudo-saint - the only person who could stop this eye.

Feiyun didn’t give him the chance to run and captured him with his Trinity Cauldron. It shook violently, smashing into mountains and the ground before eventually stopping. A blinding blood pill flew out of the opening - more precious than the previous ones.

Demons became afraid after seeing his death.

“Hahaha, free meals!” The blood dragon continued eating the frozen demons.n//)-/)(---.-1(/n

Qilin Monarch and Hell Yama had eaten numerous corpses along the way and gained their strength, only being one level below a grand demon.

They possessed the legacies of Yama and King Zhuanlun. As long as they had enough vitality, they would be able to grow back to their prime.

Feiyun only cared about what was happening inside Aquamoon and had no time to deal with weaker demons.

“Break!” He used the dragon eye to destroy their defensive formation, sending twenty-four demon monarchs flying. He captured all of them and turned them into pills as well.

He then entered the portal, disappearing from sight. Qilin Monarch and Hell Yama jumped in as well.

“Aquamoon must have many nice things… we cannot let the demons have them, let’s go be the saviors!” The turtle rode the blood dragon while holding a dagger. It changed its tone after seeing Shangguan Mingqian’s annoyed expression.

She was Feiyun’s woman and it didn’t want to provoke her. The group entered the portal with the exception of Ximen Chuixiao.

Although the battle outside wasn’t over, the weak demons were easily subdued since their strongest allies had already entered Aquamoon.

However, demonic clouds appeared on the horizon. An old demon monarch nearly at the pseudo level opened a new wormhole to summon several million demons from the Myriad Race Battlefield.

The army blotted out the sky, instilling fear and despair into the members of Aquamoon. Despite not being coordinated, their number alone was too much.

“Haha! Destroy Aquamoon first then slay their deity! Humans can’t survive without a saint!” A demon laughed and declared.

Ximen Chuixiao stood on top of a broken wall on Deity Peak. He gazed at the corpses with a mournful and solemn expression - something Feiyun had never seen before from him.

He started playing a tune. The melodies echoed across the realm. Any demon who heard the tune felt their eardrums splitting open, unable to fly any longer.


“It’s a sonic attack!”


The sky was empty once the song concluded. Several million demons fell to the ground - countless were dead, some wounded, and others knocked out.

Armors, weapons, banners, drums, and demons piled up like mountains. Just one song alone defeated an entire demon army.

Female cultivators from Aquamoon couldn’t believe their eyes and stared at the man on the broken wall.

Only the grand demon was left, barely managing to stop the attack. Nonetheless, he was afraid and didn’t dare to linger here for a second.

“Ruthless demons, we have endured patiently for too long. We shall show you that we can just be as ruthless.” Ximen Chuixiao murmured before entering the portal leading to Aquamoon.


Feiyun was a bloodthirsty wolf currently, alarming the demons behind the portal.

“Kill him!” A grand demon ordered.

Ten humanoid demons appeared, all wearing black robes with golden stitching. They attacked from every direction.

Feiyun had his dragon-phoenix regalia on. He picked a target and pierced the demon’s head with his weapon essence. The headless corpse fell to the ground afterward.

“Whoosh!” He swung his spear again and dismembered another by the waist.

After a brief skirmish with the attackers, he came out on top, leaving eight more corpses behind.

He stared at a grand demon riding a qilin and gestured provocatively.

The demon’s title was Night-ink, a member of the ink demons. This was also an immemorial branch.

Both were at the fifth level but he was considerably stronger than Wavebreaker. He was furious after seeing the arrogant human.

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