Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 5: Life Extended: Received Gifts From Your Husband! (2)

Chapter 5: Life Extended: Received Gifts From Your Husband! (2)


Huo Sishen looked at her with disgust.

Wearing his clothes, sleeping in his closet, how could she possibly explain that?

He looked at her hands on the phone. In the very next second, the entire phone was tossed into the trash can!

Gu Shishi’s back was drenched from sweat.

Blushing, she said in a very low voice, “Um…I… I was sleepwalking….”

Huo Sishen scoffed, “Oh, and now you are awake?”

Gu Shishi felt goosebumps on the back of her neck, “Well, no…”

Huo Sishen’s face darkened.

Before he could talk, urgent footsteps came toward the room.

“Young Master, what just…”

The next second, the door was barged opened from the outside.

Once the door was opened, everyone inside and outside all stiffened.

Gu Shishi, with only a man’s suit on her, mindlessly grabbed the biggest item in front of her – Huo Sishen – and tried to hide behind him!

Huo Sishen’s face was pitch black after the grab. He tossed over the blanket that was on top of the couch and covered up her white shoulder.

Standing at the entrance of the room, all of Siyi’s hair stood up as well. From where he was standing, all he could see was a woman with hair down to her waist, and the young master hugging each other.

He was immediately confused. And, the next second, he left with great urgency.

Gu Shishi immediately let out a sigh of relief.

In the novel, Huo Sishen was said to be a twisted and cruel person. But, he blocked her body for her earlier; he didn’t seem to be as bad as he was portrayed in the book.

In fact, he seemed to be quite nice.

But, before she could say that, she was picked up by the man crassly. The door was kicked open, and she was tossed onto the hallway floor!

“Have someone come and change out the sheets and disinfect!”

BANG! The door was slammed shut after that and almost smacked Gu Shishi on her nose.

She rubbed her numbed bottom. Turning around, she met the eyes of the still dumbfounded Siyi, and she waved her hand awkwardly, “Hi~”

Siyi, “….. Miss Gu.”

When the young master called, he thought someone had broken into the house…. But, it was just young master’s fiancée trying to seduce him?

“I think you should go back to your own room.”

Gu Shishi smiled bitterly, the display was telling her that she only has 4 minutes of life remaining…

Was accepting her own death her only option now?

But, right after she had taken her first step, she stopped in her way. Dazed, she looked at the lofty man in front of her, her eyes rounded.

[Recharged successfully!]

[Life remaining: 23 hours 5 minutes and 2 seconds.]

The blood bar immediately returned to the light orange area.

But, she hadn’t done anything!

Gu Shishi stood at the same spot, dumbfounded. Quickly, she noticed that there a clickable link next to the text “Recharged Successfully” – “details”. She immediately reached out and tapped it in midair.

[Newest Recharge Value: 23 hours.]

[Received Gift from Husband: US L Object Crocodile 100% alpaca wool blanket (light grey) x 1. New: $3,475; Used: $958.]

That would really extend her life?

Astonished, Gu Shishi stroke the soft blanket on her body. This one that he rudely shoved on her? It’s that expensive?

“Gift meant he doesn’t want it back anymore?”

“He had given it to me?”

Gu Shishi didn’t think that could count as well.

“Young Master doesn’t let anyone touch his personal items,” said Siyi when he saw her stroking the blanket, baffled.

“This blanket, yeah… Miss Gu, you won’t need to return to him. I am going to take off if there’s nothing else.

“In addition, please keep in mind to refrain yourself from wandering off anywhere else other than your room, the dining room downstairs, and the garden, Miss Gu.” Said Siyi expressionlessly.

Gu Shishi could do nothing other than nod in embarrassment.

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