Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 4: Life Extended: Received Gifts From Your Husband! (1)

Chapter 4: Life Extended: Received Gifts From Your Husband! (1)

[Life remaining: 9 minutes and 1 second!]

Gu Shishi’s eyelids fluttered, and she slowly opened up her groggy eyes.

The electronic voice ran again in her head.

[Wealthy Housewife System, Initiated!]

[In order to live, you must work hard to survive life in the upper class!]

Gu Shishi was dumbfounded.

Dazed, what she saw in front of her was a cold and handsome face of a man, and in his black eyes, there was blazing anger.

…. Huh?

She blinked and started looking downward.

It seemed the man had just finished showering. The handsome man’s wet black hair was glistening with water droplets that were still slowly dripping down…

This man was quite an eye candy. So this was Huo Sishen, the original owner’s fiancé?

Before her thoughts could go any more south, her chin was clamped tightly by fingers the very next second!

The forceful and long fingers quickly traveled down, and finally, viciously wrapped around her neck!

“Are you done looking?” There were fires in Huo Sishen’s quiet and chilled eyes. He reached out and had his hands around the idiotic woman’s neck.

Her windpipe was blocked, and she immediately frowned in pain. This body, just like her original one, was unusually sensitive to pain!

Now that she was having trouble breathing, it brought back her memories of the car accident clearly…. The pain of her ribs puncturing her lungs and the pain of desperation… fear made her shiver uncontrollably!

[Orange alert!]

[Life remaining: 8 minutes 56 seconds.]

[Life remaining: 8 minutes 43 seconds…. 7 minutes 57 seconds… 7 minutes….]

[When the balance reaches zero, you will die in an accident.]

Gu Shishi’s face turned pale. Her body was covered in cold sweat and goosebumps!

Struggle could be seen clearly in her limpid eyes.

She didn’t want to die!


Huo Sishen tightened his grip and lifted her up like she was a little chicken.

“Who said you can come inside my room?”

BANG! Gu Shishi was tossed into a pile of clothes.

This was when Huo Sishen was able to see clearly the condition of his closet.

Half of his suits and shirts that were hung and organized by events, colors, etc. had fallen onto the bottom of the closet. They were crumpled up like pickled vegetables and the woman was sitting right on them!

Immediately, his face darkened completely.

A screen suddenly appeared in front of the still shivering Gu Shishi.

[Current Level: LV0 – The Upper Class Fiancée on the Brink of Death (About to die in an accident).]

[Recharge to extend your life.]

[Method of Recharging: Receive Money or Valuables from Wealthy Husband.]

[Note: 24 hours additional life for every $1,000.]

[Life Remaining: 6 minutes 33 seconds.]

Gu Shishi’s mouth dropped open

$1000 for one day of life?

She looked at the violent man who was on the brink of choking her to death in disbelief.

On the other hand, her remaining life flashing on the screen in front of her continue to decline.

Before long, the beeping orange alert had turned into red alert!

Gu Shishi felt a tightness in her chest as though she was going to die of heart disease in the next second.

The gloominess in Huo Sishen’s eyes seemed to have materialized, “Who? Who told you to hide in my closet?”

Gu Shishi struggled to breath in every bit of fresh air.

She could live if she did what the system told her? She could live if she groveled.

“So you don’t want to tell me, huh?”

Huo Sishen snickered, turned, and walked over to the couch. He picked up the phone.

“Siyi, call the cops. Someone broke….”

“Wait… wait!” Even her voice was trembling.

She only has 6 minutes! Her body would probably already be cold before the cops arrive!

Gu Shishi quickly dashed out from the closet. In merely a few steps,she had her hand on his phone!

The boss was her lifeline.

She looked up pitifully at the bitterly cold face, “Please, let me explain….”

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