Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 44: A gift for Boss Huo (2)

Chapter 44: A gift for Boss Huo (2)

She set her cellphone up to streaming mode as she got ready to create a painting for the boss.

She had been streaming since her previous life.

Many modern-day people did not understand Chinese ink painting. They felt that it wasn’t as interesting or valuable as oil painting. It was her goal to introduce Chinese ink painting to more people and to change that misconception.

Plus, practicing could be very dry. Regardless of how many audiences she has when she streamed, she would at least have some company.

This was how she had gotten into the habit of streaming when she practiced or painted alone, and she had no reason to change that now.

She paused again before she started.

“Hmmm, what kind of a painting would the boss like?”

People from the ancient times enjoyed nature sceneries.

All troubles in one’s everyday life could be relieved by nature.

The boss always has this unhappy look on him.

If her painting could attract his attention occasionally and improved his mood, that wouldn’t be too bad!

She looked around the room, most of the decorations were in black and white.

“Hmm, I am going to paint a mountain topped with red flowers. And also add a fishing man. Hmm… that seemed a little lonely. Okay, I will add a crane to accompany him… also add a little girl with a red hairband. Cute!”

Picture: Mountain topped with red flowers

Source: static.yczihua.com

After she had solidified her ideas, she registered for a BB streaming account.

She started streaming as soon as her account was approved!

She didn’t talk, nor did she show her face. She merely leaned her phone up against a cushion, focusing it only on the table portion.

Then, she exchanged one hour of “As Though Assisted By God”.

“I don’t feel any different…!!”

Before she could finish dissing it, her body shook violently.

Within the time it would take to inhale, she noticed that she was at a different place altogether!

The black and white room was gone. Instead, she could feel the fog around her…. A breeze was blowing through the trees. There was a canopy of green, and the smell of flowers mixed with the fresh soil surrounded her.

Gu Shishi opened her eyes, and she was rightfully surprised.

What she was seeing in front of her was no longer the wall, but a mountain!

Mountain tops towering up and down, stretching out endlessly. The mountain tops were covered in fall maples and they were red like they were on fire! She felt small as she took in the entire majestic and vastness of the scenery.

Suddenly a crisp chirp of crane turned her attention to the endless water by the mountain… A small boat floating by itself in the middle of the river. A fisherman in his rain gear was rowing the boat forward. Next to him was the little girl with pigtails and the white crane that she had in her mind earlier…

Photo: fisherman in rain gear

Source: flickr.com

Gu Shishi’s mouth opened into a big “O”!

She could almost feel the water on her. Everything was so close to her!

It was so realistic!

So this was the virtual reality created by the system?

“Being in the scene” meant allowing the painter to experience what it was like to be in the painting?

Ink painting was about artistic concept, not bogged down by every photo details but the creation of the feel of the scenery.

It was about expressing the qi between heaven and earth and how the painter perceived them.

Was that why it was important for the painter to first experience the actual scenery in person?

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