Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 43: A gift for Boss Huo (1)

Chapter 43: A gift for Boss Huo (1)

[System upgrade 58% completed… 95% completed… 100% completed!]

[Upgrade completed!]

[Initiated ‘Merchandise Exchange’ Ability!]

Gu Shishi couldn’t help but rubbed her fingers excitedly.

Was the system about to award her with some uber powerful cheats?!

She clicked inside and sure enough, other than the original two items on the main page “Status” and “Skills, Halo List”, there was an added label of “Merchandise Exchange”.

She held her breath.

There were only paltry two items available under the exchange list.

[As-Though-Assisted-by-God Drawing Skill (Beginner’s Level): 2 hours of life for 1 hour of effect.]

[Diluted Version of Summer Day (10% effectiveness of the pills): 24 hours of life for 10 ml.]

She thought she was prepared but she still couldn’t help but shuddered and gasped after reading the cost.

[As-Though-Assisted-by-God Drawing Skill (Beginner’s Level): The artist’s spirit will be attached to their work and make the viewers feel like they are at the scene themselves. The lines will come to life and make viewers feel they were living and breathing the drawing!]

Even her fingers were shaking from reading that.

As though one was living and breathing the drawing….

She had been learning how to paint for 20-some years. According to her master, her skills were mature, and she was almost there on the artistic conception level. But she was far from reaching the mastery level.

Even up to the point of her master passing away, he still said that his own work was barely enough for appreciation purposes but still not enough to move the viewers. They were of subpar quality!

Never mind about her work!

Was it really true that when one’s painting skill has reached the mastery level, it would be able to affect the emotions of the viewers?

She had grown up listening to stories about a stroke that’s worth 1,000 golds. She was always left longing and enving about that, but at the same time, she felt that it was very exaggerated.

At this moment, Gu Shishi didn’t even take a look at that Summer Day Balancing Lotion.

Her limpid eyes stared intently at the exchangeable beginner’s level painting skill!

“Should I give it a try?”

She only needed one hour to finish a small Chinese ink painting. All that in exchange for 2 hours of life. That’s reasonable?

After all, there was a cap to how much life she could store. Once it reached the cap, anything over that was wasted anyway. Might as well exchange it?

Gu Shishi was deathly afraid of dying, but she also wanted to give this a try.

It’s the level that even her master was never able to achieve; it was a level of legendary achievement that only existed in stories!

Plus, she had just received a large amount of recharge from the suit that she had received and was almost at her maximum life cap.

Gu Shishi gritted her teeth, stared at the interface for about 5 minutes, and slammed her hand down on the table.


“And I am going to record the entire process!”

If there were anything unusual during the process, she could also study her video afterward.

She wanted to learn this cheat from the system!

“Incredible! How am I so smart!”

Gu Shishi jumped up right away and pulled out the drawing paper, paint brushes, and ink that belonged to the original owner. And, she also poured out some water.

“Plus, I have been receiving so much from the boss man lately, it’s time to give back a little.”

She had no other skills. None other than painting.

Her original art school was not known in this book world. But she was confident that her painting would at least be pleasing to the eyes.

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