Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 34: The Highkey Maserati Had Arrived! (3)

Chapter 34: The Highkey Maserati Had Arrived! (3)

Everybody saw her quiet blush and thought she was being shy.

And all the more they started teasing her.

The cheerfulness wiped away all the solemnity of the assessment that just took place.

Zhao Xian was the only one who was looking at Gu Shishi dubiously.

Her boyfriend had never brought her lunch before.

Did Gu Shishi really get that lucky all of a sudden?

That was impossible!

How would a rich boss be able to bring lunch to a peasant girl? Exactly how much free time did this country boy have at hand?

Gu Shishi was definitely making this all up to make herself look good!

She was probably just going to sneak out, buy herself lunch, and said it was from her fiancé.

Zhao Xian’s eyes beamed and she felt happy inside. She felt that she had it all figured out!

“Shishi, then we will all go with you to get your lunch! That way we can have a peek at the guy. Don’t worry, we won’t interrupt you~”

Zhao Xian took a step forward and passionately placed her arm into the crook of Shishi’s arm.

As soon as she got close to Gu Shishi, Zhao Xian immediately detected a hint of rose smell that was both refreshing and elegant, but also very feminine at the same time.

Zhao Xian was surprised.

What brand of perfume was this?

She shopped a lot at the designer’s brand counter and had never smelled this before.

A nameless brand?

Gu Shishi took a step back and subtly pulled her arm out of Zhao Xian’s.

“Class is about to start. I am going to go get ready.”

“Right.” Liu Li, the store manager nodded. “Alright, let’s all stop chitchatting and get ready for work.”

Zhao Xian’s look froze all of a sudden.

The store manager had always been on her side in the past. When had she ever sided with the bottom-of-the-list Gu Shishi?!

She grinded her teeth in anger!

Soon, the students started to arrive.

These were elite sessions, most of them were 1 on 1 or 1 to 3 teacher to student ratio private sessions.

As lunch time approached, Zhao Xian never let Gu Shishi out of her sight. She didn’t want to miss her sneaking out to buy her own lunch to fool everyone!

But as time ticked away a second at a time, Zhao Xian spaced out a few times and even her students complained about it for a few times. She still didn’t notice any unusual moves from Gu Shishi.

Finally, when the classes were over, and after Zhao Xian saw her students out with a smile, she turned around and noticed that Gu Shishi was gone!

It has only been a few seconds!

“I knew it!”

So, she was looking for the perfect opportunity to sneak out after all!

The corners of Zhao Xian’s mouth curved upward.

“Where did Shishi go? Did she go buy her own lunch? Where’s that fiancé of hers?”

Zhao Xian pretended that she just noticed it and purposefully brought it up in the break room in front of everyone.

When she was done saying that, she could barely hide that smile on her face.

How embarrassed would that Gu Shishi be when everybody caught her in a lie!

Nonetheless, she heard a cry coming from Ling Xiaomei before she could hide her smile!

“She’s downstairs!” cried Ling Xiaomei in a gossipy way as she looked out the window from the break room!

“Shishi was fast! She snuck downstairs already? Eh, eh, eh? Is that the fiancé?”

“Wow! It’s a sports car!”

The smile instantly froze on Zhao Xian’s face!

“How’s that possible?? No! No way she could be so fast!!” shouted Zhao Xian mannerlessly.

Everybody else quickly gathered around the window.

And looked down.

Sure enough, a very luxurious silvery grey, aerodynamic and domineering Maserati was parked in a high-keyed fashion in front of the building!


Words from the Author:

Boss Huo: Can anyone just surround and watch me whenever they want now?

Siyi: …. Please stop talking already. I beg of you. Your action is about to betray you shortly.

Boss Huo: !

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