Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life

Chapter 33: The Highkey Maserati Had Arrived! (2)

Chapter 33: The Highkey Maserati Had Arrived! (2)

The paint brush in Gu Shishi’s hand was obviously the same one that she had used earlier.

But, the same brush that was woody and uncooperative in her hand looked like it had gained a mind of its own in Gu Shishi’s hand!

The once stiff chrysanthemum, once touched by the water on the tip of the paintbrush, spread out the yellow paint and the petals immediately became much softer and more natural, and the lights and shadows, brights and darks all became apparent!

The entire chrysanthemum looked like it had been moved from a dark corner into the grass field outdoors and having baptized by the sun, gleaming sacredly in the wind.

Each flower was its own world.

That was the line that went through Ling Xiaomei’s head.


That was incredible!

Ling Xiaomei’s eyes was filled with admiration.

Such a simple change, with nothing but water, and without touching any paint at all, she had turned the situation all the way around!

That was some skill indeed!

Ling Xiaomei was completely stunned.

“Teacher Xiaomei, did I get it right? Your intention was to use this chrysanthemum to emphasize the usage of water to your students, right?” said Gu Shishi as she smiled at her.

“Watercolor – first comes water, then comes color. Even though the first thing one sees was the paint in a drawing, but without water, there will be no drawing at all.”

“Mmm…” said Ling Xiaomei, her face still beet red.

Gu Shishi smiled and descended the stage.

“This was a good example that will, indeed, make a lasting impression!”

Ling Xiaomei gulped, “Oh….”

The classroom was quiet for quite a while.*

Shortly therefore, someone clapped.*

“That was incredible, Xiao Mei! What a lively way to get your point across!”

“You two were in cohort together this whole time? Haha, no wonder you wanted to be the last one up. So that’s what you had planned all along. Well done!”

All the praises almost made Ling Xiaomei had a hard time lifting her head.

Gu Shishi smiled and wrapped her arm around her shoulder and said, “That was truly incredible, Xiaomei!”

Ling Xiaomei gave her a thankful look.

“Store Manager, all of our recruits this year are so skillful!”

“The bingdi lotus before, and now the chrysanthemum. They are all qualified to become teachers!”

“Exactly, they didn’t present only the beauty of the flowers, but also the meaning of them! Lotuses are clear and gentle, and chrysanthemums are refreshing and exuberant. Both of them were quite good.”

The discussion between the experienced employees became animated all of a sudden.

Zhao Xian, sitting by one side, gritted her teeth and barely keeping herself from exploding.

It’s all fake!

That was Gu Shishi openly getting Ling Xiaomei out of a bind! Interaction with the student my ass!

And just like that, her drawing had suddenly fallen to the bottom in results!

Goddamn it!

She was supposed to be the top dog among the new recruits and roll all over them!

She was the one who was supposed to crush everyone else, but she failed in all her attempts today!

And, whatever happened to that Gu Shishi anyway?

She had always thought of Gu Shishi as a piece of unpresentable garbage, but now…

Zhao Xian gritted her teeth so tightly that they were about to crush.

“Shishi, what were you smiling at earlier then?” asked Zhao Xian with a stiff smile. “I’m sorry I misinterpreted your smile.”

One retreats in order to advance. Zhao Xian wasn’t going to let Gu Shishi off the hook easily!

Gu Shishi rolled her eyes elegantly. She didn’t want to deal with this individual at all.

Why did she need to tell her what she was smiling about?

Zhao Xian’s volume wasn’t soft when she asked that question, and almost everybody else had overheard it and were now looking over, full of curiosity.

Even Ling Xiaomei, who was the victim just a minute ago, looked at her with pity in her eyes.

“Don’t be silly, of course I wasn’t mocking you,” said Gu Shishi as she wrapped her arm around Ling Xiaomei’s.

“Mmm…. It’s…. I will have lunch delivered at noon, so I was happy.” Her tone became very cheerful toward the end of the sentence.

“Eh?? Your fiancé?”

“Wow! The legendary lunch box with love!”

“Shishi, your fiancé is so nice to you! I am so envious!”

All sorts of exclamation and words of envy filled the classroom all of a sudden.

Now Gu Shishi was really blushing.

The boss… lunch box with love…

No, the the boss’s awkward way of apologizing!

Heh, the boss’s personality was quite amusing~

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