Chapter 291 - Method (Part II)

"He must be talking about that magic spell. But I don't think that will work on him, princess." Claudius replied, his tone sounding a little apologetic since he had to disappoint her with his comment.

"Why? Why won't it work?"

"Because… this particular spell needs to be casted by someone else. And it needs to be another dark fae and one who also must be stronger than him. There is no one stronger than he is right now at this stage. Even King Belial himself will not be able to help."

"Why? Why can't the king help?"

"Our magic will not work on him anymore and vice versa. He had left the Under Land and kept his magic and memories. But the price is he will never be able to see any of us dark faes again. We could use our magic on anyone else but not him. Of course, unless there is someone who would also be willing to leave the Under Land just like he did. But you know King Belial cannot do that."

Evie nibbled her lips. So, she can no longer rely on magic, huh… then what else she could do? Since the dark fae's method cannot help him, what other method could possibly work?

"I am sorry I can't help out with much regarding this, princess." Claudius said apologetically.

"No, I understand. Of course, it wouldn't be that easy to find a solution. If it were that easy, then all those other faes previously wouldn't have come to such a tragic end." She said bitterly. "But don't worry, I'll think of something else as quickly as possible."

 She nodded to herself, there was always another way out. If this method was not possible then she would just need to find another method. If dark fae methods would not work, then there must be vampire method or human method or light fae method… wait. There must be one of those ways, right?!

"Claudius!" Evie cried out, her eyes now determined. "I need to leave this barrier. I need to speak with my comrades to find another method to make him remember Gavriel's memories. He's so adamant in caging me in like this. I need to get out."

"This is an impregnable barrier, no one could even break through this. I believe with this level of magic it will be impossible for someone to enter from the outside, because this barrier is a protection barrier, not a prison barrier. However, it only means that it's not impossible for you to get out."

Evie's eyes twinkled in relief and hope. She was afraid that Claudius could not help her out with this issue as well. So, she was truly relieved.

"However, princess. Are you sure about this? This could anger the prince even more."

"I know… but that would be better than just being caged in here, not able to do anything. I need to find a way to bring his memories back."

Seeing that the princess was determined, Claudius gave in. He taught her how to escape Gavrael's powerful barrier in just two tries.

Thankfully, Zanya and Elias were stationed right outside her door.

Without wasting a moment, she began to ask Zanya if the light faes had such a method to get someone to recall a suppressed memory. But to her dismay there was apparently no such spell. Zanya said it was the dark faes who had that kind of magic. When she asked Elias, the vampire said that the vampires do not have any methods on matters such as these too. The vampires do not have magic after all.

Crestfallen, Evie slumped weakly against the wall, closing her eyes. Now all that is left… all her hopes were being pinned on the human methods, huh… she thought to herself.

She had heard about one of her friends who had lost her memories when her carriage fell over a cliff. Her friend had been lucky and survived the accident, but she lost her memories – perhaps due to either some physical trauma to her head or even a psychological one. However, she later managed to recover them. Evie heard that her friend's memories came back naturally and through visiting and doing the things she had done before. Seemingly, it helped as one of those events had suddenly triggered her memories to return. But that method was not a sure-fire guarantee and she heard it took a long time.

Evie opened her eyes and sighed. But with her coming up with zero on the sides of light faes and vampires, it seems that she had no other choice but to try this method out. She must make haste before it is too late.

"Since you said you're running out of time, maybe you can just choose the most memorable place and most memorable events to revisit and re-enact?" Zanya gave a very helpful suggestion.

Her suggestion immediately made Evie agree excitedly. Their most memorable place and event…

Evie did not even need to think that long. However, her smile and the twinkle in her eyes faded as she remembered that the most memorable place for them had already been completely destroyed. Almost all of their most memorable experiences also took place there – and that was in the castle fortress of Dacria. 

Suddenly, Evie felt like she had lost a treasure and she could not help but be saddened. Thankfully, there was still one place left. And that is the magical crystal lake in the Middle Land. She must bring him there somehow.

"Did you know where he is right now?" Evie asked Elias.

"I heard a commotion a little while ago. It seems that there are some soldiers and citizen who were caught trying to escape Kirzan, probably to report the dukedom's situation to the capital. I think all of the men caught were brought to the courtyard. The prince must be there, right now." Elias reported.

"Alright, I will go there." Evie immediately moved and headed towards the courtyard.

And the moment she got there, the sight that welcomed her made her freeze as she looked at Gav with widened eyes.


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