Chapter 290 - Method (Part I)

Silence reigned within the barrier in the room for a long while following Evie's question. The dark fae seemed to scrutinize Evie's expression first before he seemed to find the answers he was looking for.

After giving a nod to himself, he replied to Evie. "That's the only explanation on why that had happened to you, princess. You said he didn't even realize that he was doing it… so, it could only mean one thing. And that would be his magic is now starting to act on their own."

Claudius let out a distressed sigh, and Evie could tell that he was pretty worried now. Claudius was dreading on how he was going to find a way to break this news to the King. 

"Honestly, I am terribly shocked that this had happened…" Claudius continued. "I had made sure he has not reached that level before he left the Under Lands. I can't believe he has grown that much stronger now. I can only think that it's because his magic has been completely suppressed within him for such a long time now, instead of disappearing. And now that the magic is being freed after all these years of suppression and accumulation, it has now reached that point. It's akin to a volcano suddenly becoming active again after a long time of being suppressed into dormancy."

A long heavy sigh came from him again as he said those words.

"Please tell me, there must be something I can do to help him keep his magic under control." Evie asked him desperately, her eyes pleading for help. "That only happened once. And it only occurred just a few minutes ago. Thus, I believe, it's not too late yet. I know Gav can learn to control his magic no matter how strong it is. I don't believe he'll allow himself to lose control of his own magic. I know him."

The faith in her eyes made Claudius's heart warm but he could only smile sadly. His devastated expression did not change because he knew better. He had seen it himself and he had been one of those who had tried so hard to find a remedy so long ago. But their efforts had been futile.

"I am sorry princess, but I have no idea how to help him. King Gehenn had turned completely mad when his magic had finally consumed him. He was so out of control that he had nearly destroyed the entire Under Land if not for King Belial who had stepped up and stopped him before that could happen. His heart, mind, body and soul were completely and utterly corrupted by his own dark magic that it even reached to the point that he could no longer recognize anyone any longer – not even his own wife and children. All he had desired… all that his mind was filled with was for a bloodbath and chaos to reign."

"But Gav is not King Gehenn!" Evie's voice became a little loud as she insisted, her eyes becoming fiercer even as they reddened at the corners. "He will not let himself reach that point. His case is not completely hopeless… it's not too late yet…"

Evie was not even saying those words to Claudius anymore. She was stating all those to herself, loudly and insistently, believing every single word of it with all her heart. Her Gav will never let such a thing happen to him. "I believe in him! And I'll do anything and everything to help him. I don't care what it is… I will do it for him!" Evie vehemently declared, as her eyes looked at Claudius, shining with determination.

"How do you plan to help him, princess? Do you have any ideas on how to proceed? Knowing him, he might distance himself from you now since he realised that he had nearly harmed you without him being aware of it. Prince Gavrael loves you too much and I am certain he will never forgive himself for causing harm to you, princess."

Evie knew what Claudius said was right. She could already tell that Gav will definitely do that. In fact, he had already done that. Did he not run away so quickly after he was aware that he was unknowingly hurting her?

She drew in a deep breath before letting it out heavily.

Clenching her fists tight, Evie forced herself to think. She needed a plan – a damned good one at that – and she must execute it as soon as possible before it was too late.

As she frantically tried to come up with an idea, she instinctively grabbed onto her necklace. The instant the necklace began to glow, the memories of her and Gavriel flashed in her mind. Her eyes widened with realization. That was right! If she could somehow help him recall his memories that he lived out as Gavriel…

"I think I just need to get him to remember Gavriel's memories." Evie suggested to Claudius. "Once Gavriel's memories returns to him, his vampire side would also emerge right? So, I'm presuming that if both sides of him, his dark fae side and vampire side are able to co-exist, it might have a very high chance where his magic can reach some sort of a balance! What do you think? Would this method work?" Evie was excited as she shared her thoughts with Claudius.

Her idea awed Claudius once again. Since prince Gavrael was the first ever half dark fae and half vampire he had ever known, there was no one he could base these assumptions on. Meaning he did not have a single idea on what might work or not on him. Therefore, the princess' idea could very well work!

"I think your idea is very logical, princess." The dark fae nodded his agreement.

"I remember Gavrael telling me that there is a way for me to remember what I have forgotten. Do you know the method he was talking about? If possible, I think I could use that method on him!" Evie said.


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