Chapter 271 - Gavrael (Part XXVIII)

But with her response, now he was beyond glad that she did catch that little phrase. It just went on to confirm that like him, she feared that he would leave her. And it just gave him the extra boost of confidence and assurance that he desperately needed right now.

He took her hands in his and brought it to his lips and kissed it gently with all the love in the world.

"That's right, Evie. I'm going to have to leave you… but this is only just for a while." His voice was earnest as he reassured her.

"A while?"


"How long is a while?" Evie, Gavrael noted – similar to himself, when he had this same discussion with his father – had also zoomed in on the main point that is the exact duration of this phrase 'a while'.

"It would take a quite a few days…"

"So, you're going to be away for days…"

He nodded and Evie took a while before she could speak another word.

"Why? Is there something wrong? Did something happen that would need you to stay away that long?" she asked weakly.

Gavrael shook his head and caressed her cheeks with his thumbs. "Don't worry, everything will be alright. I have decided to leave the Under Land for good so I can finally be with you, not just during the nights but every day… forever…"

Evie was overjoyed at his words. She had wished many times before, that one day, he would not need to leave her every time day light comes. That he would not be just there with her during the night like he was just a dream. That was why hearing him say this made her heart swell so much it felt like bursting with so much joy.

However, her smile did not last that long as she was reminded of the matter that he brought up about what might happen to a dark fae when they decide to stay on the surface.

"But… you will…"

"I forgot to tell you about this. But I found a way to keep my memories and powers even if I leave the Under Land for good. However, I would need some time to prepare for it to happen. I need to stay there for a period of time. During this time, I cannot leave and come to the surface." He explained. "That's why… I wanted to tell you to wait for me, Evie. I will do everything to make it happen and the next time I see you again, I will never leave your side again. For now, all I am asking is for you to wait for me. Can you promise me that?"

"I promise." She answered him without hesitation, making him smile and he hugged her as tight as he could. "I will always… always wait for you. I've always been waiting for you every night for the past two months. Of course, I could. I will wait for you Gavrael… I promise."

As soon as Evie said those words, Gavrael kissed her. Evie kissed him back and they shared a kiss so passionate, so fiery… as they sealed their promises with each other.

"I won't make you wait too long, Evie. I promise." He vowed and that night, they spent their first night together, becoming one, body and soul for the first time.

That night, Gavrael felt like he was the happiest creature in the world and so did Evie. Both of them were filled with so much happiness and love and hope that very soon, they would be together and there was no need for them to be separated from the other. 

Time passed and Gavrael finally achieved his goal. It was only days for him in the Under Land. However, on the surface, it had already been weeks.

He finally emerged from the portal. It was daylight and when he stepped out under the sun, he was thrilled that he did not feel the burning sensation he had experienced the last time. His eyes gleamed, and all he could think about was Evie. With a wide happy smile, Gavrael did not waste a second longer and went to look for Evie.

But his smile faded, and his bright face darkened when he saw that Evie wasn't there, waiting for him.

Zanya had told him, Evie left weeks ago and promised her she would return but she did not even after weeks had passed. The light fae could not tell him what happened because Gavrael immediately disappeared, and she knew he was going to look for her. Zanya could not tell him that Evie's father had arrived at Crescia's gate. Because Evie could not possibly fight her father nor allow him to enter Crescia and see the faes she awakened, Evie decided to leave with her father even though Zanya had told her that her father was possessed. Evie did not have a choice because apart from the fact that she could not bear to kill her own father, she also could not let anyone else know about the light faes. At least not right now. Moreover, Evie believed that Gavrael will definitely arrive soon enough and come to her rescue. Evie also did not choose to fight because she knew she was not strong enough. She would need someone to win against the enemy and that someone would be Gavrael.

Zanya tried to chase after him so she could explain what had happened but because she could not go any further and because of Gavrael's speed and tremendous power, Zanya could not catch up to him at all.

And thus, Gavrael went and looked for Evie thinking that she did not keep her promise and could not wait for him. Darkness, rage, and fear gripped Gavrael's heart in a violent vortex. At first, he thought that something must have happened like what happened that day when she was taken away by force.

But when Gavrael found out a devastating news that Evie was already married to a vampire prince, his world crumbled down. Darkness and rage began to consume him. Hatred quickly corrupted him, and he began to seize cities using his tremendous power. The first city he captured was Dacria and then followed by Kirzan.

He quickly became that ruthless being who controlled the vampires and turned them into his puppets. He prepared for war, aiming to destroy that fake royal family and then to kill that prince who had stolen Evie from him and then get Evie back. These were his goals for now.

A great war then happened. The fighting got more intense and bloodier until Gavrael finally reached the Vampire's imperial palace. The bloody war had wiped out countless of lives and even the dragons involved were killed by him as well.

But when he finally found her, she was already dead.


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