Chapter 270 - Gavrael (Part XXVII)

As soon as the night fell, Gavrael arrived in Crescia.

Evie was incredibly relieved at the sight of him looking fine and healthy again. All his wounds were healed as far as she could see. She had been worried all day about him. Even though she always knew he was powerful, his wounds before she pushed him through the portal was just awful. She had prayed and hoped he would heal up quickly and come find her if only for the reason that she needed to know that he was fine. Seeing him before her, she could only run up to him and throw herself into his open arms, hugging him tight.

After a few seconds, she pulled back and looked at him.

"Are you alright?" she asked him, frantically checking his body.

Gavrael smiled and then he pinched her chin and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

"I'm fine, Evie." He reassured her. He knew she was extremely worried by looking at her still slightly swollen eyes. She must have been crying since they parted. He then scooped her back into his arms and kissed her lovingly on both her eyes to calm her down. They immediately disappeared after that and moments later, they appeared before the magical lake.

Evie looked at him, wondering why he had brought her here to this place again. Was he going to swim again like the last time? Remembering that scene, she helplessly blushed but shook her head to rid herself of the image in her head. She still wanted to talk to him about something important.

"Gav…" she trailed off and blinked when he started undressing.

"I know you have something to say, I also have something to tell you tonight, Evie. But…" he trailed off as he threw his clothes to the ground. Even though Evie had seen him naked once before, seeing his perfection would never cease to render her dazed and speechless. He just had the body a young god worthy to be worshipped. She could feel her face heat up again.

"B-but?" she managed to say, doing her best to fix her eyes on his and not letting it stray anywhere further down from his chin.

He smiled, then caught his lower lip between his teeth. "But I'd like to just enjoy this night with you, Little Butterfly. Everything else can wait until later." He said huskily and then, they were both in the water.

Like that first time they were in this place, Evie immediately wrapped her thighs around his waist. "Silly Gavrael!" she exclaimed. "Why do you always like to shock me like this?!"

"Because I love watching your shocked expressions, my little butterfly. They are so interesting and give me much joy." He whispered. "Now loosen up and let go so I can teach you to swim. You'll enjoy it." He persuaded her with such a compelling gaze and joyful tone.

Evie looked at him and she finally gave in and did as he suggested. She stood but her arms remained wrapped around his neck.

"Good girl. But this…" his fingers drifted down to the edge of the ribbon of her dress and told her in a husky voice. "I need to remove this first, because it'll get in the way."

Her heart thudded. But she did not stop him. She allowed him to pull the ends of the ribbon until it was undone, and the edges of her dress fall open. He swiftly undressed her until, just like him, she was fully naked. Her face was flaming red, and her body was hot. Evie could feel her head pounding and was slightly dizzy from the excessive stimulation that was bombarding her body, mind, and soul. However, she did not complain but remained silent and waited for Gavrael's leading, trusting him completely as he led her step by step.

"Are you ready?" he asked, his voice was so hoarse and deeper than usual it sent waves of strange pleasurable feeling inside her. She shivered lightly in his arms.

She nodded but Gavrael did not make any moves. Until she lifted her gaze and meet his eyes. She swallowed at the intensity she saw blazing clearly in his blue orbs.

And the next thing they knew, their lips were locked, and their tongues were dancing to a rhythm only known to the two of them. Their naked bodies pressed tightly against each other, creating a wild fire that raged within them, threatening to burn them both.

When their lips finally parted, they were breathless, both catching their breaths. Their eyes looked at each other with intense desire. Their bodies and heart were already on fire. They both knew that there was no other way to extinguish it but to let it run its course and burn out until it consumes them whole. And neither one of them had the desire to even attempt to extinguish it. No, this was one flame that they even welcomed whole heartedly.

"Evie… I want you," Gavrael breathed out as he planted little searing hot kisses all over her face non-stop, slowly making his way down to her neck. Every move he made just had Evie shivering in pleasure and making her squirm and feeling so restless. "I want you so bad right now, Evie. I know I should wait but… I want to mark you now… mark you as mine, before I leave –" He murmured against her skin, enjoying the silken warmth that it gave when he brushed his lips over her.

"L-leave?" Evie was shocked out of her pleasure induced stupor and immediately caught Gavrael's face in both her palms and made him look at her. His last line was like a bucket of cold water poured over her head and had turned her rigid. "What do you mean?" Her voice trembled.

Gavrael smiled at the fear he saw in her eyes. He had half hoped she would not catch on to that part as he spoke. But the other half of him however, hoped that she did.

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