Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 1249 - The Last Cultural Class

Chapter 1249: The Last Cultural Class

The spy who spoke soon regretted his words after seeing that Lu Shu remained unmoved.

However, had he been in his position, Lu Shu would definitely not hold it against a spy. It was alright even if he offended him.

Now, Lu Shu felt that he should be more reserved. He could just pretend to be nice and ask Li Heitan to kill that spy’s entire family when nobody was around.

In the end, Lu Shu let all the spies off but there were some mishaps. That was because two of them were not spies and only moved to Nangeng City because they liked the environment. However, Li Heitan chased them away without hearing their explanation…

Nangeng City was the most liveable city amongst the entire Luniverse. Not only was the environment pleasant, the hygiene was good too. The hygiene standards that Lu Shu implemented as a person from Earth was much better than those from the Luniverse.

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers returned to their rooms. It had been a long time but it looked the same. Of course, nobody would dare to touch their things.

Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao sighed as they looked at the rooms, “It is built entirely like the standards of the Heavenly Network. It feels as though I am back in my room in the Heavenly Network.”

“Cut that rubbish, go shower and wash the armor,” said Lu Shu meanly.

Nobody would bother about the bloodstains on their bodies during a great war. Who would care about that?

Perhaps one would be unhappy when the blood first splattered on one’s body. However, as the blood accumulated, one slowly became used to it.

Now, when they rested, everyone felt that the stains and smells on their bodies were unbearable. However, they were extremely rowdy when they were queuing for the shower and when cleaning their armor. Lu Shu walked into the shower room and coldly said to them, “Hurry up and finish cleaning, we shall begin our cultural class in 20 minutes.”

Everyone in the shower room was astonished. Why were they still having cultural classes at this point in time?

There were waves of protests from the showers. Li Heitan’s grumble was the loudest. They were not prepared for the cultural class at all!

However, amongst the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, nobody dared to oppose whatever Lu Shu had decided on.

Ten minutes later, a group of burly men sat obediently in the courtyard. Everyone’s distance from each other was exactly the same and the arrangement was extremely neat…

However, Lu Shu did not begin the lesson immediately. Instead, he created a huge bonfire with Lu Xiaoyu and Coral, killing half of the antelopes and roasted them on the fire.

There was a bottle of strong alcohol beside the fire. Li Heitan and the rest wanted it so badly.

Even though Li Heitan and the rest came from the Luniverse, they had not tried the meat of the antelope of such high status before. Zhang Weiyu and the rest had tried it before, but it was more than 20 years ago. Thinking about it now made them drool.

Lu Shu looked at everyone and said after a long pause, “The first thing I want to say is to thank everyone for going through everything with me.”

Everyone in the Imperial Dragon Soldiers looked at each other in confusion. They thought that it was something they ought to do and did not know what to do when Lu Shu suddenly thanked them. However, they were very touched as Lu Shu did not view them as accessories but instead, as comrades.

“The second thing,” Lu Shu said as he looked at them seriously, “I will tell everyone responsibly that perhaps I am unsure of how powerful the opponent is. We will eventually win, but we have to pay the price.”

Li Heitan said obediently, “Great Lord, all of us know this. Rest assured, I, Li Heitan will definitely not regret it.”

Lu Shu smiled. “It’s too late to regret anyway.”

The Imperial Dragon Soldiers laughed. Amongst their laughter, Lu Shu’s expression suddenly became serious. “The third thing is that, I will be giving you guys the last cultural class today!”

The expressions on the faces of Li Heitan and the rest changed immediately. The thing they did not want to talk about was mentioned nevertheless. He said after struggling, “Great Lord, our cultural knowledge is already pretty solid.”

Lu Shu nodded. “Then, let me ask all of you a question, if you can answer it, we will scrap the cultural class.”

Li Heitan’s eyes lit up. “Please ask, Great Lord, I have studied well, I even finished self-studying half of the lessons in high school.”

Li Heitan did not make this up. He was very keen on studying. Li Heitan was the model student in the Azure Dragon Study Group. However, the biggest support that Li Heitan had was not himself but Zhang Weiyu instead.

The old guy was too interested in the knowledge on Earth. One time, Li Heitan asked Zhang Weiyu where he had studied until and he said he had completed the entire high school syllabus. This made Li Heitan extremely envious.

Many people looked at Zhang Weiyu with anticipation. As long as Zhang Weiyu answered the question, they would not need to go for the cultural class.

Zhang Weiyu already looked extremely proud.

Lu Shu paused before saying, “The question is, a bear dropped into a trap and the trap is 19.617 meters deep. He took two seconds to drop down. What color is the bear?”

Zhang Weiyu was speechless.

Li Heitan was confused.

“From Li Heitan’s distress, +666!”

“From Zhang Weiyu’s…”

Zhang Weiyu was indignant. “Great Lord, you did not give enough conditions!”

Lu Shu smiled, “Why not? First of all, g=9.8085, 44th parallel north. Secondly, since the trap was made for a bear, it must be a brown bear.”

Zhang Weiyu looked at Lu Shu with his mouth agape. He had never been tricked like this before.

The rest of them dejectedly got ready for the lesson. Then, Lu Shu asked Lu Xiaoyu and Coral to distribute a notebook and a pen to everyone.

Just as everyone was confused, Lu Shu said calmly, “Today is the last cultural class and I want to conduct a spelling test on the content you have learnt in the past.”

Everyone was caught off guard, why did he suddenly do spelling…

Then, Lu Shu said suddenly, “Zhang Weiyu.”

Everyone was stunned and looked at Lu Shu. What did he mean? He was calling for Zhang Weiyu?

Lu Shu shook his head. “I want you guys to write ‘Zhang Weiyu’!”

“Li Heitan!”

“Liu Yizhao!”

“Chen Zuan!”

“Cheng Qiuqiao!”

Every name Lu Shu read gave the Imperial Dragon Soldiers a shock. In the last lesson, Lu Shu gave a spelling test of all the names of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. He wanted them to write everyone’s names on the notebook.

Everyone used a lot of strength while writing the words, as though they wanted to carve the words on their bones.

Lu Shu’s voice echoed after passing through the black night sky. “Bring your notebooks with you. As long as one person remains alive in the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, none of you should be left behind. Let’s go and kill!”

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