Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 1248 - Find the Spy

Chapter 1248: Find the Spy

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The bandits in the North Region became the laughing stock of the entire Luniverse. Recently, they became the dinnertime topic for most households. Moreover, they felt that they were probably the bandits with the least dignity in the Luniverse.

 After all, a bandit occupied a territory in order to rob others. However, at the North Region, there were no land for the bandits to live in and everyone was afraid of returning home due to the Wei Wu Army.

 For example, the bandits near Yun An City were mostly from Yun An City or lived in a town near Yun An City. Now, they were afraid of staying nearby as they would die if they were caught by the Wei Wu Army.

 To be honest, the bandits thought about surrendering as after all, they were not heroes and it was normal for them to be timid. However, the Wei Wu Army did not accept prisoners.

 Recently, the greatest hobby for the bandits in the West Region and the East Region was bullying the bandits form the North Region. Afterall, there was very little entertainment activities in the Luniverse and everyone felt bored.

 At that moment, the people from Nangeng City saw how Lu Shu and the rest advanced closer and their footsteps became louder. Some people who came to Nangeng City with a despicable motive felt like retreating.

 Amongst the people, a few of them wanted to leave sneakily but just when they were about to leave the troops and run behind, Lu Shu signalled for Zhang Weiyu and the rest to leap in front of them and stopped them!

 One of the people fell on his knees and shouted loudly as he knew that he could not escape, “I will say, I will say anything. Spare me, Great Lord!”

 However, just as he said that, Zhang Weiyu and the other Imperial Palace Soldiers had killed them with their swords. The scabs on the armor were once again stained with new blood. It looked extremely terrifying.

 The others knew immediately that Lu Shu no longer had the interest of asking them about intelligence reports. Even if they knew anything, it was too little.

 Therefore, anyone who approached the Wei Wu Army had to be careful, they would die!

 Of course, those who fled were the impatient people. If they were experienced, they would definitely not reveal themselves so easily. Even if they were afraid, they would continue hiding amongst the people and quietly hide their identity.

However, how could Lu Shu let them off?

 There was still a large amount of notes for Lu Shu to use. When he was in the palace, he wanted to exchange all his notes for magical armor, but his request could not be met and he was unable to spend his notes even if he wanted to!

 Now, the notes were useless to Lu Shu. The first thing the Imperial Dragon Soldiers did after they entered Nangeng City was to gather the people in Nangeng City.

 One had to know that the Imperial Dragon Soldiers had yet to wash their armor and they still smelt like blood. The people were afraid and did not dare to speak in front of them.

 Lu Shu said while facing the public, “We have treated all of you nicely in Nangeng City. Today, we asked everyone to gather here so that we can strike a deal.”

 The people started to talk amongst themselves. Deal? This was their favorite word. That was because the soap business had turned Nangeng City into the biggest commercial center in the North Region. If there was business, there would be benefits, and hence a good life!

 Lu Shu smiled. “I have 1,000,000 notes here. I will like to trouble you to find the foreigner amongst yourselves. For example, those who do not run a business and has been living in Nangeng City for a long time. For example, those who collected their goods but did not leave. For example… You should know who I am looking for, as long as you find one person, I will give you 50,000 worth of notes.”

 Lu Shu gave out a lot of notes this time. However, that was not because he was generous.

 The plan was made by Li Liang. Lu Shu had stopped planning for such operations as after all, this battle involved too many lives and he would not make everyone test if the plan that was destined to fail would work.

 According to Li Liang, the first battle after the Imperial Dragon Soldiers entered the Luniverse was to kill their opponents until they were afraid. They had to make some of the fence sitters retreat in case they betrayed them.

 The following step was to tell everyone about the attitude of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers so as to warn them.

 Then, how would Lu Shu warn them? He could not possibly go and knock on every single family’s door and tell those who did not want to die to stay at home.

 That was too time-consuming. It would be better if they could head to Nangeng City directly. After all, there were a large group of spies in Nangeng City!

 He wanted to kill a group of ineffective underlings to warn others. Now, those who were hiding amongst the people would have great powers. Lu Shu’s intention was to look for them.

 As for the notes, they were just a tool for the ruler to rule. Since Lu Shu was ready to turn the tables, then that was no longer important. If they wanted anything, they could directly take it by themselves.

 If there were smart people, they might bring the resources to him.

 Lu Shu thought, so that was it….

 At this moment, the people in Nangeng City looked at each other in surprise. None of them were certain about how the sun near the Earth looked like. Therefore, Lu Shu was certainly suspicious and identified a few of them on the spot.

 Li Heitan’s people were carrying gigantic tridents. When the spies saw that, they were slightly afraid to act rashly.

 At the end of the day, the residents of Nangeng City became extremely happy when they received the 50,000 worth of notes and there was only about 17 people in front of Lu Shu . However, even if they were experienced, their eyes were shaking!

 Therefore, someone said to Lu Shu “King, we were wronged.” However, Lu Shu said while smiling, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t kill you.”

 Everyone became calmer after hearing that. Someone asked bravely, “What do you want?”

 “Let your masters know that I am back to seek revenge. Don’t let the people who are not involved come forward or they will die, do you understand?” Lu Shu smiled and said. He thought that he was friendly enough but the spies did not think so.

 Lu Shu’s sentence affirmed that if the aristocrats participated, they would die. What a claim to make.

 Amongst the spies, not everyone was timid. After all, they worked for aristocrats and there had to be a few elites. Suddenly, someone whispered, “Lord, you have to watch your temper. The Luniverse is not as simple as you think it is.”

 Although the tone was respectful, it was neither humble nor haughty.

 Lu Shu smiled coldly, “I don’t have to watch my temper.”

 That person was stunned. “Then what do you want?”

 Lu Shu said calmly, “I want all of you to behave and stop bothering me.”

 The spies were speechless.

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