Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman

Chapter 331 - Looking For Trouble (找茬)

Chapter 331- Looking For Trouble (找茬)

Previously, when she went out of her room, she did in fact hear someone shouting. However, just from the tone of the speaker’s voice, she could already tell that the speaker wasn’t in a good mood, hence why she didn’t turn around in time/ ignored the commotion at the start.

With a glance, Jing Yun Zhao saw around 4 to 5 youthful looking people.

Among them, 3 of them walked at the back while the other 2 rushed towards her. Moreover, 1 of the people rushing towards her was still shouting and screaming.

The one speaking was a girl, while the person beside the girl was the same person who approached her when she left her room, Cui Jin.

“How could you be so unreasonable? Is there anyone else here besides you? Obviously I’m calling you!” The girl said with an extremely unhappy face.

Jing Yun Zhao’s eyebrows were raised as she replied, “Then, why are you looking for me?”

The girl paused for a moment as a look of embarrassment appeared for a brief second, before she replied, “I heard that your invitation had the drawing of a licorice root, and that the room you stayed in was the best?

“Yep, my invitation has a licorice root drawing on it. However, whether it’s the best room here or not, I’m not sure.” Jing Yun Zhao said truthfully.

Hearing Jing Yun Zhao’s words, the girl stared at her suspiciously before replying, “How can you be unsure! That room is prepared for a respected senior, even my dad couldn’t stay in there! Since you’re not the respected senior, how could you go in? What’s the relationship between you and Senior Xu?!” (C: I used Senior Xu instead of Old Man Xu here, cuz me thinks that the girl aint close with Old Man Xu)

Jing Yun Zhao gave a chuckle before replying, “Please get your facts straight, I only brought the invitation here. As for where the organizers arranged for me to stay, that’s their problem, I can’t do anything about it, and you can’t either right?”

The girl’s face was red as she curled her lip.

The girl hated people who were as arrogant as Jing Yun Zhao, as she thought to herself, “Isn’t she just staying in the room of a respected senior? What’s there to show-off about it?”

Jing Yun Zhao herself knows that staying in such a grand room would surely rouse the jealousy of others, but what can she do? Since she came here with Old Man Xu’s invitation, she couldn’t just stay in another room just to give some random people satisfaction.

Although doing so would lessen her troubles, in turn it would also lead to more troubles if Old Man Xu were to find out. Not only would he scold her and call her dumb, she would also be considered useless by Old Man Xu.

Due to the amount of time she spent with Old Man Xu, she understood his temper. Moreover, she also treated Old Man Xu as her teacher, hence why she couldn’t let Old Man Xu be disrespected.

“Tsk, If you can’t do anything then so be it! What’s the point of being so arrogant about it!” The girl said as she rolled her eyes before continuing, “Who knows whether your invitation was dug out from somewhere? This isn’t a place for you to eat, sleep and play! It won’t take long before you lose all your face!”

“Oh right, this morning Cui Jin went to find you only because he’s kind, he’s definitely not interested in you!”

Finishing her words, she walked past Jing Yun Zhao and tried to knock into her using her shoulder. (C: kinda like the girl used her shoulder to bump JYZ’s shoulder)

Alas, she wasn’t even able to nudge Jing Yun Zhao with her pitiful amount of strength. Instead, she was the one that stumbled and fell to the floor, while Jing Yun Zhao stood there as if nothing happened.

The area they were at wasn’t like the city, it was filled with soil and mud. Hence, the girl’s clothes were stained and dirty since she fell to the ground.

At that moment, Cui Jin instantly went forward to help her, shouting, “Shan-shan!” (C: My guy appeared at the start of the chapter, yet this is his only line in the whole chapter. :’c)

On the other hand, the 3 people at the back only looked at the girl with concern, unlike Cui Jin who actively helped her. This was because they all knew in their hearts, that the girl deserved it.

“Don’t touch me! I can get up by myself!” Ji Shan Shan said with a burning red face that looked like she was wronged, yet she herself knew that with this incident, her face was lost.

Jing Yun Zhao merely gave her a glance, then turned around and continued walking, as if she was air.

However, after walking a few steps, she suddenly felt something dangerous approaching her from the back and dodged to the side instinctively. Right after she dodged, she saw a rock the size of a fist flying through where she stood previously. Coincidentally, the rock that flew past her hit a guy that was in front of her.

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