Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman

Chapter 279

279- Kind-Hearted (热心肠)

Onlookers who’ve heard and seen the ongoing scene all sighed in pity at how great is the selflessness of a mother’s love, that Wang Xin Fang would still love Jing Yun Zhao after what she’s done. However calling Wang Xin Fang someone who was filled with affection for her children would be an insult to the term ‘mother’s love’ as all her love was only for Jing Ming Kai.

The reporter looked at the Jing Family who gave off an honest impression, and continued asking a few questions while Wang Xin Fang continued crying as she replied; the reporter then turned towards the three children.

“Little boy, do you like your eldest sister?” The reporter asked with a kind face.

Now although Jing Ming Kai was a tyrant, that was only in Shui Chang Village and now that he was facing so many people in an unfamiliar environment, he panicked and subconsciously replied to the reporter, “I don’t like her!”

The reporter froze after hearing his reply, then emotionally asked, “Were you also hurt by your elder sister? How could a child fake any of this? It’s obvious that Jing Yun Zhao is really repulsed to be associated with the Jing Family.”

“What about the two little girls over here? Do both of you think that Jing Yun Zhao’s actions are correct? Do you have anything you want to say to your elder sister?” The reporter continued asking.

“I wish that she would come back to take care of father and mother; It’s time to stop being so willful and learn to get along with us. I wouldn’t even mind sharing my things with you.” Jing Ling replied with bright eyes.

Obviously, Jing Yun Zhao would also have to share her belongings with me.

The reporter was satisfied with Jing Ling’s answer as he turned to question Jing Xiu.

At that moment, Jing Xiu’s body stiffened, her gaze wandered around, as her brain was in a mess.

“She’s not…” Jing Xiu said fearfully while sputtering, and when she saw the blood on Jing Yun Zhao’s forehead, she felt even more guilty and that everything could’ve been prevented if only she had warned Jing Yun Zhao earlier, if only she had stopped her father and mother.

“She’s not… she’s not my elder sister, my elder sister is already dead…” Jing Xiu cried as she revealed the truth.

The colours of Wang Xin Fang’s and Jing Tie Jun’s face changed the moment they heard Jing Xiu’s reply as they shouted, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

Jing Xiu instantly lowered her head in fear to the couple’s outburst.

The reporter gave a sigh as he said, “It seems like Jing Xiu is more resistant towards the idea of Jing Yun Zhao being a part of their family, and that in her heart, Jing Yun Zhao’s behaviour has made it impossible for her to accept Jing Yun Zhao…”

The reporter completely overthinked Jing Xiu’s reply.

“Jing Yun Zhao, what do you have to say for yourself? Because of your unruliness, your parents are in pain everyday and your brother and sisters are discouraged and do not recognize you as their sibling, at such a young age too…”

“Mr.Reporter, you are such a kindhearted person.” Jing Yun Zhao said in a mocking tone.

The reporter felt that something was wrong with Jing Yun Zhao’s reply, yet he felt deeply honored as he replied, “Jing Yun Zhao, if you still have a shred of conscience inside of you, you would apologize to your parents, admit your wrongs in front of everybody now, and swear that you’ll be obedient to your parents and treat your younger siblings well in the future…”

The onlookers still had furious looks on their faces, but this time a hint of expectation was there too.

Jing Yun Zhao was still a young adult and could be considered a kid, if she could admit her faults, naturally it would be the best outcome. However this incident caused many of the onlookers to think deeply, and whether the education system should only focus on achievements? If a majority of youths were to be like Jing Yun Zhao, then who would support the elderly in the future? Who would take care of the children?

“Your heart is in the right place, but a pity you’re stupid.” Jing Yun Zhao rebutted.

Finishing her sentence, she took out her copy of the paternity test results without giving the reporter a chance to reply.

“You all believed and assumed that they were my parents just because they showed their paternity test results, so what if I showed mine?” Jing Yun Zhao said as she showed her paternity test results; she glared at both Jing Tie Jun and Wang Xin Fang as she coldly continued, “The results of the paternity test clearly show that we’re not biologically related, so can you explain the results to me ‘Father’?

The paternity test belonging to Wang Xin Fang and Jing Tie Jun both had the same identification value, while Jing Yun Zhao’s paternity test showed a different value, with a glance you can already tell it belongs to two different people.

“Y-you went and got another paternity test?” Jing Tie Jun asked in shock, while Wang Xin Fang reacted instantly and screamed, “You’re lying! Your paternity test is clearly a fake!”

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