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Chapter 241: < Protect – Episode 231 – Wild Africa [6] >

“It was nothing.”

“Seriously? The US president’s going to give you a citizenship.”

Han Chae Kyung stared at Ahn Soo Ho with a confused look on her face. In the midst of planning their escape from Kenya, he received a call from the White House. It was clear that America was taken aback by the Islam terrorists’ sudden attack.

The US president’s proposal was simple.

‘I’ll help you obtain a US citizenship.’

And of course, Ahn Soo Ho didn’t turn him down right away. Since he had things to give and take from Africa, he had to play smart. Since one of their Navy Fleets got robbed, they were probably furious.

“It was a boring conversation.”

“You’re the only person who would say that.”

Han Chae Kyung found Ahn Soo Ho fascinating. Kim Na Hee warned her to back out when she can, but she couldn’t help but care. And on top of that, he saved her from a catastrophe.

“What did she say?”

“She said there’s nothing you can do about fate. And she said to tell you that she’s sorry.”

He notified her of Hirukawa Mai’s death through Han Chae Kyung. But he didn’t reveal the whole story. Since Kim Na Hee wasn’t in a good state, he didn’t want to make things worse. However, Ahn Soo Ho knitted his brows after receiving Kosino’s call.

‘Someone is lurking around Chairwoman Kim Na Hee.’

The first ones he suspected were the upper class of Korea. But he shook his head. If they messed with Daesan Group right now, the Korean economy would tumble down.

‘Who is it?’

There were quite a few people who could benefit from messing with Kim Na Hee. First of all, she was hated by competitors in the beauty industry as well as her ex-husband’s side of the family.

It didn’t matter who it was.

Ahn Soo Ho wasn’t going to let anyone harass a dying woman. Beyond gender, age, and reputation, Kim Na Hee deserved to be respected. Since he put Alexa on the job, he would find out who it was soon enough.

“What about the volunteer group?”

“They’ve calmed down.”

“Who knows? Keep an eye on them when we get back to Korea. They’ll need a lot of care. What about you?”


A total of 2 people from the volunteer group of Rosette Group died. When considering the workers who carried luggage, there were more deaths, but the Korean foreign office only cared about Koreans.

It might sound cruel, but Kenya only worried about their own people at the moment. It was up to the Kenyan government and the UN to resolve the issue of dying Kenyans.

As soon as a Navy Carrier entering through the Suez Canal was harmed, the Pentagon put everything in East Africa to a halt. Not even the strongest army could withstand such an attack.

The US military focused on what they were good at.

They were going to use the drone in Kenya and Somalia to shoot missiles at the enemies. In response, Al Shabab showed an immediate reaction of decapitating an American.

‘An endless retaliation has begun.’

At this point, it was a battle of ride. Boko Haram, which was screwed over by the US military in the Nigerian war, and the Islamic forces in Africa banded together. Of course, the US military was the strongest of the strong, but they still had their weaknesses.

“Is the White House looking for you because of the hostages?”

“Yeah. Most likely.”

The biggest problem for Americans and American companies was the kidnapping. Not only did Africans do it, but South America and Central America targeted Americans to kidnap.

And the numbers rose astronomically.

It blew up.

“No matter how much kidnapping increases, America won’t stop their direct approach.”

“Do you think America will use this to find a way out?”

“They’ve done this before.”

America rose to the throne through the great war.

“This will become a trade war.”

The final objective of America’s FTA was probably China. Most experts thought that there was no way China could beat America, but America kept China in check.

The ones with more money didn’t allow for any pursuit among Yankees. Just like many international organizations, China put a lot of care into TWO. China put in countless efforts to climb in rank, but Europe always got in the way.

Bungee might have been tricked by Hirukawa, but China’s intentions were clear. Whether it was environmental terror or hacking, it didn’t matter as long as they didn’t get caught. They were going to do anything they could, both things that could be seen and those that couldn’t. Everyone knew that half of the hacking harm caused in the world was because of China. But it wasn’t easy making the Chinese government own up to it.

“There are both pros and cons to the world order created by America. But no pros can be found in the world order of China.”

As soon as China took over the world, the world would have to fight for freedom again.

“Aren’t you close to the premier?”

“But this has nothing to do with personal friendships.”

It was true that he was close to the Chinese premier. Ahn Soo Ho had many Chinese friends. He had many Japanese friends as well. Even the propeller plane outside was sent by his Chinese friend.

In Africa, where bribes were expected, China had substantial power. While Japan and America controlled them with the car market, China attacked Africa with formal bribery.

The person who got off the plane was the deputy head of the Chinese Safety Bureau, whom he met in Korea. China was the country that gave them the most help in getting the foreigners and refugees out of there.

Ahn Soo Ho shook hands with him.

“Long time no see, Soo Ho.”

“I heard you’re going to get a promotion.”


Xunming laughed.

“I want to bring you somewhere nice… but it’s not possible in this situation.”

“That’s okay.”

He looked around and then met eyes with Han Chae Kyung.

“Who’s this…?”

“No need to play pretend.”

The Chinese Safety Bureau definitely knew of Han Chae Kyung. Xunming showed a troubled look on his face. It was normal to proceed into introductions, but it was like him to just get straight to the point.

“Two of our Navy Vessels will arrive in Somalia within 48 hours.”

“America will hate it.”

“We can justify it.”

Some of the Chinese construction workers in China were decapitated, and a large number of hostages were still with Al Shabab. And many knew that China didn’t usually cooperate with hostage negotiations.

But the fact that they were still kidnapping meant that China wasn’t welcome on this land any more than America. In their economy, it was hard to jump in if they weren’t Chinese. China and Chinese companies looked down on Africa, and as a result, they hated China just as much as they hated America.

“Were there any exchanges with Japan?

In response to Ahn Soo Ho’s question, Xuming knitted his brow.


“Then the topic of Hirukawa Mai must have come out.”

“The chief cabinet secretary said it himself.”

Shiba Yaos was probably the first and last Japanese chief cabinet secretary who went on a Korean talk show. After getting a lot of attention as a young man in the Japanese political world, he already looked promising as the next prime minister.

Since all the politicians sucked up to Shiba Yaos, nothing more was needed to be said. No one knew how much they were going to change, but Japanese people wanted change. Among China, Korea, and Japan, Japan was still the worst at taking nobles and certain surnames into consideration.


“They’ll pay you for burying the scandals regarding Bungee and Hirukawa.”

“People know already.”

It was very likely that the incident of China secretly hiring an environmental terrorist and its own citizens getting involved in the terror to become a scandal. In particular, for countries wanting to get back at China and Japan, this was a great opportunity. Korea and India, to be more exact.

“What about America?’

“We’ve decided to halt our discussion regarding WTO until the US election.”

“Really? That’s so generous.”

“It’s best to avoid the injured hawk.”

Considering the harm the US navy vessels suffered, it was very minor. However, their pride was hurt by the fact that they were attacked.

“Okay. I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

“Thank you. You won’t regret it.”

Ahn Soo Ho accepted Xunming’s proposal. He didn’t want the truth about Hirukawa to get out either. As soon as they finished talking, the plane was ready. Today was the day when the last team of Rosette Group was to leave camp.

After going to Tanzania, they got on a jet to the Korean embassy. Some of the reporters that were with them wanted to stay, but they needed a license to do so.

“Go, Chae Kyung.”

Han Chae Kyung was the last to get on.

“What’s the scandal about, Uncle?”

“I’ll explain later. Just think about what to get from each country.”


“Think about what Rosette Group wants from China and Japan.”

Ahn Soo Ho gave his reward to Kim Na Hee. That was the only way he would feel better.

“Go. They’re waiting.”

Ahn Soo Ho pushed her along to get going. She kept turning back, and he waved his hand goodbye.


The plane shipped dust around as it flew into the sky. Tillerson approached.

“It’s ready.”

Ahn Soo Ho returned to the commanding camp. There were more than 10 faces on the screen. Most of them were wearing military uniforms, and they were from the US military, England, France, and Germany. There were also Korean and Chinese soldiers in the mix.

“We’re going to Somalia tomorrow.”

He planned to destroy both Al Shabab and the SI.

“To be more direct, I need men to protect the camp.”

As soon as the refugees swarmed in, the camp became very tight. Ahn Soo Ho didn’t intend on staying at the camp. Everyone on the screen looked troubled. But they were all shocked by what he said next.

“I’ll wear whichever uniform of the soldier who’ll look after this camp and fight for you.”

Ahn Soo Ho confidently asked for a sponsorship.


The photo that was posted online drew a lot of attention. Among all of the military uniforms, the US Military uniform was the most famous. After seeing Ahn Soo Ho in a military uniform and sunglasses, everyone was ecstatic.

The battle footage of the Rosette Group’s volunteer team made all military manias go wild. Perhaps his skills in Monaco when Lila was kidnapped made people anticipate it even more. However, the footage destroyed their expectations. In a good way, not bad.

No way! Pow! Pow!

A pistol against a machine gun? What? Is this a Hong Kong film?

It’s a real gun battle!

Pow! Pow!

Bruce Lee is back!

Not all Asians are Chinese! And they’re not all martial artists either!

The mystery of Asians! That’s what you call oriental magic!

How did the smoke cover everything so well? And how did he control people in all that smoke?

The terrorists are no better than reserve forces!

You crazy bastard! They’re terrorists! The ones with real-life experience are not to be messed with! They move differently!

Yeah! That’s a real battle! It’s not easy pulling the trigger on people! Murder is a habit!

The footage that was shown next was a body cam of a mercenary. Just in case of a failure, NK Global put on body cams. After all, it could be used as evidence later. But it only made the controversies grow even more.

No way! How did a pistol blow up a car?

A pistol put a helicopter to the ground!

That’s a movie, you idiot!

What is this? This is scary!

Is this a shooting game? It’s hitting every target!

Isn’t it more normal to avoid a gun in your face? What’s wrong with them?

Maybe they were confident!

There are no revival items in real life!

The bullet is almost moving sideways! It hit them in the head every time!

This is a scam!

Definitely an alien!

Foreigners were in awe by Ahn Soo Ho’s fighting skills while Koreans raved about his uniform.

Why is he wearing a US military uniform?

He probably borrowed it! The patches are all just supplies.


Probably! How could he find a Korean uniform in Kenya?

Isn’t our navy vessel in Somalia, too?

Hey! That’s nonsense! He couldn’t ask for them to ship a uniform just so he could get on a plane!

Yeah! Use common sense! The US military was the closest, so he borrowed it from them!

It’s not like he’s Korean anyway.

Still! People will think Ahn Soo Ho is American now!

But why does that matter? What we have to worry about is our own economy! Who cares about foreigners?

I don’t get why the news keeps talking about a successful foreigner as if he’s Korean! He’s just a foreigner with back hair! They’re all the same!

The Korean sentiment split into two branches regarding the Kenyan incident.

Some praised the newlywed man for taking care of Rosette Group’s volunteer team. But some psychopaths also questioned why Ahn Soo Ho never prevented them from going in the first place.

“Most are calling him a hero… but some are trying to twist it.”

Jang Seol Hyun was feeding her baby and then looked back at Alexa.


“You know.”

“I do?”

“Yeah. Lee Yeon Jin.”


Lee Yeon Jin was the second daughter of Shilla Group. Shilla Group dominated the entertainment world before the Hosoo Entertainment Group showed up.


“Why else? There’s only one reason. Both Shilla and Youngjin are trying to reclaim their honor.”

Businesses had to bring down their opponents to survive.

“What about Vice-Chairman Oh?’

“She’s playing by the book. She’s an honest woman. I don’t hate that… but I don’t like her this time.”

Jang Seol Hyun laughed bitterly. She was starting to hear things she didn’t want to hear after being in the entertainment world for too long. Scandals related to sponsorships happened in all entertainment worlds. Even Hollywood had sponsorships. It was just that the public didn’t know about it. And Shilla Group was no different.

“Is it because Soo Ho is gone?”

“Maybe… But you have to know this, Seol Hyun.”

Alexa looked at Jang Seol Hyun with a serious look on her face.

“Soo Ho doesn’t care about small things. He really doesn’t care.”

Even though they got married and had a child, some things didn’t change.

“This is something you have to take care of.”

“Won’t Joo Kyung be mad?”

Alexa shook her head.

“You still don’t know your status, do you?”

Alexa took out her phone.

“Hello? Chief Secretary. This is Jang Seol Hyun’s house. Yes. That Jang Seol Hyun. We want to meet with the president. Is that possible today? Sure, we’ll wait.”

Jang Seol Hyun dropped her jaw as Alexa hung up.

“Di… did you just call the Blue House?”



“To tell them where you are. The president will call soon.”

And just like that, Alexa’s phone rang.

“Hello, Mr. President. This is Soo Hee. Yes, that’s right. That’d be great. Sure. See you soon.”

Alexa put her phone away and looked at Jang Seol Hyun intensely.

“The president is nothing but a temporary man in power, Seol Hyun.”

As someone who was married to Ahn Soo Ho, she needed to get stronger. That was what Alexa decided. It was the male lion that ruled, but the one keeping that lion alive was the female lion.

Alexa smirked at Jang Seol Hyun.

“Watch carefully. This is how you use a woman’s power.”

The way women used their power was different from how men used theirs.

< Protect – Episode 231 – Wild Africa [6] > The end.

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