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Chapter 240: < Protect – 230 – Wild Africa [5] >



Once Ahn Soo Ho returned to camp two days later, he wasn’t alone. After looking at the people around him, he whispered to Han Chae Kyung.

“Try to frame this in a nice way. If it looks good, you and the company will both benefit.”

Once he wiped out Al Shabab’s bases one by one, he came out with a troop. While Han Chae Kyung took care of the people, Ahn Soo Ho looked around the camp.

They built a decent war hut. They made walls out of the buses, stacked sandbags, and blocked the entrance with a barricade. It wasn’t half bad.

He looked around and then took out his phone. He wanted to avoid whoever would come and introduce themselves. But he really did make a call.

“How’s Soo Hyun?”

“She’s doing well. But she doesn’t cry.”

“Is that weird?”

“Don’t babies usually cry?”

Both Jang Seol Hyun and Ahn Soo Ho were newbie parents. They studied how to take care of a baby, but they had no experience.

“What did your mother say?”

“She likes that she doesn’t cry.”


It was normal for parents to worry whether their baby cried or not.

“Are you all right, Soo Ho?”


“It’s chaos here. You know that?”

He expected that. Before he left or Kenya, he held a press conference. And as soon as a bomb went off in Nairobi, everyone suspected Ahn Soo Ho.

‘Did he really go there to volunteer?’

There were countless reporters in front of Jang Seol Hyun’s house in Cheongdamdong. It was a hindrance to their neighbors. He thought about passing out rice cakes once he got back.

“I heard about Na Hee…”

Jang Seol Hyun found out that Kim Na Hee had a terminal illness. She was close to him before Ahn Soo Ho. She regretted not taking care of her after getting married.

“You should have told me earlier.”

“Sorry. You can never change her personality.”

The fact that Kim Na Hee still smiled despite being sick was a testament to how strong she was.

“When are you coming back?”


Most people usually went away if a person was on the phone, but this person wouldn’t go away. Ahn Soo Ho put his phone away and looked behind him.


“Can I take a picture?”

Sylvia asked with confidence. She was acting arrogant for someone who was just saved, but he didn’t feel like fighting. As soon as Ahn Soo Ho nodded, she ran over and posed for a selfie.


She reeked of cigarettes.

Just like in Korea, smoking and drinking were a serious problem among teenagers. But compared to America or Europe, Korea was relatively free of drugs. But they still existed.

The teenagers these days didn’t hesitate to express their feelings. The difference between the teenagers of Korea and America was that they weren’t afraid of age. Sylvia didn’t know anything about Ahn Soo Ho. Just the fact that he was in one of Lila’s Instagram posts.

“Are you good at fighting, Mister?”

“Do you have a lot of money, Mister?”


Sylvia bombarded him with countless questions. Most of them were childish questions. But they were out of pure intent.

She showed some hints of a problematic child.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Do you get good grades in school?”

“Are you…”

This time, Ahn Soo Ho bombarded her with questions. Sylvia looked shocked but then smiled.

“Old man.”

“Little bitch.”

Since they both had the tendencies to harass others, there was no way they would compromise. He had seen many women like her. The 0.01% upper class were considerate to others while those slightly below them dished out more bullshit.

“I heard Asian men are good-mannered. But you’re not one of them.”

“Yeah, I don’t have manners. So go away. Shoo, shoo.”

Sylvia pouted in response to Ahn Soo Ho’s rejection. Most would have left after getting their pride hurt, but she tried even harder. Did he mess with her self confidence too much? In any case, Ahn Soo Ho just went his way.

Once he arrived at the camp’s command barracks, decisions had already been made. The one in charge was naturally Ahn Soo Ho. No one resisted the rank. In Kenya, where terror and kidnapping, as well as bombings, occurred, there was no such thing as laws.

They had to stick to a strong person to survive. They needed to follow orders until they got out of there. Ahn Soo Ho called upon the leaders.

“Who’s the most superior?”

One person raised his hand.

“Introduce yourself.”

“I’m Jamie Tillerson of NK Global.”

“NK Global?”

“It’s what you’re thinking, Soo Ho.”


The more exact name was Stania Defense Control, and there was a contract cartel of the US Marines. The US Navy committed just as much corruption, but what set them apart from Korea was that instead of following regulations, they put their profits first. They used the lack of laws in less developed countries to their advantage.

There were many countries in which mercenaries kept public order. Even if they weren’t mercenaries, there were many regions all around the world where civilians replaced police officers. Even in countries with police officers, they asked PMCs for help.

Tillerson smiled.

“We’re reflecting upon our actions.”

“If that’s all it takes for sins to go away, why would there be laws?”

“That’s true.”

Tillerson didn’t have anything to say.

Stania was prosecuted for the crazy things they did in the Ivory Coast. But it wasn’t all mercenaries of Stania that participated in the civilian assassinations. NK Global was a PMC formed from some of the mercenaries in Stania.

“Who’s against putting Tillerson in charge?”

No one stepped up. The next on the list was camp operation planning. Han Chae Kyung raised her hand.

“Even the Kenyan refugees are swarming over. We need to take measures.”

“What are the countries’ plans for withdrawal?”

“I tried contacting them… but they’re putting off answering.”


Instead of answering, she turned on the screen. The clear screen showed a live footage of a city in chaos.

“The destroyers from the US and Italy that were coming into Mombasa were ambushed. It wasn’t so serious that they almost sank, but they can no longer anchor without careful thinking. And there was also a bombing and a gunfight at the Mombasa Airport.”

As a result of the bombing in Nairobi, the withdrawal plans of each country all relocated to Mombasa. However, Al Shabab succeeded another sneak attack. As soon as their focus went from Nairobi to Mombasa, they showed their true colors.

“What about the Kenyan military?”

“I heard most of their troops are along the Somalian border.”

“They must be crazy.”

It was certain now. Al Shabab had no intention of going back. He figured they would be like that when he smelled Ultra on them. That meant their hostages were in great danger. If they happened to commit suicide bombings with hostages in their arms, the world would go into more chaos.

‘In order to move out the US carrier strike group to East Africa, we need time.’

Pentagon was shocked that Al Shabab’s kidnapping and terror weren’t a small matter. It was possible that they would attack the carrier strike group going through the Suez Canal. There were always those trying to stop the wheels of crazies that couldn’t be won since they were jumping in prepared to die.

The US Navy’s countless drones were in the skies of Kenya, but the hostages couldn’t be saved with hellfire missiles. They had to make a negotiation or send out special troops. Considering that the US didn’t negotiate with terrorists, the hostages were as good as dead.

“Let’s get the foreigners at the camp out of here through Tanzania.”


The camp was set up closer to Somalia than Tanzania. Ahn Soo Ho didn’t answer Han Chae Kyung’s question and took out his phone.

“Henry, scrape up all the helicopters and planes you can find. The cost? I’ll give you 10 times as much. Yeah. Okay.”

He hung up and looked back at the people.

“Have the people pack up and on stand by.”

The propeller airplanes could land anywhere as long as there was an airstrip.


One of the mercenaries lifted his badge and came into the tent.

“I’m from the US Marines.”

As soon as he got out, he saw a helicopter that had landed at camp. The Marine soldiers came out one by one. As soon as Ahn Soo Ho approached, a commissioned officer walked up to him and saluted.

“Mr. Guardian.”

“How many can you lift?”

Ahn Soo Ho shook hands with the white man and got straight to the point.

“Besides the students, we can carry around 20 more people.”


In response to his hand gesture, a mercenary led more refugees outside.

“How long until the resupply?”

“We have to go to Nairobi, too… so we can only come two times a day.”

“Are you withdrawing from Mombasa?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I heard it’s chaos there.”

“We have no choice. Boat is the safest at the moment..”

Ahn Soo Ho saw Sylvia get on last and waved his hand. He thought her frowning face looked funny. He shook hands with the lieutenants.

“See you again.”

The helicopters disappeared into the sky. Han Chae Kyung approached and stood beside him.

“America is thorough about this stuff.”

“Well, there are underaged kids involved. Think about kids dying in a war. Then Olsen will really get impeached.”

Two impeachments in a row? It wasn’t entirely impossible. If that happened, that would certainly remain in the world’s political history. There were injured children from the bus that was ambushed, but no one died. It was sad that the teacher died, but the White House was relieved. And surprisingly there weren’t many deaths of Americans from the Nairobi terrorist attack either.


Ahn Soo Ho and Han Chae Kyung looked back at the commanding tent in response.

“All of your clients left. What are you going to do?”

Since the US Marines were moving, the withdrawal of American citizens was fully underway. And since Tillerson was signed with the American Department of State, he could leave as well.

“You’re getting ready to make claims from the scumbag Yankee bureaucrats… I’d like to sign with you, Soo Ho.”

“Really? I’d like that.”

It was certain that if Kenyan refugees came, they wouldn’t have enough hands. Ahn Soo Ho signed a contract with NK Global right there.

“But why did you call me?”

“Take a look at this.”

Tillerson pushed a laptop. Common sites of terrorist attacks. A terrorist with a bandana over his face was saying something in Arabian to the camera. He then made a beat-up white person kneel in front of him. He had seen this many times before.

‘They always repeat the same thing.’

Why do they like beheading people so much?


Han Chae Kyung turned her head.

“Were they caught in Kenya? What’s their nationality?”

“Yes. They’re French people that went missing.”

“This will cause a stir.”

The French military was also a hostile group. Among the legendary behaviors, there were quite a few crazy missions, and they didn’t hesitate to unleash their army. It was an honor for soldiers to fight for their country.

8 Chinese construction workers working in Kenya were beheaded!

3 teachers, who volunteered at a refugee game, were beheaded!

9 Kenyan government soldiers were beheaded, 11 were burned to death!

All of National Geographic’s filming team were beheaded!

The US Marines were already spreading out to East Africa, and they were all coming in from the Indian Ocean. But one of the fleets entering through the Indian Ocean ran into trouble.

There were no enemies at sea, but as soon as they lost their mobility, they were just a target. Since the terrorists had no intention of coming out alive, they were able to make a successful attack no matter how slowly they moved.

They showed up out of nowhere and attacked the carrier strike group with explosives. The air defense system was activated so that most of it was oxidized, but some of them succeded.

Bang, bang, bang- Bang, bang-

A military of aliens. That was the moment when the pride of the US Military got scratched.

< Protect – Episode 230 – Wild Africa [5] > The end.

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