Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 7

The room was empty and murky, but very dry. The oil lamp flickered, lighting the room. Ye Zhijin and Xuanyuan Qing sat on a stone table placed in the middle, the both of them wearing black clothing, their faces holding not very pleasant expressions.


The doors were pushed open, carrying the sound of shackles falling to the ground. The two people looked out the door instinctively, the first thing that entered their line of sight was red like fire.

Dazzling red, extremely dazzling red.

It was Su Wan wearing bright red attire, stepping into the room carefully, with the help of Su Rui.

Xuanyuan Qing narrowed his eyes: “Wan?”

Hearing that deep, hoa.r.s.e voice of Xuanyuan Qing, Su Wan gave a look at the original male lead, giving off a domineering aura.

Although he recently underwent trails, even trying to find ways to live in the face of death, Xuanyuan Qing still carried a calm and leisurely appearance. But his tiredness was visible, the fatigue on his face sold out the situation he was in.

“Fifth cousin.”

Su Wan nodded to Xuanyuan Qing and slightly glanced at Ye Zhijin. The woman’s eyes flashed, her happy face showing signs of exposure.

Su Wan, the eldest daughter of General Su, the princess consort of Xuanyuan Rui.

Ye Zhijin knew Su Wan very clearly, she also knew that after Ye Zhihua married into the third prince’s household, the relationship between Su Wan and Xuanyuan Rui showed a crack.

But currently, she and Xuanyuan Qing, who should have been killed under the schemes of Ye Zhihua and Xuanyuan Rui, were instead rescued by the Su family.

This problem, Ye Zhijin thought for a little moment and immediately understood.

At this moment, with the heart of Ye Zhijin bursting with happiness, she knew! She knew correctly! How could she, a transmigrated soul, easily be tricked by that rebirthed Ye Zhihua?

There is only one protagonist, and that person definitely has to be her!

‘Transmigrated’ or ‘Rebirthed’, whoever takes advantage of the times then they will be the winner, however, once things go out of control it will be harmful to others and oneself.

In the past life, Ye Zhijin overlooked the ‘indigenous’ of this world. She couldn’t stand it, so she revealed herself to Ye Zhihua that she was a transmigrated person before she pa.s.sed, who knew that Ye Zhihua was rebirthed.

What is the cause of this?

This life, before her death, Ye Zhijin thought she had victories grasped, and went to visit Ye Zhihua before her death in prison, they leisurely talked about the old times. That moment, Ye Zhihua was desperate, she did not expect to be rebirthed at this time, even the memories for revenge were kept.

She thought that she was the main character of the story, but at that time meet Ye Zhihua who became the female lead and counterattacked.

On the execution day, Ye Zhijin didn’t hold any hopes, but at that moment a miracle happened.

A moment before being beheaded, after the white cloth descended to cover their faces, she and Xuanyuan Rui were exchanged with others.

These days, the both of them remained trapped within this stone room, on time people would send in drinks and food, but the owner of this place never appeared.

Ye Zhijin thought of many possibilities, now that she sees Su Wan and Su Rui. In her mind, she immediately thought of the b.l.o.o.d.y drama of husband and wife going against each other.

“Why did you save us?”

Compared to the excitement of Ye Zhijin, Xuanyuan Qing was extremely calm, he silently looked at the two people opposite, eyes finally resting on Su Wan.

“I just don’t want to see Xuanyuan Rui and Ye Zhihua be in peace.”

Su Wan laughed full of resentment: “The things that Xuanyuan Rui wants, I will ruin. Fifth cousin, I know that you have your own forces outside of the capital, do you… want to make a comeback?”


The pupils of Xuanyuan Qing’s flashed: “Cost? What is the price I have to pay?”

He currently lost all status as a prince, with the exception of the force outside of the capital. He had no other value than this, so clearly in this collaboration, he is at a disadvantage.

The price, ah…

In the bottom of Su Wan’s heart she silently laughed, the price is naturally… your life! But of course, how could she say this out loud? If this happened the heart of these companions would be damaged!

“I just don’t want to forgive Xuanyuan Rui and Ye Zhihua.”

The eyes of Su Wan seeped in hatred: “To see them be unhappy, then I will naturally be happy. Cousin, you don’t have to pay any price, but of course, if you don’t believe in us then you can leave right now, I guarantee that you will be able to leave the capital safely.”

A woman, once she has gone crazy by love, then she will be able to do everything.

Currently, in the eyes of others, Su Wan was exactly seen as such, a woman full of madness.

Xuanyuan Qing remained silent, Ye Zhijin at his side was also quiet, even though she wants to immediately agree to the conditions of Su Wan, but knows clearly the personality of Xuanyuan Qing. So at this moment, she didn’t dare to open her mouth to speak.

A modern girl who transmigrated over, no matter how strong or independent as time would gradually pa.s.s, she will slowly integrate into this world, modern habits will gradually fade, the pride of before will not be of anymore…

“Wish there be a happy cooperation.”

Not long after, Xuanyuan Qing raised his head, smilingly looked at Su Wan and Su Rui.

From the beginning to end,  Su Rui stood at the back of Su Wan did not say a single word, but the eyes of Xuanyuan Qing would always stop for longer on Su Rui.

The Su family is a double-edged sword, killing countless enemies, but can also make him into a dead corpse.

Xuanyuan Qing knows that the original personality of Su Wan is obedience, now that it turned out this was due to Xuanyuan Rui, but Su Rui…

Su Rui was the person he should guard against.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Qing totally didn’t know, the person most dangerous towards him in the future was not Su Rui, but Su Wan.

General Su (将军府) – I didn’t address this in the former chapters but this is translated more like Government General, General Residence or MTL says General of the army but I thought General Su suited more.

Times – To explain its like to take advantage of situations but it also means good happening towards them.

T/N – When I was translating this chapter I realised that I was confused with the names Xuanyuan Qing and Xuanyuan Rui and accidentally swapped their names if any mistakes are spotted make sure to comment!


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