Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 6

The residence of General Ye is located in the northwest corner of the capital, these years General Su has always guarded the frontier, he rarely returned, so the entire General Residence was only handled by Su Rui alone.

Su Rui did not know Su Wan was always conscious, just seeing her in a groggy state, sometimes even dream talking, Su Rui anxiously searched for doctors for her. In the capital, everyone knew the Si family had the best medical skills, but thinking of that Si Yu with a face like an animal, having no good intention with his sister, Su Rui decisively ignored the invitation letter of the Si family to come examine the illness.

The old grey-haired physician checked the pulse of Su Wan, carefully reporting the full status of her physical condition for him to hear,  because recently the treatment was quite good. So even though Su Wan’s body was relatively weak, it was no longer life-threatening.

The physician went, then Su Rui sat at the edge of the bed looking at Su Wan’s eyes, never leaving, until it started to darken. Su Rui stood up, with a dark face towards Lu Chu: “Take care of your master well, if something goes wrong, I will kill you!”


The whole body of Lu Chu shivered and huddled, even though it had been four years since she left the General Residence, but Lu Chu still remembers very clearly the mentality of her house’s Young Master. That year, the people in princess’s courtyard continuously changed, at the end, when princess married into the third prince’s household it was only her left.

The others, the others…

That’s right, you guys guessed it right! All the other people, for not caring for Princess wholeheartedly, have all been broken, minced, and fed to the dogs.

Punishment extremely cruel, extremely gruesome.

Thinking now that she has returned back to the General Residence, from now on she would have to live under the brutality of the Young Master, Lu Chu suddenly felt that she has no lingering feeling to life anymore.

The first night back at the General Residence, Su Wan did not have an enjoyable sleep.

The next day, just as she opened her eyes she could smell the aroma of food. Su Wan supported herself up to see a group of maids bringing in plates abundant with food.

“Princess, the general told us servants to wait upon the princess to serve breakfast.”

A group of maids began to present the food, more profound than the time at the third prince household.

Su Wan gently tapped at her forehead with her fingers, that lunatic that liked his sister, did his illness turn more severe?

With this body and little stomach, even if she tried to stuff herself, then how much could fit? However, these days having people serve her where she only needs to open her mouth is definitely better than her time in the cold palace at the third prince household.

Su Wan ate breakfast in an extremely happy mood, knowing that Su Rui could not yet return. She immediately ordered Lu Chu to support her to walk around the General Residence, as the General Residence was very big, the pavilions were very large and wide corridors.

The main courtyard in the memories of the original host was very eerie and cold, Su Wan asked servants in the residence and found out that the main courtyard long ago didn’t have any occupants, the Great General has not returned home for many years, and the princess was not in good health so she would always rest at an infirmary.

The servant spoke in a relaxed manner, but Su Wan knew that the relationship between Su Rui and his mother was very tense, especially that year Su Rui’s fierce opposition of the marriage of Su Wan caused the family to collapse.

Currently, in the Su family, there was only Su Rui living there.

Such a lonely child!

When Su Wan was still sitting in pavilion, she saw Su Rui rushing to her side, wearing the attire of a general.

“Sister, why aren’t you in the room resting?”

Perhaps because of the dark personality the face of Su Rui looks very cold, on normal days his entire body would be surrounded by a dark haze.

However at this moment, Su Rui looked very gentle, in fact his facial features were very handsome. If he acted more normal, then he could be seen as a tranquil gentleman.

Looking at the appearance of Su Rui, the eyes of Su Wan lit up, ignoring her weak body, leaned up, stumbled forward, suddenly grabbing the sleeve of Su Rui: ” Where is him? Where are they?”


In the body of Su Rui manifested an evil spirit, but afterwards replaced by tenderness, “Sister, sister has just returned home, just rest your body for now, the other stuff can wait…”

“I can’t wait!”

The voice of Su Wan was weak but extremely sharp: “I don’t have any road left, I have nothing! I can no longer wait anymore!”

At this moment, she was like a woman full of resentment, showcasing the despair and hatred after being ruthlessly thrown away.

“I will not let him live a good life, I will not let them have a good life.”

Su Wan muttered, eyes full of resentment.

Su Rui had never seen Su Wan like this, he blanked out for a moment, thinking about Xuanyuan Rui, the man that turned his sister like this. His resentment for him grew more intense, and could not be contained.

That farewell last night, perhaps it was sister trying to maintain pride in front of others?

She is gold, she’s treasured by everyone in the palms of their hands. So then why should she suffer under that man’s trampling like that?

“I’ll help kill him for sister!”

Su Rui suddenly held Su Wan’s hand, eyes flickering in madness. If he’s able to say then he will do, even if he lost everything.

Su Wan was startled, but immediately removed the amazement from her eyes, instead she replaced it with an alert voice saying to Su Rui: “Kill him, how can I? Let him and Ye Zhihua become a beloved couple in death? No, I can’t let him rest like this.”

As if taken over by a ghost, the pale face of Su Wan became more complex and full of hate: “Are they not in true love? I want them to turn against each other, doesn’t Xuanyuan Rui want that position? I want to make him have nothing!

Kill people?

Su Wan went through many worlds, learnt of many ways to kill people, but she has never personally killed anyone, firstly was because it was against the rule, second it was because she detests the murdering of people.

She does not think of herself as a good person, because she could be just as cruel, ruthless, and push away everything,  to be skillful.

To kill a person is way too simple, death is short, this isn’t something that makes Su Wan happy.

She likes it slow, destroy the beliefs of that person, completely destroys his life.

Of course, she also wants to destroy their love…

What is sincere love?

Su Wan as a character has destroyed many couples, personally witnessed what they call “true love” collapse right in front of her.

This thing named love does not exist…

The hatred and resentment of Su Wan seemed to spread to Su Rui, he suppressed the idea of killing Xuanyuan Rui which was boiling in his body, glanced at Su Wan deeply, and said: “If sister wants it like this, I will deliver. Let’s go, I’ll bring sister to take medicine, after that I will take sister to meet them.”


Su Wan nodded, and bowed down. Her eyes flashed, in the bottom of her eyes appeared a sense of happiness, she still eagerly waited for the first meeting with the third prince and the rebirth girl…

I will kill you (剁了你) – The actual wording wasn’t like this it went along the line of chop you or minced but then it didn’t fit with the upcoming sentence.

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