Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 24 - The Ninth Nightmare (9)

SEG Chapter 2.9 — The Ninth Nightmare (9)

Su Wan only stayed in the hospital for 3 days. After that, she was picked up from the hospital by her parents.

The originally well-planned 1st of May holidays inexplicably came to nothing just like that. Luckily, there were still 3 days for her to rest well at home.

“Xiao Wan, mom and dad are going now. Make sure you lock the door well and go to bed early tonight!”

The sound of her mother’s constant reminders rang out from the living room and then, Su Wan heard to sound of the door close.

For many people, the 1st of May was a holiday, but according to Su Wan’s parents, it was an extremely laborious day. They were busy with additional night shifts, busy delivering goods in the factory.

So, according to the truly working people, what time did they have to go have a leisure time on Labor Day?

Su Wan seemed to be just like normal. The door was locked and then she changed into pajamas and watched an entertainment programme for a while. At exactly 9 o’clock, she went back to her room to sleep.

Su Jia’s apartment is half the size of a regular house. Father Su and Mother Su naturally stayed in the biggest room. Su Wan’s room was very small. Except for a single bed, there was a 1.2 meter wardrobe and a 2-layer multi-use study table.

At this time, Su Wan lied on her bed like on ordinary days and turned of the lights in the room. The bedroom was dark and in this quiet darkness, Su Wan gradually fell asleep.

Heavy downpour, an Audi was moving forwards on the mountain path at a fast speed. 1

“Qi Mu, be a bit more careful when you drive!”

“The rain is too heavy. How about we look for a place to park and rest for a bit?”

Who’s speaking in the car? So noisy.

“Stop the car! Do you all want to die?”

It was Qi Mu’s voice. Su Wan didn’t know why but she felt strangely familiar with this voice.

“This mountain road has 18 bends. Line of sight isn’t too good because of the heavy rain. Once you stop, are you not waiting to be hit flying? Even if we don’t come across any cars, even if there were no cars, what if the mountain collapses and a mudslide happens or something, then what would we do?” 2

Qi Mu seemed a little flustered and exasperated. He knew that as long as Chen Yu Feng left home, nothing good would happen!

He should not have promised to come over and be this nuisance’s driver!

“Qi, Qi Mu. Can you take it seriously a bit. Look at the road, look at the road ah!”

The sound of Fan Shu Jun, who sat in the front passenger seat, rang low and brought some distress.

Along with Fan Shu Jun’s voice, the Audi hit a few slippery spots. It swayed left and right. Su Wan felt like her body was violently swaying, her forehead firmly hit the seat in front.

How painful…..

Su Wan rubbed her aching forehead and lifted her eyes to look at the front right seat. Fan Shu Jun’s face was somewhat pale as if he was very nervous. Outside the car window, heavy rain poured and blurred everyone’s view.

This was…..

Su Wan was somewhat stunned. She didn’t know where she was for a while.

This speculating feeling made Su Wan’s head begin to dully ache again.

“Don’t touch me. I have nothing to say to you!”

Right at this time, Bai Xiao Yue’s sharp voice suddenly rang from the back of the car.

“Hey, hey, don’t speak carelessly. Since when did I touch you. Didn’t you look for me to help you. You actually went as far as to give me the could shoulder? In any case, everyone are fellow students ah!”

This was Chen Yu Feng’s voice.

Su Wan turned her head and saw Chen Yu Feng and Bai Xiao Yue sitting behind everyone. Bai Xiao Yue’s expression wasn’t too good and Chen Yu Feng’s face was full of patience, as if he still wanted to say something to Bai Xiao Yue.

“Fellow students?”

Hearing what Chen Yu Feng said, Bai Xiao Yue looked at him is disdain. She was going to open her mouth to say something when Yi Zi Xuan, who sat in front of the two people, suddenly shouted: “Qi Mu! Stop the car! Stop the car now!”

Yi Zi Xuan’s voice came very suddenly and was also very loud. Su Wan thought she understood Yi Zi Xuan very well. So, she felt the Yi Zi Xuan’s panic in that one sentence.

That’s right. He was scared. He was especially terrified.

What is he afraid of?

The ear grating sound of brakes rang out and the rear of the car swayed a bit, but still steadily stopped at the roadside.

“I say, what are each and every one of you doing.”

Qi Mu turned his body and looked at the people in the car, his face held discontent.

It was right at this moment when lightning streaked across the sky and Su Wan only felt her vision go white.


She opened her eyes from her sleep. Su Wan’s muddle-headed gaze became clear and gradually became incredibly frightened again.

“Drip, drip.”

Su Wan stared wide and motionlessly at the ceiling of her room. There was something dripping down drop by drop from her ceiling.

Su Wan’s heart tightened, her body stiffened, a sense of panic ran through her body.

What….is that?

In the dark, there seemed to be something moving on the ceiling. That something was slowly coming together and forming a number.



Su Wan couldn’t help but speak. At the sound of her voice, the number on the ceiling suddenly enlarged ten-fold and occupied the entire roof. It was just like an ordinary boulder and suddenly dropped straight down, rushing in Su Wan’s direction.


Su Wan had a split second of absent-mindedness. When she regained awareness again, she saw scattered rubble and splattered blood all over the floor.

The heavy rain still continued. The black Audi car was crushed by innumerable crushed stones and the car had been severely deformed. From within the spaces between the crushed rocks, a few arms could be seen powerlessly swinging, as if they were seeking their final redemption.

Blood mixed with the rain and dyed the entire road in scarlet.

Su Wan felt cold all over, her back was freezing–

Car accident, luxury car.

The car that the Head Nurse said where several people died was this one.

Yes, they didn’t come across the scene of a car accident on that mountain road, nor did they bypass it.

That huge accident where the luxury car had been smashed by the rocks, was exactly Chen Yu Feng’s car that they were travelling in.

They were involved in a car accident. Those who died, died. Those who went comatose, were comatose.

Su Wan suddenly remembered everything–

Now, they were stranded in the dreamworld.

In here, the people who are alive have to look for those who truly died in that accident and kill them again to end the dream. And the dead people would do everything they could to kill the living people in order to seize their chances of survival. 3

This, was a nightmare world where there was no bottom line, no one will lecture about ethics. If you want to live, you cannot be soft-hearted. Once you’re soft-hearted, it would simply mean that you would lose your life….


The bedroom desk lamp was switched on. Su Wan sat at her bedside with a pale face. Looking at the bedside alarm clock, Su Wan shrunk her body and clenched her hands hard–

What did the Arabic numeral 5 stand for?

5 people? Or 5 ghosts?

Now was she a person or a ghost?

Despair and horror that Su Wan never felt before encircled her. She loosened her clenched hands. Both her arms tightly hugged her knees.  4

“Dong dong dong! Dong dong dong!”

Right at this moment, there were sudden loud and rapid knocks on the door outside Su Wan’s house.

As if Su Wan was frightened, she subconsciously wished to shrink herself in her quilt, but the knock on the door got more and more rapid, more and more forceful. 5

Who was it?

The needle on the clock showed that it was 12:30 midnight.

A knock at the door at midnight. Every aspect of it was strange and abnormal.

“Su  Wan, open the door!”

As if he couldn’t wait anymore, the person knocking on the door finally shouted at the sturdy anti-theft door.

This voice was…..

How could it be him?

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