Since The Red Moon Appeared

Chapter 679 - Chapter 679: Kill this city (1)

Chapter 679: Kill this city (1)

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Lu Xin’s expression was one of surprise as he turned to han Bing with a questioning look.

Han Bing had wanted to tell Lu Xin about this for a long time, so she sighed and said, “”Something happened in his family.”

after cleaning up the special pollution in this city, we’ll use his men and his influence to help maintain order in Black Swamp city and clean up the battlefield in the main city to avoid any losses that might lead to bad results. I have to say that this master qun has indeed helped a lot. He easily controlled the situation for the time being, which made us all relieved  ”

but at this time, master group wanted to invite us to his place to rest for a while. Then, we found out that something had happened.

At this point, she also sighed softly, ” only now did I realize that his family had all

“AI  ”

At this point, han Bing’s expression seemed to be a little dejected as she sighed softly, ” the pollution in Black Swamp city is spread through the influence of the black grass. The more serious the influence of the black grass is, the deeper the pollution will be. I don’t know if master qun told his family not to touch these things, but his family, including his children, are actually all deeply affected.

“In addition, they were originally in the main city, so they were affected even more.”

in short, when we arrived at his house, only the first wife of his family survived, and she had already gone crazy.

as soon as they met, they accused him of harming his entire family and chased him with a knife

Even though han Bing did not seem to have the heart to tell Lu Xin everything, Lu Xin had a rough idea of what had happened.

“What’s the reason?”

Many people in Black Swamp city had died because of this pollution, but it seemed that there were very few such concentrated deaths and injuries

Why did it have to be on master qun’s head?

“I’ve already done a preliminary investigation.”

“Master qun’s laboratory has produced a high-purity product,” she said in a lower voice.

“He didn’t trust anyone else, so he secretly hid in his own home. I asked his subordinates and learned that he often did this because he trusted his family very much and repeatedly told them not to touch these things. His first wife was the only one who had the key. But what he didn’t expect was that when the contamination was particularly serious, even his first wife had no self-control at all.”

he went to check the safe at the end. The things inside were already empty.

you can imagine the consequences of a group of severely contaminated people hiding in the same place

Lu Xin had more or less understood what was going on.

Even he felt that this was unbelievable.

However, after listening to han Bing’s explanation, he finally understood what he had seen just now. Master qun’s blood-red eyes and the twisted expression on his face were all about. There were a lot of things he wanted to say in his heart, but he was unable to make an evaluation of this matter for a while.

after discovering that matter, elder qun almost broke down

Han Bing was silent for a moment before sighing softly, ” if it wasn’t for the red snake consoling him, he might have already

“He’s in a state of severe lack of affection.”

The red snake continued and said in a low voice, ” because the emotional bond between me and him is still there, and he even placed more of his feelings on me. So even after such a thing happened, his will is still strong and he did not collapse. He only fell into deep self-blame, and with his cooperation with our investigation, he more or less knows the relationship between the pollution and the black grass.

that’s why he was so angry and swore to drive black grass out of Black Swamp city, to

“  Protect the rest of the family.”

but in fact, if I remove the influence on him

After a slight pause, she said in a much softer voice,”He will find that he has no family left.”

“I suspect that he will immediately fall into an emotional breakdown.”

Han Bing nodded and looked at Lu Xin, ” that’s why we’re already in a difficult position. After all, we all understand

“What he’s doing now is just a waste of effort,”

it’s expected that he would be opposed by Black Swamp city, and even assassinated. That’s why we asked Mr. Lizard to keep an eye on him. In the end, we feel guilty about this. If we didn’t ask him for help in the investigation

Lu Xin knew what she wanted to say, so he shook his head and said, ” if we didn’t find him to investigate, he would have died.

The whole story of the matter was finally clear.

Even though Lu Xin was consoling han Bing, he was actually feeling a little confused.

Was it because elder qun had suffered the consequences of his own actions and wanted to desperately remedy it, so he had to do this kind of crazy resistance?

Perhaps, he still had the thought of protecting his last family member after losing so many of them?

Thus, he did not hesitate to spend all his wealth and reveal the ugly side of Black Swamp city.

However, he didn’t know that he had no family left. The only family he had was fake.

The room suddenly became very quiet and oppressive.

Lu Xin already knew what was going on. When silver hair asked him about it, he said he didn’t like black Swamp city. Now that he thought about it, the reason why he didn’t like black Swamp city was either because of his stinky tofu stewed meat noodles or the black grass. The entire city was connected to the black grass, and it had a unique aura that was more annoying than mental pollution.

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