Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 1051: All the same, one must go

Chapter 1051: All the same, one must go

"Then, go."

Yukari said after awakening from her slumber. She shocked everyone with her announcement.

"No way, really?"

Wu Yan didn't think Yukari would say something like that.

"That place was built by the three founding gods of the three empires. If that place can make the imperial household members strong enough to retain control over their empires for generations, even going as far as ensuring there are always demigods to protect the empire then I am sure they won't let me in so easily…"

"I thought you're the fiancée of the Ailu empire's crown princess? You're technically one of them."

Yukari said while shielding her grin with a fan.

"It's only natural that you go to a place like that, no?"

"Yukari, are you recommending this trip?"

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"Firstly, I am just engaged to the princess, I don't have royal blood in me. Also, this is an engagement, I am not officially tied to the princess in a nuptial. You think the three empires will let someone without royal blood into that place just because I am engaged to the princess?"


Shokuhou Misaki broke her self-imposed silence.

"The domain of Gods sounds like a place where the three founding gods stashed their resources. Given the finite resources in there, I don't think the imperial families will be too keen on sharing the consumables in there with someone like Wu Yan."

"That might be the case…"

Yukari shook her head.

"However, Yan-kun is planning on sending the little brat over there back to her family. Surely, the imperials won't be so rude as to reject his goodwill?"

They finally got the gist of her suggestion.

"Ah, you have a point…"

Shokuhou Misaki started laughing at herself.

"We are not planning on entering that place, why are we even thinking about ideas to get into that place?"

"Ah, this must be a classic case of overthinking it."

Kotori exclaimed.

"My bad habit kicked in when Onii-chan isn't even going to the domain of Gods for the sake of going there…"

The other ladies nodded. Yukari also giggled when the other girls got her point. Only Wu Yan sighed in dejection.

"Yeah, I thought so. However…"

Wu Yan took out a scroll. His harem saw the scroll too.

"But, I am afraid I must make this journey to the Domain of Gods…"


Yukari cast her gaze in the direction of the scroll.

"What's that?"

Wu Yan didn't reply. He unfurled the scroll and revealed its content to everyone around him.


Hinagiku and Mikoto focused on the map. They exchanged shocked looks.

"A map?"


Wu Yan threw the map onto the table while nodding. Lana crawled over despite her bindings. She took a look at the map and instantly lost interest.

Lana already knew what the map detailed.

Shokuhou Misaki chuckled.

"A map of the Domain of Gods?"


Pelosi left it with me when they left.

Wu Yan pointed to a red cross on the map.

"I am guessing the Domain of Gods should be somewhere around here!"

The ladies started looking at the map in unison.


Yukari is the first one to pop the question.

"Why does this particular location necessitate your departure?"

The other girls were curious too. They knew Wu Yan wasn't going there for the treasures.

There must be serious stashes in that place if it can keep the empires from decline for so long. However, Wu Yan & co can level up through winning fights and gaining EXP. They don't need treasures or catalysts to improve in strength.

Secondly, the System had better items in store than anything in there.

That ruled out the possibility that he's after the booty.

Maybe Wu Yan wanted the treasures to sell for points. That makes more sense but Wu Yan doesn't look like he's planning on doing that neither.

Wu Yan rubbed his temple with an annoyed look.

"You girls still remember the projection and the prophecy foretold by the remnant god in the treasury of the Ailu empire?"

The girls frowned while Yukari narrowed her eyes.

"I've heard about that. It seems the divine god told you about a calamity descending upon Silvaria sometime in the future, right?"


Wu Yan continued despite his complex feelings.

"That god entrusted the Ring of Power and a map to me. He told me that should something bad happen to Silvaria, I must go to the location set out on the map and find the key to open the Ring of Power…"

"Ring of power… map… key…"

Smarter girls like Yukari, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Kotori, and Kurumi linked the dots in an instant.

Wu Yan started laughing helplessly.

"It seems you girls caught on…"

Wu Yan confirmed their suspicions.

"The map that the remnant projection gave me is exactly the same as the map we have here."

"In other words…"

Wu Yan inhaled deeply. He roamed his gaze over the girls who realized the implications of his revelations.

"The key needed to open the Ring of Power must be somewhere in the Domain of gods."

The room fell into silence when Wu Yan finished. Lana is the only one who is moaning in astonishment.

What did she just hear?

Ailu God? Ring of Power? A calamity?

What's going on?!

Everyone ignored Lana. With her limbs tied and her mouth gagged, Lana can only scream futilely, hoping someone would quench her curiosity. Alas, everyone's too busy digesting Wu Yan's words to care about her. They forgot about her and that's why they talked about something so important in front of her.

"Looks like you really have to check it out…"

Yukari looked at Wu Yan with her crystal eyes.

"Yan-kun, I think you should go to the Domain of Gods…"

"I agree, but there's a problem…"

Wu Yan rubbed the back of his head.

"The imperial family will probably bar me from entry…"

"Regardless, I think you should go."

Yukari waved her fan in a calm manner.

"Just try your luck, get in there if you can."

"I mean…"

Wu Yan knitted his eyebrows.

"I agree, but aren't you girls tagging along?"

"I thought you said only imperial family members can go?"

Yukari giggled.

"I am not of royal blood, you know?"

"Yukari, you like joking too much…"

Wu Yan shook his head.

"If you want to go anywhere, nobody in this world can stop you, isn't that right?"

Yukari stored her smile away. She sighed as well.

"I am still just a demigod. The Domain of Gods was built by gods. I think they probably factored in foreign intrusion when they designed the place. I am intrigued by what kind of defenses they left behind as well as breaking their barriers. But, if we can get our objectives without using brute force then that would be a better option."

"That's why… Just go, Yan-kun…"

Yukari covered her mouth with her fan. A flash of light streaked past her eyes when she assured Wu Yan.

"If you can't get in the easy way then I guess I am going to have to check out the structural integrity of this so-called Domain of Gods!"

The others flinched shortly before nodding resolutely.

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