Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 1050: The domain of gods, the scary Yuri Girl

Chapter 1050: The domain of gods, the scary Yuri Girl

"The domain of Gods?"

All were stunned except for Bing Ling, Pelosi, and Bishi.

The ladies exchanged looks. Wu Yan saw the confusion in everyone's eyes. Even Lana stopped thrashing around as the tent went silent.

They held their breaths because of the word: Gods.

Wu Yan looked at the three captains in turn. The mood in the tent also turned heavy.

"The domain of Gods, huh?"

Wu Yan continued.

"Since there is 'Gods' in the name, I am guessing that's not a normal place?"

"You wouldn't be doing the destination justice…"

Pelosi sighed.

"The domain of Gods is a place that equals the Silvaria World Institute in importance, if not even more so."


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.

"Please, do go on."

Pelosi raised his head.

"Have you guys never wondered about the reason behind the three empires' seemingly perpetual prosperity?"

Wu Yan & co furrowed their eyebrows.

Pelosi is raising a good point.

There are three empires in Silvaria, everyone knows this.

Since the dawn of civilization where humans developed sentience and cultivation techniques, Silvaria has existed. Currently, history can be classified by units of 1x10^8 years.

Throughout this long and drawn-out history, there are only ever three empires in existence: The Ailu Empire, the Feya Empire, and the Baruba empire.

Since the foundation of the empires, these empires have been around for at least dozens of thousands of years. Even so, the empires never fell into ruins.

Rarely does anything stand the test of time for so long. Empires rise and fall, that is a basic principle that applies to factions, clans, even empires. Even if the empires never fall into complete destruction, it's still highly unusual for empires to stand at the peak for so long. The three empires also kept the power balance of Silvaria, a fourth empire never emerged throughout the ages.

"Since the creation of the three empires, there are always three great Noble families serving the imperial households…"

Pelosi said as he stared into the distance. He sounded oddly poignant.

"However, the three great Noble families do not enjoy this eternal prosperity. Throughout the annals of history, the three great Noble families kept changing. Some clans fell due to external conflict. Some clans experienced great improvements in a short span of time and they earned themselves a spot among the top clans. It's rare, for sure, but immeasurable with the overall history in mind."


Pelosi inhaled deeply.

"The three empires existed despite the cycle of birth and destruction within the coalition of factions within the empires. The simple reason behind the empires' dominating the world is the domain of Gods."

Pelosi explained. Wu Yan & co slowly understood the divine place.

In essence, the domain of Gods is just a ploy the three founding gods created.

Pelosi understands the fundamental principle of creation and destruction. The three gods naturally anticipated this as well.

They bought insurance for the empires they painstakingly built up over the years.

Now, how does anyone make sure an empire stays in power?

In our reality, this is very hard to achieve, almost impossible even. In a world where might makes right, this becomes a possibility.

Give the imperial household overwhelming power over the other clans combined and the empire will always exist despite any and all threats.

This in itself is also hard to achieve.

A clan deteriorates whenever the younger generation fails to accept the baton of the older generation. Once the incompetent leader loses grip on his position, the clan will stagnate, decay, and crumble in the end.

If there are geniuses then there are also handicapped individuals. A clan cannot guarantee its lineage will be free from the existence of progeny that can't cultivate. Similarly, clans cannot hope to keep getting blessed with geniuses. After that, it's just a matter of time before the perfect storm of too many incompetent individuals wasting a clan away as geniuses die out.

Empires are also susceptible to this risk.

This is why it's very hard to ensure the continued survival of an empire.

Fortunately, the empires had three founding Gods who can look after them.

To ensure the imperial families always stay in power, the three founding gods scoured the land of Silvaria for treasures that can increase talent, power, and cultivation levels. They collected items, equipment, and materials for their successors to inherit and use to bolster their ranks.

This is why the domain of Gods existed.

Once in a while, the three imperial families will let their youngsters and even older generations into the domain of Gods to try their luck and find treasures that can improve themselves. This is how they retained power and control within the top echelons of society. It's also why until recently, the top spots of the Silvaria World Institute student ranking are dominated by imperial household members.

It's also the reason why there is always a demigod defending the empire throughout the ages.

Pelosi isn't wrong when he said the Domain of Gods rivaled Silvaria World Institute in importance.

"There are two conditions for entry: The participant must be an imperial household member. Secondly, the participants must be at least tier 6 in power. Before she went on an extended leave, Princess Lana was at peak tier 5 cultivation level. I am guessing the Feya emperor used some kind of tier ascension treasure on Princess Lana to qualify her for entry into the Domain of Gods. Since that domain will open soon, I can see why she went on an extended leave…"

Lana snorted and she turned the other way after everyone looked at her for confirmation.

Pelosi got it right.

Wu Yan shook his head. He voiced his puzzlement.

"I wasn't expecting Silvaria to hide something so juicy. I wonder why you told me about this?"

"Aren't you asking us to take her back?!"

Pelosi yelled.

"The domain is opening soon, all the imperial household members who qualify are making arrangements to go there. Taking her back to the Feya empire is pointless at this time. Just bring her with you!"


Wu Yan couldn't believe his ears.

"You want me to take this brat to the Domain of Gods?!"

"It's a rite of passage for every imperial household member to enter the Domain of Gods!"

Pelosi sighed.

"Don't tell me you want to ruin her future?"

"Hey, why are you phrasing it like I did something bad here?!"

Wu Yan's lip twitched.

"If it's so important then why is she hounding me here? Who would be so dumb to give up entry into that domain just to get revenge on me?"

Pelosi, Bing Ling, and Bishi looked grave.

Wu Yan had a bad feeling.


The three captains looked at Wu Yan with pity.

"It seems you don't understand Princess Lana's affection for Princess Sylph. Try letting her go, see if she will obediently leave this place?"

Pelosi jokingly said.

"You're saying…"

Wu Yan didn't find any amusement in this affair.

"This brat is willing to give up entry just to get her revenge on me?"

"I am afraid so…"

Wu Yan wanted to question fate's design.

"Only imperial household members can go to the domain of Gods. You're Princess Sylph's fiancée so you qualify as well. I suggest you go there too, perhaps you will encounter fortuitous encounters too…"

Pelosi, Bing Ling, and Bishi took their leave. Wu Yan & co stared at Lana who continued struggling futilely against her bindings.

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