Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 235 - Abnormal  

Chapter 235: Abnormal

“Ah, Yichen,” said Ling Chuxi as she looked at Ling Yichen and smiled. “Yes, everything went smoothly. I have treated Cao Zhibai’s lady well, and we have also obtained the Thousand Pearl Orchid. Furthermore, Cao Zhibai even gave me quite a few other herbs. How has everything been these past few days at the academy?”

“I can’t consider it good. Chu Jianyi kept on wanting to spar with you and when I told him that you would only return a few days later, he ended up looking for me to spar with instead. I really couldn’t be more annoyed,” said Ling Yichen with a helpless smile. “However, there were also benefits to it as my cultivation level has increased.”

“Increased by how much?” asked the fifth princess out of curiosity. She just had the attitude of watching a good show from the sidelines daily when she saw Chu Jianyi looking for Ling Yichen to spar with, but never noticed anything else.

“Level 7 Pinnacle stage,” said Ling Yichen calmly as he smiled indifferently.

“What? You were previously only at Level 7, right! Now you are actually at Level 7 Pinnacle stage! You’ve actually managed to improve so much just through your sparring with Chu Jianyi. No, I also want to find that guy to spar with from now on if that is the case.” The fifth princess started making a fuss after hearing what Ling Yichen said. Her face was full of shock.

Ling Chuxi was also surprised. She never thought that within such a short period of time, Ling Yichen’s improvement would actually be so great. His talent indeed could not be taken lightly. Fu Chengyu on the other hand was not so surprised. Ling Yichen’s talent and his hard work, were all seen by Fu Chengyu since he was young. Perhaps the world would say that Ling Yichen was a genius, however, behind it, no one knew how much effort Ling Yichen put in. Every morning, regardless of whether the wind was howling or whether it was snowing, Ling Yichen would determinedly cultivate. He never stopped.

“All right, let’s enter before we continue talking any further. Letting the wind blow at us here, are we waiting to catch a cold?” asked Fu Chengyu as he finally could not refrain from speaking any longer. ‘This group of people were already conversing at the gates for such a long time, did they not feel tired?’

“That’s right, let’s enter the house first,” agreed Ling Chuxi as she nodded her head. “Indeed, I’m a little tired. Let’s go in. Yichen, tell me how the bald fatty went ahead to get us registered without consulting us.”

‘Bald fatty?’ Everyone was stunned at such a description and the moment they regained their senses, they could not hold in their laughter. Was it not so? The Wind Cloud Academy’s dean was indeed very hefty and the top of his head was bald. Ling Chuxi really had a venomous tongue. They weren’t sure if the dean would be so angered that he would be jumping around or if he would be so enraged that he would barely be alive if he had heard Ling Chuxi’s words?

After entering the house, Fu Chengyu ordered his people to serve them all hot tea while Ling Chuxi inquired about what had happened at the academy while they were away.

“The nationwide fighting ring competition this time is being organized by the Imperial Court. However, the people from Deity Temple will also be coming. Because the rewards are very good, there should also be many other people who will be participating this round. When the dean got news of this, he immediately signed us up and said that we, as students of the Wind Cloud Academy, should fight for the glory of the academy. Chu Jianyi has also already signed up. Additionally, Zhuoyi will be arriving within the next two days. ” explained Ling Yichen succinctly.

“Since we have already been registered, then, let’s just go and participate,” said Ling Chuxi with a nod. She had already been registered, so she just needed to do her best. After pondering a little, Ling Chuxi turned to look at Fu Chengyu, “Big Brother Fu, we have a friend called Xia Zhuoyi who will be arriving in two days’ time. Is it all right if he stays here with us?”

“Of course he can,” replied Fu Chengyu with a gentle and elegant smile, “It’ll be merrier with more people around.”

“Thank you, Big Brother Fu,” said Ling Chuxi as a bright smile appeared on her face. Xia Zhuoyi would definitely be all alone and without a place to stay when he arrives in the capital.

Furthermore, he would not be familiar with the capital at all. Him staying with them would naturally be the best arrangement for him.

Ling Yichen looked at the gentle and elegant smile on Fu Chengyu’s face and secretly thought to himself in his heart, ‘It’ll be merrier with more people around? Was this anything the senior brother I know who likes peace and quiet would ever say?’

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