Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 234 - An Important Matter

Chapter 234: An Important Matter

After Ling Chuxi fiercely finished speaking, Luo Li who was by the side added on in a chilly manner, “I am willing to lend you a hand, Master.”

The fifth princess choked and no longer shouted. After that, she pursed her lips and squeezed out her words through gritted teeth, “Luo Li, let me tell you. Don’t think that just because Master likes you, you can climb over my head like this. After all, I acknowledged Master before you. You better be honest to this fact and call me Senior Sister.”

Luo Li swept a look at the fifth princess from the corner of his eye, snorted, then turned around and ignored her altogether.

The fifth princess almost blew up, but upon receiving Ling Chuxi’s warning through a dangerous gaze, she swallowed all her anger back in.

“That’s right, what is the important matter you wanted to talk about?” asked Ling Chuxi as she recalled how the fifth princess acted so crazy earlier on just to share apparently big news with her.

“Oh yes, Master, let me tell you, a big competition is about to be held. Our very own Nan Xia Country is organizing it and those below the age of twenty-five are all allowed to participate. The champion will be able to obtain a reward personally selected by my Imperial Father and can enter the Imperial Court as a high-ranking official. If the champion wants to join the army, that would be fine too. The participants that come in the top three places will obtain amazing rewards,” announced the fifth princess in a great tizzy as she got excited all over again. “The prizes are also very good. Let me tell you, there are actually two Tian Luo Pills amongst the prizes. Two advanced-tier Tian Luo Pills!”

Advanced-tier Tian Luo Pills? While Ling Chuxi did not feel that such items were particularly rare, other people would not think the same. Ling Chuxi carefully mulled over the matter for a moment and understood that this time the important matter the fifth princess was talking about could indeed count as an important matter. The emperor was recruiting individuals for palace positions, so he wanted to attract some talents. It must not have been easy for him to have offered up the Tian Luo Pills as prizes. Many people dream of making breakthroughs in their cultivation, but they might not be able to do so for decades or even across their entire lifetimes. With the help of the Tian Luo Pill, things would be totally different. The allure of such a priceless pill was indeed not just ordinarily great. Needless to say, this national fighting ring competition will be very robust and highly anticipated by many.

“However, what is hateful is that the Deity Temple will also be sending their people over to compete. I knew it! The Deity Temple is intending to fight with my Imperial Father over the sway of the people,” exclaimed the fifth princess with a sigh. She harrumphed in annoyance as she waved the horsewhip in her hand around. “They will also be sending their people over to be judges in name, but in reality, they are definitely coming to search for talents and steal them away. How hateful!”

“E Shulan?” questioned Ling Chuxi with uncertainty.

“Not her. Hmph, what qualifications does she have to be a judge?” retorted the fifth princess indifferently with a snort. “It seems like she also wants to participate in the competition. Just looking at her makes me feel annoyed. However, master, I obeyed your words. When I see her, I smile very gently.” Though the fifth princess originally just wanted to rant, but she suddenly recalled Ling Chuxi’s instructions to her and immediately added on the last sentence.

“That’s good. You cannot always show what you feel outwardly. So, she also wants to participate, huh? Let her do as she wishes. When the time comes, we’ll go watch a show,” said Ling Chuxi. She was not quite bothered about E Shulan. E Shulan indeed had some intelligence and some means of her own, but this was not sufficient enough for Ling Chuxi to take her seriously. In a single sentence, she implied that she did not put this gal in her eyes!

“You can’t just watch a show. The dean has already registered us on our behalfs,” interrupted Ling Yichen. He was returning from the academy and had just reached the gates when he overheard their conversation.

“What?! That fat dean actually registered me on my behalf?!” exclaimed Ling Chuxi in surprise as she stared at Ling Yichen. That fatty was so dead. How dare he go ahead and register her for such a big competition without even notifying her beforehand!

“I see all of you have returned. Chuxi, did everything go smoothly?” asked Ling Yichen with an undisguised concern in his tone as he approached the group.

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