She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1536 - 1536 No Other Use Than Beauty

1536 No Other Use Than Beauty

“Mentor,” Mo Xiao shouted at Prime Emperor Divine Miracle.

Prime Emperor Divine Miracle was speechless.

A few days ago, when the unicorn clan encountered a disaster, Mo Xiao also went. However, things happened too suddenly that day, so Mo Xiao didn’t have the chance to greet Song Ji properly. Song Ji stared at Mo Xiao for a moment before saying, “Black brat?”

Mo Xiao hated this title very much.

However, Mo Xiao felt at ease when he heard Song Ji call him a ‘black brat’.

“It’s me, Mentor.” Mo Xiao called him his mentor.

Song Ji waved his hand and said, “Don’t call me Mentor. I didn’t take you in as my disciple.”

Mo Xiao wasn’t angry. Instead, he said, “But you taught me the divination techniques I know. In my heart, you are my mentor.”

Song Ji snorted and mocked mercilessly, “Don’t tell others that I taught you how to be a clairvoyant. That’ll embarrass me.” Song Ji pointed in the direction of the Divination Star Tower and said with unconcealable pride, “My disciple’s name is Yu Huang, and she’s much more talented than you. If others know that you’re my disciple, they’ll suspect my judgment.”

Although Professor Song’s words were very insulting and provocative, Mo Xiao wasn’t angry at all. Mo Xiao walked in front of Song Ji and squatted down. Then, he looked at Song Ji, who was sitting on a small stool, and said in a low voice, “I’m not talented enough, so I’ve indeed embarrassed you. However, I will forever remember your kindness to me. No matter how much you despise me, I will always be grateful for your guidance back then.”

When he first came to the Great World, Mo Xiao was a stray dog with no one to rely on.

It was Professor Song’s shelter and guidance that allowed Mo Xiao to gain a new understanding of the Divination Continent.

Song Ji was very important to Mo Xiao.

Mo Xiao had been through various ups and downs for hundreds of years, but he still remembered the old man he had met in the Ascension Town of the Divination Continent. No matter how Song Ji insulted him and despised him, Mo Xiao admired and thanked the Prime Emperor Divine Miracle for his kindness and help back then.

Song Ji didn’t expect Mo Xiao to be so thick-skinned.

He had already said such harsh words, but Mo Xiao was still here without changing his expression.

Song Ji could also tell that this little black brat was a stubborn fox that couldn’t be chased away, so Song Ji asked Mo Xiao, “What are you doing here?”

Mo Xiao told Song Ji, “Mentor, you should know about my relationship with Yu Huang. I heard that Yu Huang successfully comprehended the ‘Probability of God’s Prophet’. Now, she has become a young celebrity in the cultivation world of the Divination Continent. I’m worried about her situation and specifically came to take a look.”

“I know that she’s going back to the Jing family to investigate some things, so I’m worried and want to accompany her and be her backer.” After saying that, Mo Xiao noticed that Song Ji looked a little unhappy. He realized that he had underestimated Song Ji and hurriedly said, “Of course, with you protecting Ah Huang, no one will dare to bully her. However, the more backers, the better.”

Only then did Song Ji’s expression improve.

What else could it be?

Mo Xiao suddenly stood up and tidied up his appearance seriously. Then, he took a step back and suddenly knelt on the ground. He kowtowed to Song Ji a few times. “Mo Xiao, I’m grateful for your help back then and specifically came to see you.”

Song Ji looked at Mo Xiao with a complicated expression.

The dignified Prime Emperor Mo Xiao, the patriarch of the nine-tailed fox clan, knelt before him. It could be seen that Mo Xiao was really grateful for his insignificant teachings back then.

Song Ji suddenly sighed and said, “Don’t think too highly of me. The reasonI noticed you back then and was willing to keep you by my side to teach divination was because I discovered that there was a familiar spiritual energy aura of an old acquaintance hidden in your body. It was just that the old acquaintance seemed to be an enemy and not a friend.”

Upon hearing Song Ji’s words, Mo Xiao understood who he was talking about.

“Mentor, you’re indeed quite meticulous. At that time, there was indeed another soul hidden in my body. It was the Creator of the Holy Spirit Continent, Holy Spirit Goldfeather. However, Holy Spirit Goldfeather had already changed and had been using me to do evil. Fortunately, I successfully escaped him. The Holy Spirit Continent had also escaped his control.”

“It’s only temporary safety.” Song Ji placed his hand on the shabby wooden table and lamented, “Now, the three thousand worlds are facing extinction. It’s not easy for the Holy Spirit Continent to face the destruction of the Great Dao after experiencing a sensational battle.”

Mo Xiao lowered his eyes and said, “No one on the Holy Spirit Continent will give up until the last moment.”

“It’s very noble of you to have such intentions,” Song Ji said. “Sit down to talk.”

Mo Xiao stood up, picked up a small stool with crooked legs, and sat down beside Song Ji.

Song Ji was dressed shabbily while Mo Xiao was dressed elegantly. Song Ji didn’t even shave his beard, making him look sloppy and downtrodden. From Mo Xiao’s hair to Mo Xiao’s leather shoes, he was flawless.

Song Ji glanced at Mo Xiao, who was dressed to the nines, and suddenly felt that he was an eyesore. “Go and cook for me. Consider it repaying my kindness.” Song Ji was really hungry and fed up with eating fasting pills.

Upon hearing this, Mo Xiao hurriedly stood up and said, “Okay.”

After he entered the kitchen, he stared at the shabby pot, the diced meat on the chopping board, and the potato shreds as thick as a pinky. He suddenly felt at a loss.

He didn’t know how to cook.

However, in order to repay his kindness, Mo Xiao could only bite the bullet and throw a few pieces of meat into the pot.

The fire was so big that the meat was burnt before the oil even started boiling. Mo Xiao used the spatula to flip the fatty meat, but since the water on the spatula wasn’t wiped dry, a lot of oil splashed onto Mo Xiao’s face…

As Song Ji listened to the commotion in the kitchen, he lamented with a frown , “Useless. He’s not as good as that fellow surnamed Ye.” Although that brat surnamed Ye wasn’t likable, his culinary skills were superb.

After a while, Mo Xiao walked out with a big bowl filled with… diced meat potatoes.

The bowl of vegetables emitted a burnt smell. It had been burnt when Mo Xiao was stir-frying the meat, but in order to make the food look more presentable, Mo Xiao threw away the burnt parts and left the yellow soup behind.

When he got a whiff of the burnt smell, Song Ji immediately lost his appetite.

“Sigh.” Song Ji stood up and stared at Mo Xiao, who was holding a bowl elegantly. Then, he said mercilessly, “Other than your good looks and cultivation level, you’re really… useless.”

Mo Xiao was speechless.

“Let’s go out for a meal.”

In the end, the two of them went to a high-class restaurant in the capital and had a fancy meal.

Of course, Mo Xiao paid for this meal.

After the meal, Mo Xiao took the initiative to invite Song Ji to stay at his house for a period of time. When Yu Huang’s seclusion ended, they could pick her up together. Mo Xiao could also take advantage of this rare opportunity to fulfill filial piety.

When Song Ji thought of his own shabby house, which had not been repaired in many years, he was tempted and asked Mo Xiao, “Where is your residence?”

Mo Xiao said, “District 39.”

District 39 was the area where the big shots of the Starlight Empire lived. The houses there were all big villas with big gardens and there were helpers taking care of the villas.

Song Ji was tempted.

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