She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1535 - 1535 Only By Removing the Malignant Tumor Can the Root Problem Be Resolved

1535 Only By Removing the Malignant Tumor Can the Root Problem Be Resolved

Hearing the commotion, Jing Jiaren opened her eyes with great effort and blinked her frozen eyelashes. Only then did her vision become clearer.

When she saw that the person who was thrown down was her mother, Jing Jiaren suddenly sobered up.

“Mom!” Jing Jiaren struggled with all her might and tried her best to move towards her mother.

The mother and daughter leaned their heads against each other. Zhang Zhanyi wanted to transfer her spiritual energy to Jing Jiaren.

After realizing her mother’s intentions, Jing Jiaren hurriedly rejected her. “Mom, conserve your spiritual energy. Don’t give it to me. You’ll die!”

Zhang Zhanyi smiled at Jing Jiaren comfortingly and said, “Jiaren, you have to accept my help. Otherwise, you won’t be able to survive the remaining five days. I’m a Prime Master. Giving you a portion of my spiritual energy is no big deal.”

“But your spiritual power has already been suppressed to the Master Realm. So what if you’re a Prime Master? Mom, you have to conserve your strength. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to hold on!” Jing Jiaren had already been tortured for five days, so she knew better than anyone how painful and torturous it was when midnight came and the cold seeped into her bones.

Zhang Zhanyi kissed his daughter’s hair and said in a choked voice, “Jiaren, you’re very weak now. If you don’t accept my help, you’ll die! Jiaren, you have to survive these ten days. When you get out, plead with your grandmother. This time, you publicly contradicted her and embarrassed her, so if she doesn’t punish you severely, she’ll lose face. After punishing you, she’ll be able to redeem her pride.”

“You are the most outstanding clairvoyant in the Jing family, and you are also the most powerful Beast Tamer among the young clansmen. She can’t find a more suitable successor than you. The position of successor is yours.”

Jing Jiaren bit her purple lower lip and shook her head. “I definitely won’t plead with her. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Zhang Zhanyi knew about Jing Jiaren’s grievances.

Zhang Zhanyi said earnestly, “Jiaren, the Jing family is like a terminally ill patient. The old lady is a cancerous tumor! You have to learn to tolerate her. When you really take over the Jing family and your cultivation level surpasses the old lady’s, you can remove this cancer and completely reform with the Jing family from the inside!”

“Jiaren, only when you completely control the Jing family can you write your aunt’s name back into the clan’s genealogy.”

“Your father has a meek personality. He’s not as courageous as you are. We can’t count on him to save the Jing family. Now, you’re the Jing family’s only hope. So, Jiaren, you have to accept my help. You have to swallow all the grievances, obtain your grandmother’s forgiveness, and obtain her affirmation.”

Upon hearing this, Jing Jiaren nodded while sobbing. Then, she pressed her head against her mother’s and cried, “I’ll listen to you, Mom.”

* *

The matter of the Divination Eye turning into a golden meteorite caused a commotion in the entire Divination Star Tower.

Soon, the news that Yu Huang had successfully comprehended the “Probability of a God’s Prophet Master” spread throughout the ten super Great Worlds. Even a portion of the Great Worlds received this news.

Mo Xiao was also extremely relieved when he heard about this.

He found Prime Emperor Jiang Chen and applied for a pass to the Great World from him. After telling She Ying, he took a spaceship alone and arrived at the Divination Star Tower.

Mo Xiao had mixed feelings when he returned to the Divination Continent once again after hundreds of years. Most of the big shots who bullied him back then had been killed by him. The few people who had not been killed by him had also died due to various reasons.

The once prominent Zhong family had also disappeared in the long river of history.

As for Mo Xiao, he had become a legend in the Divination Continent.

All these years, the Divination Continent’s entertainment industry had filmed a few movies and television dramas with Mo Xiao as inspiration. They had even written many fan fiction novels. Be it novels or television dramas, they all portrayed Mo Xiao as an unrivaled handsome man.

After the news of the demon fox Mo Xiao arriving at the Divination Continent spread like wildfire, the gossipy men and women all requested to see the true appearance of the demon fox Mo Xiao. They wanted to see how handsome the legendary demon fox Prime Emperor Mo Xiao, who made Miss Zhong fall head over heels in love and do such a foolish thing, was.

In order to satisfy these people’s curiosity, a flight attendant who had secretly taken a photo of Prime Emperor Mo Xiao on the spaceship took the risk of being expelled from the company to post it.

In the photo, Prime Emperor Mo Xiao was wearing a casual suit with silver starlight embellishments. His white hair was draped behind his back in a casual manner as he sat by the window. When he took the photo, the aeroplane happened to fly across a starry sky.

Outside the window, there were dazzling stars, but the man sitting by the window was even more dazzling than the stars outside the window.

His smooth and shiny white hair, flawless skin, and his noble aura all highlighted his extraordinary handsomeness.

What was a celestial figure?

He was.

When they saw the man in the photo, not to mention the woman, even men were in awe.

He was drop dead gorgeous.

No wonder Miss Zhong did such a humiliating thing in order to obtain Mo Xiao.

If it were them, they probably wouldn’t be able to control themselves either. Many mediocre cultivators in the Starlight Empire ran to the capital city to meet Mo Xiao and witness his magnificence.

Mo Xiao was arranging his suit and tie nervously while standing in front of a dilapidated old house in a daze.

This old house was built in a maple forest and was made of solid wood. The stairs at the door had been gnawed by insects and looked very fragile. The tiles on the roof of the wooden house had been exposed to the wind and rain for too many years and could no longer block the wind and rain.

It was as if the house would collapse if a gust of wind blew.

However, there was a thick and boundless spiritual energy hidden in the walls of the room. It was precisely with the support of this spiritual energy that the room could remain standing.

At dusk, the sun set, and the light in the maple forest dimmed. There wasn’t even a single lamp in the old house, and only the weak light of the Night-Luminescent Pearl seeped out through the crack in the door. An unpleasant burnt smell also wafted out through the crack.

Mo Xiao carefully walked up the wooden stairs to the corridor under the eaves. Just as he was about to knock on the door, he heard a familiar deep middle-aged man’s voice. That person scolded in exasperation, “Damn, why is it so difficult to get a meal?!”

After Song Ji sat down on the wooden stool, he took out a fasting pill. Just as he was about to eat it, he suddenly heard a knock on the door.

When Song Ji looked up, he saw a handsome and elegant man walking in.

The man’s arrival brought light to this shabby wooden house.

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