Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 283 - 400 Thousand Experience Points!

Chapter 283: 400 Thousand Experience Points!

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Time slowly passed by, and it was soon New Year’s Eve.

Lu Zhou still had things to do in America, so he could not go back home. He had to wait until Chinese New Year to reunite with his family.

Although his New Year’s Eve was a bit lonely, thankfully the system gave him a big present which made his mood a lot better…

[Congratulations, User, for completing the reward mission!]

[Mission completion details are as follows: From the beginning of the mission until the end of the year, User’s personal net worth growth was $400,115,000 USD.]

[Mission final evaluation: S+]

[Mission rewards: 400,115 free experience points. 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket. (80% garbage, 10% special, 7% sample, 3% blueprints)]

Lu Zhou stood in the pure white system space. He looked at the experience points number on the screen and took a deep breath. His heart burst with ecstasy.

The system rounded Lu Zhou’s net worth by the thousands. Although the system’s calculation was off by $100k or so in USD, the conversion rate into experience points was only a hundred or so, therefore Lu Zhou did not care.

On the other hand, these experience points also confirmed his previous speculation.

The system did not take loans and company evaluation into account. It did not even take “fixed assets” such as real estate into account either.

Lu Zhou looked at his characteristic panel and thought for a moment. He then immediately made a decision on his experience points distribution.

Information science had the technology branch of “artificial intelligence”, so it could gain experience through channels other than the “mainline mission”. As long as there were no bottlenecks in the technology branch, there was no need to upgrade this discipline.

Engineering and energy science were both at Level 1. They only needed 10,000 experience points to upgrade, so they had the highest return on investment. Therefore, Lu Zhou leveled up them both.

Although the system did not set a maximum level difference between the Level 2 biochemistry and Level 3 materials science, the two disciplines were closely related.

Therefore, Lu Zhou did not hesitate and spent 50,000 experience points upgrading biochemistry to Level 3, the same level as materials science.

Lu Zhou assigned 250,000 experience points to mathematics, which upgraded his mathematics to Level 6.

As for the remaining 80,000 experience points, he spent it all on physics and upgraded it to Level 4.

Although Professor Frank gave up on the 750 GeV characteristic peak issue, Lu Zhou had not given up yet. Level 3 physics was not enough for him to solve this problem, so he needed to strengthen his physics thinking ability and mathematics logic.

These experience points were all earned through materials science, so it was a bit ruthless not to spend any on materials science.

However, after careful consideration, Lu Zhou determined this was the best solution he could think of.

A blue loading circle spun on the information screen, and the updated characteristic panel soon appeared in front of Lu Zhou.


A. Mathematics: Level 6 (4,000/600,000)

B. Physics: Level 4 (33,215/200,000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 3 (4,000/100,000)

D. Engineering: Level 2 (0/50,000)

E. Materials science: Level 3 (13,000/100,000)

F. Energy science: Level 2(0/50,000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (3,000/10,000)

General points: 2,975 (one lucky draw ticket)


The experience required for Levels 3, 4 and 5 increased linearly by 100,000 each level. However, the Level 6 increased by two-fold. Lu Zhou remembered that his Goldbach’s conjecture only rewarded him 200,000 experience points.

“I guess it’s getting more and more difficult to level up.”

Lu Zhou shook his head and looked at the lucky draw button. He prayed in his mind as he pressed the button.

The wheel spun at a rapid speed, Lu Zhou made a command and it slowly began to stop.

Then, magic happened.

[Congratulations, User, you won the “special” prize.]

Lu Zhou: … ?!

Honestly, with a 10% probability, Lu Zhou did not expect to win this at all.

He could not help but feel excited…

[Received: “Patronage Appreciated”]

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

What the hell is patronage appreciated?

Lu Zhou was instantly pissed.

I’d rather receive a f*cking garbage!

At least I can drink the coke!

Lu Zhou turned off the prize wheel. If this system space was not an illusion, Lu Zhou would definitely kick the system.

Lu Zhou was in a bad mood as he clicked on the mission panel.

He received an S+ evaluation on his last mission, so this time it was a reward mission.

The mission panel quickly appeared in front of him.


[Reward mission is activated! (Give up at any time without spending general points)]

Description: As a scholar, you should always be curious about the unknown. Any inference based on common sense should undergo rigorous experimentation. Otherwise, it is open to questioning.

Requirements: Analyze the carbon nanospheres under the modified PDMS film.

Reward: 1~??? Subject experience points, one lucky draw ticket. (???).


This reward mission was average. Perhaps it was because Lu Zhou had not solved debris No.2 yet. This time the system did not give him new debris to play around with. Instead, it gave him an unknown lucky draw.

However, this was not the main point. Lu Zhou read the mission requirements and description. He had a frown on his face.

Normally, the mission descriptions were all nonsense, but this time a whimsical piece of information was revealed.

That “open to questioning” phrase – was it hinting at him that the carbon nanospheres could do more than just solving lithium dendrites?

Lu Zhou frowned and thought for a moment.

This mission was not simple. In fact, it could even be said to be difficult.

With his current conditions, it was not easy to figure out how to prepare the carbon nanospheres.

However, Lu Zhou had a sudden moment of realization when he figured out a good way to solve this problem…

After leaving the system, Lu Zhou felt a strong stinging sensation on the back of his head. He almost passed out from it.

Not only did the discipline levels unlock permitted him to access the database, but it also transformed specific areas of his brain.

Normally, this process was a pleasure. It was like his brain and soul was immersed in warm water.

However, this time it was too intensive. It did not feel like pleasure. It was more like torture.

Lu Zhou persisted through the sensation and stayed silent.

That five minutes felt like an hour.

Finally, the pain from his head faded and Lu Zhou took a deep breath.

He suddenly noticed that his back was soaking wet…

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