Scholar’s Advanced Technological System

Chapter 282 - Self-praising Pioneer

Chapter 282: Self-praising Pioneer

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When Lu Zhou felt a warm and moist feeling on his forehead, he opened his eyes in confusion.

As usual, Vera was not good at confronting people. Her face was slightly flustered and she quickly looked to the side.

Lu Zhou noticed that he was lying on the sofa in the living room with a blanket covering his body. There was a warm wet towel on his forehead. He knew that Vera probably took care of him all night.

When he remembered that he was outdrank by a little girl, he could not help but sigh.

I’m an embarrassment!

The sky outside was bright.

Feeling dizzy, Lu Zhou shook his head before he got up from the sofa.

He looked around the living room. He saw that the table was cleaned up except for Hardy, who was still passed out on the table.

Qin Yue on the other hand was also laying on the sofa. He was sound asleep.

Both guys were sleeping well. They would probably feel the pain after they wake up.

As for Lu Zhou, other than his stiff neck, he felt ok.

After all, the genetic agent improved his metabolic function. Although it did not increase his alcohol tolerance by much, it still improved his hangover recovery time.

Honestly, Lu Zhou started to feel the effects of the potion after staying at Princeton for a long time.

In Princeton, the amount of hair was negatively correlated with the amount of academic achievement. Edward Witten was half bald while Deligne was completely bald.

Every time the professors see Lu Zhou, they would ask him why his hairline was not receding.

Lu Zhou did not know how to explain either. He only said that it was part of his “Asian powers”.

“What time is it?”

“It’s only six o’clock, you can sleep for a little longer,” whispered Vera quietly. She then added, “I wanted to carry you upstairs, but you were too dead.”

Lu Zhou, “It’s fine, the sofa is quite comfortable… Oh yeah, thanks for cleaning up last night.”

“You’re welcome,” said Vera as she shook her head and smiled softly. She then said, “I’m the one that should be thanking you.”

Lu Zhou did not understand the reason for this gratitude. Vera did not explain either. Instead, she went into the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast.

Vera’s cooking skills were decent. Lu Zhou could tell that like him, she was a skilled cook.

Vera was independent, caring, did not complain, and she was grateful for the small things in life… The only problem was that she was not confident enough.

Vera asked Lu Zhou three times if her sandwich, milk, and omelet “taste good”?

However, this did not matter too much. Confidence could be cultivated through achievements. Lu Zhou believed that he could teach her to become a qualified scholar.

Lu Zhou enjoyed his student’s breakfast and gained some energy. He then went out and started to run for a few laps.

When Lu Zhou came back sweaty as a pig, he threw his clothes that smelled like alcohol into the washing machine and took a shower. He then went back to the living room to wake Hardy and Qin Yue up.

Qin Yue was a good kid. When he saw that the table was clean, he apologized to Lu Zhou while blushing.

It was polite to help clean up after parties, whether one was a student or a guest. Qin Yue immediately realized his mistake.

However, Lu Zhou was not that stingy. After all, he let Vera clean up everything, so he did not have the right to be angry at Qin Que.

However, someone was not apologetic at all.

Hardy rubbed his eyes and looked at the time before he suddenly asked, “Isn’t it only eight?”

Lu Zhou rolled his eyes and said, “Go back to your dorms to sleep!”

As if it mattered, Hardy said, “I don’t live in a dorm, I rented a place outside with my girlfriend… She’s back in Canada now.”

Lu Zhou: “…”

What are you trying to say?

Showing off?

Seeing that this kid was still half conscious, Lu Zhou let this matter go.

After the three students left, Lu Zhou sat in his spacious living room and looked at his beloved fireplace. He was inexplicably happy.

He suddenly realized that he had not shared this joy with his fans.

Lu Zhou smiled.

He took out his phone and found a good angle of the fireplace that showed his spacious living room. He then took a photo.

However, just as he was about to post it on Weibo, he suddenly saw a ton of notifications from people tagging him.

Not only that, he was getting a bunch of direct messages from unknown ladies.

Lu Zhou was stunned. He did not post his photo but instead, he looked at the trending page.

On top five trending topics, he saw the words [$400 million USD].

He clicked on a media blog post.

[Shocked! Famous mathematics professor solved a decade old battery problem, and received a $400 million USD patent authorization profit!]

Lu Zhou skipped the exaggerating post and read the comments section.

[$400 million USD… F*ck me, that’s $2 billion in RMB? What kind of patent is this valuable?]

[Lithium battery patent… Something to do with lithium dendrites. Anyways, phone companies are able to upgrade their next generation batteries because of this technology.]

[God Lu, sent out something! How about a screenshot of your daily interest returns.]

[Are you still missing a girlfriend? How about a boyfriend? Do you think I’m good?]

[Ah, although God Lu has never posted a photo of himself, in my mind, he must be a handsome man with glasses.]

This… I’m embarrassed.

Lu Zhou could not help but smile at the comments section.

Other than the fact that he did not wear glasses, he fit the description to a tee.

Lu Zhou saw that no one liked the comment, so he gave it its first like.

However, he did not realize that people were able to see the comments he liked.

Within minutes, new comments were popping out.

[I clicked on “Recently liked by” and thought it was a fake, didn’t know it was Lu Zhou himself!]

[God Lu hasn’t posted in a while, but I’m satisfied after seeing this like.]

[I have never seen such a shameless person… I’m following.]




The blogger’s comments section exploded with a hundred new comments.

The small blogger was surprised by Lu Zhou’s activity. They immediately sent out another post and even took a screenshot of Lu Zhou’s “like”.

[Wowww! Excited! I can’t believe God Lu reads my page! I’m definitely passing my classes next year!]

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

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