Scandal Supermodel

Chapter 5

She Chose To Live Radiantly

An Xiaowan felt the heavy pressure suddenly disappear from the surroundings. The corners of her mouth turned upwards imperceptibly.

Did this mean she had successfully caught the attention of Young Master Huo?

At this moment, An Xue, who was standing at the door, walked in confidently, her face covered with exquisite makeup. She gave a nice smile and interrupted, “Young Master Huo, why don’t you just let me do this show? Any of my shows can hog the headlines on many major websites. I can make this show a big hit!”

She was the world’s top supermodel, every step she took was as precious as gold. She would definitely be the focus of the media!

She looked at An Xiaowan and sneered, “An Xiaowan? She is too tactless!”

Huo Shen continued to make his way out as if he had not seen or even heard An Xue.

Huo Shen had reached the exit and was going to step out of the backstage when he heard a voice from behind.

An Xiaowan raised her head. Unexpectedly, there was no sign of fear on her beautiful and enchanting face.

“It was Xiaowan’s fault just now. This show, I will participate.” An Xiaowan said with a sensual smile, as the corners of her eyes raised.

Huo Shen stopped walking, his face only had a calm expression.

An Xue was stunned for a moment and she immediately followed up with a greater wager. “Young Master Huo, how can a murder suspect, filled with disgrace take part in your show? Though I do not know how she angered you, she is my sister so I will apologize on her behalf. To show my sincerity in apologizing, I will participate in your show without any fee.”

An Xue was dressed in an elegant outfit. Her eyes lit up with delight and there was a smug expression on her face, which was covered in exquisite makeup.

She came here today just to beat An Xiaowan down.

How could she possibly let An Xiaowan beg Young Master Huo and bag this opportunity to go onto the catwalk!

If An Xiaowan wished to win a place in the modeling industry, she would have to first get past An Xue, the current Ace of the modeling industry.

Thinking of this, An Xue raised her brows, her eyes filled with superiority and glaring warnings as she looked towards An Xiaowan.

An icy coldness gathered in An Xiaowan’s eyes. Yet, in the next second the corners of her red lips turned up, forming a gorgeous and flirtatious smile, as she spoke to Huo Shen, “Mr. Huo, since I will be the one performing on the catwalk, shall we invite this Miss. to take a break outside?”

An Xue was stupefied as she saw a flash of impatience in Huo Shen’s eyes.

“Did you have to ask about such a trivial matter?”

Then, Huo Shen went straight to the VIP seats without waiting for any further response.

He crossed his legs, sitting in a laid-back and dignified manner.

Assistant Luo walked over after he ordered someone to clear the cash on the floor, he turned to An Xiaowan and said, “Ms. An, I will arrange for someone to do your makeup.”

“What does Young Master Huo mean?” An Xue was dumbfounded with how the situation unfolded and blocked Assistant Luo with her hands.

“Please do not worry, I will arrange a good seat for you in the audience.” Assistant Luo waved his hands and smiled like a sly old fox. “If Ms. An has any complaint, you can approach Young Master Huo instead.”

An Xue’s glowing face instantly darkened.

She would never dare to go against someone as terrifying as Huo Shen.

The smile on An Xiaowan’s face slowly disappeared. As she walked past An Xue, she straightened her back, and her long and wavy hair swayed lightly. It was her graceful demeanor rooted deep in her bones.

Ever since her father fell into a vegetative state and Du Yunlan and An Xue started dominating the An Family without a care about the life-and-death of her father, she swore that she would fight and get back everything she had once lost!

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