Scandal Supermodel

Chapter 4

This Show, I Quit.

The man’s voice was cold and proud.

If she could beg President Cai just now, it would be easy for her to beg this man for the same opportunity.

If this meant that she could turn things around, this level of humiliation would be nothing to her.

She had fallen into the depths of hell once and to climb out, she once knelt in front of the court in the Imperial North City, just so that a powerful man would buy her body.

And for $1,000,000, she sold her body.

At this moment, it would obviously not be a difficult task for her to beg the man before her.

An Xiaowan wanted to say something.

But before she could say anything, Assistant Luo suddenly placed a chest in front of her with a loud ‘thud’.

Stacks of


were displayed before her.

After seeing that An Xiaowan was starting to waver, a flash of boredom appeared in Huo Shen’s eyes as he began to lose interest, “Seems like someone has a death wish.”

An Xiaowan looked at the chest and was dumbfounded.

$2,000,000 cash… The chest…

“You are…” An Xiaowan was stunned silly for a few seconds, but then she quickly hid the expression on her beautiful face.

She knew that the man who bought her virginity was named Huo Shen, but she did not manage to see his face that night.

So he looked like this!

However, as she had expected, he came looking for her!

An Xiaowan’s heartbeat accelerated. She pinched her palm to stop her mind from losing her concentration and decided to change her strategy immediately.

“I will not take back the money.” An Xiaowan straightened her back quickly and her eyes were full of determination. Her smile was even more beautiful and attractive as she said, “This show, I quit.”

She stepped forward, walking past the chest filled with cash, and swiftly made her way to the backstage exit.

However, before she could walk further away, the man’s cold and relentless voice sounded again. “You can no longer participate in any shows if you choose to step out of here!”

Huo Shen’s words were powerful and rousing.

People jamming up the exit in hopes of watching a show suddenly held their breaths, and An Xiaowan turned her head abruptly to look at him.

Everyone knew that whatever Huo Shen said would surely happen.

President Cai could not help but widen his eyes. He thought that An Xiaowan was looking to sign her death wish. No one dared to go against Young Master Huo unless one did not wish to continue in the industry anymore.

Just a few words from Young Master Huo could upset the balance in the entire Capital.

Not to mention that everyone knew that it was better to offend the King of Hell than to offend Young Master Huo.

He was an unwavering and powerful player in the business industry. Anybody who dared to go against him was seeking a path to destruction without exception.

An Xue, who was looking at the situation from afar, was gratified by An Xiaowan’s misfortune.

An Xiaowan looked down and remained silent.

This industry was filled with snobbish and materialistic people. Without the title of the Young Lady of the An Family, coupled with An Xue’s dirty tricks, it would be difficult for her to protect herself. Not to mention that there was a hungry wolf constantly eyeing her with hostility.

She closed her eyes as a flashback of Director Huang’s words flashed across her mind.

“An Xiaowan, it is your honor that I am willing to buy you off. How dare you reject me?” The fat man raised his hand and ruthlessly slapped her so hard that she fell onto the ground. “If you continue to reject me, I will make sure that your father gets chased out of the hospital!”

Director Huang was one of the top five famous directors in the industry. An Xiaowan would not even have the ability to reject if he wished to buy her off.

At her wits’ end, she remembered the man who bought her virginity – Huo Shen.

Though she did not even manage to clearly see the man’s face that day and didn’t want to recall anything from that night, that man was someone who walked the talk! With just a sentence from him, he could save her from the predicament of getting jailed.

If she could seek Huo Shen’s protection…

That was why she sent that chest of money over.

Huo Shen’s expression was cold as he stood up elegantly.

He said something as he made his way out towards the exit.

“Die or live, make your choice.”

  1. The currency of China.
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