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Chapter 1767 - Chapter 1767: The place she used to live

Chapter 1767: The place she used to live

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However, Wanwan, if this marriage can be dissolved .

Mr. Huo’s eyes flickered.

He still remembered the first few years when Huo Shen came back. He kept saying that he wanted to go back to the island, first to seek revenge, and second to seek revenge on his benefactor.

Could it be that Yingluo and the others were indebted to each other?

then wouldn’t this matter be easy to handle?

the benefactor he had been looking for for a long time had suddenly appeared and was interested in him. in comparison, would an xiaowan’s status plummet?

the more mr. huo thought about it, the happier he felt.

by the way, we’ve brought some gifts for the Huo family. As elder Jing spoke, he waved his hand.

The well-trained servants behind them walked over to Mr. And Mrs. Huo respectfully and placed boxes of gifts in front of them.

the huo family’s servant came forward and put away all the gifts.

naturally, mr. huo refused at first, but when he failed, he planned to return the favor. but the jing family didn’t take any of them, and just gave them to him.

after that, the huo family naturally stayed at the jing family for dinner.

however, elder jing didn’t linger and quickly left.

After they left, Mrs. Huo immediately had the gifts opened.

What he saw shocked him. Every item inside was priceless. Some of them were even in the hands of family Jing, which the Huo family had never managed to get.

Mrs. Huo took a deep breath and said, ” is Qianqian trying to tell us about family Jing’s power? ”

Mr. Huo nodded slightly. yes, we’ll visit another day.

if the jing family was still powerful, the marriage between the jing family and the huo family would be the best way to stabilize the huo family’s position.

the huo family had a lot of money, businesses all over the world, and their own well-trained army. the only thing they lacked was a power that no one dared to touch. And the Jing clan, the Dark Clan, was the best choice for this.

at the same time, the two people far away in fergora did not know what was going on in the huo family.

they had already snuck into fergora’s palace.

However, in front of so many guards, Huo Shen pulled an Xiaowan to a corner and said in a low voice, ” “let’s not go find that old man first.” an xiaowan was stunned. ” then where are we going? ”

Huo Shen’s eyes flickered and he said in a deep voice,”

upon hearing this, an xiaowan’s beautiful eyes suddenly widened and she took a deep breath.

How did he know that she lived in this Palace? she didn’t seem to have told him about this, yingluo.

however, the next second, an xiaowan didn’t find it strange anymore. after all, huo shen knew that gong li’s identity in fergora was that of a prince, so he would definitely have thought that she would live under his protection-the palace.

“it’s very dangerous to go there now.” An Xiaowan furrowed her brows. shouldn’t we go find Mr. Gong first? ”

“No,” she said. Huo Shen’s eyes were firm. I’ll go to your place first.

he couldn’t make up for the one year he had lost, but he always wanted to see it.

he wanted to use this place to see her life in the past and imagine how she had lived without him.

An Xiaowan saw that he was determined and could not change his mind. She could only nod and point in a direction.

huo shen brought an xiaowan through the line of guards and quickly arrived at the place she pointed out.

it was the most secretive location in the entire palace. After turning the corner and walking for a long time, he finally saw a small courtyard that appeared in front of him.

The two of them stood still and looked at it..

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